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A question about Dungeons.


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First of all, I want to say this is not a rant and I sincerely apologize if at any point it sounds like one. I'm not a veteran player of this game since I only started playing a few months ago. I played on Aeria many years ago but they went under shortly after I got to Nemesis. I currently have a lvl 47 WH and I need a Zeta bangle and helm. I was lucky enough to get a Zeta suit in the consignment.

So here's the dilemma. The Spaceship is listed as a lv 45 dungeon. I need to get in there and hopefully get a bangle and helm to drop from one of the bosses. The problem is, I can't survive in that dungeon with the mix of Delta and Zeta I have even though everything is +9 or +10. With the exception of my trinket, all my jewelry is Uni, thanks to the Christmas event.

So if I need a bangle and helm in order to survive that dungeon, what's the point of running the dungeon since my only alternative is to buy the gear in the consignment? So far, I've found this to be true with all the dungeons in this game. For example, if you go into IV as a lvl 35 with the hopes of finding the gear you need, you get creamed. Let's not even talk about AT.

Now it's very possible I suck as a player and if that's the case, I'll work hard on getting better, but I don't think I'm alone here. I'm starting to think the game is set up to force you into buying what you need in the consignment FIRST and then you farm a dungeon to get your gold back. That makes no sense to me since I would think the entire purpose of a dungeon is to give players the opportunity to get the gear they need to progress. Anything extra would then go in the consignment. I hope I made myself clear. 

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Here are a few things that might help you:

- It's true that this dungeon is hard, I think it might be the hardest one if you try it in the level range it was designed for.

- The dragon in there can cast a reflect buff. Don't attack while he has the buff or you will always loose.

- I'd recommend to get your suit and weapon as high as possible

- Some Zeta Unis only drop from world bosses in nemesis. Not sure which one, just wanted to mention it.

- Try finding a nice guild, maybe you can run the dungeon in a team then or get help with upgrading your equip

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Thank you for answering and your advice is excellent but the point I'm trying to make in my post is this:

If I have to BUY the gear I need in order to successfully do a dungeon, what's the point of doing a dungeon that drops the gear I have already bought? 

That just seems backwards to me. Anyway, thanks for reading and maybe I'll come back to this game in the future but I've lost all desire to continue.

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If it's your MAIN Arkana, don't bother about that equipment.

Focus on getting to lvl 65 and completing the SKILL POINT quests if you are going to spend time spend it on building your MAIN to lvl 65.

Once you have finished your main, you can create ALT and leave it at different lvl.

Almost all the new ones lose the excitement of playing when they reach lvl 30 all because they want to lvl alone or don't ask in the game.

In those low LVL they should give him +12 rare gear to get out fast or do the missions fast.

where you should really lose a lot of time is in the last CAP but there are people who don't work on their MAIN and play with ALT it's not really difficult to reach lvl 65 but it should be difficult.

I hope that in the NEW CAP the difficulty is HARD so that they only work on their MAIN and the ALTs not so much.

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I think those dungeons (Vortex, Temple and Spaceship) will never be fixed, there are so few players running it, and they run it in higher levels just to sell the drops. It means level 39-49 run Vortex, level 49-51 run Temple and level 49-56 run Spaceship (still pretty hard for a 49 full +12).

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Is your plan to stay at level 49 or are you going to higher levels?

Now, yes SS can be done with the gear you are wearing given that they are all +12. I can't remember if +12 was allowed before or after Ellis was released, because if it was after Ellis was released then you should be able to do it with +10. If it was allowed before Ellis was created, then maybe you might need +12 for all your gear. But if memory serves me right, gear went from +10 as max to +12 as maxed with Ellis release or shortly there after. Now, what you need to make sure you have to complete SS is the right stats, jewels, and randoms along with the right accessories. Just because you have a full set of uni gears doesn't make you prepared for that DG. Tanks rely a lot on Def, void, and ch-resist, while DPS classes relies a lot on eva, crit-eva, and ch-eva, try rotating your def buffs so as to not use them at the same time because often you only need 1 buff with your gear for protection.

Killing, you have to watch what you are doing with killing and like Filomena said watch for the 10 second reflect buff and the 10 seconds when you can attack it. I personally watch for that reflect buff in solo runs when HP hits about 20k though it might kick in at 15 or 12k HP. When it kicks in I wait for it to go then attack for 7 seconds and stop and wait for buff to show and disappear before attacking another 7 seconds. I do 7 seconds even though you get 10 seconds because you don't want to be in the middle of an attack when it pops up or pops up just before you hit the attack button. That middle boss I have no strategy to give to avoid it's attacks because I either survived it by quick dps or by luck. That last boss players would move the boss from the center where it starts to the right side of the area slightly up a hill at a point just before it would reset. That would allow you to avoid the mobs that spawn as you attack that boss. But it is killable and maybe you need to make sure to have a stack of HP regen pots at lvl 49 from NPC along with HP pots that give a chunk of HP all at once. Spam the HP regen as it allows you to use them and use the HP quick boost as needed because those are good to not use them unless you have significantly lower HP. That is if you can reach 100% HP with HP regen use, then only use HP quick boost for the times when a large amount of HP is reduced at once.

Strategy is the name of the game and you need to make sure you have one or ask for one before you decided to take on any DG.

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