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Class Costumes from Kimoso?

Psion's Booper

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@Jordan (You know I gotta do it to ya. Don't stab pls ty)


So I wanted to know if it was possible to push moving base class costumes to Kimoso for ALL classes and their customizable sets?


We have Mimic already, but I noticed that not much else was added in this part of the deal and was kind of disheartened to not see any of the other classes.

I was told that Classic Server has all of the other class costumes, but most of Eden Eternal's population is on the Awakened Server! I think it would make a great additional thing to farm for with these PvP tokens (especially since people still do Temple Arena to this day). There's a good few people I can name who would actually really like the regular class costumes as a legendary they can wear regardless of what class they're on.


I mean, come on now. I'm trying to rock Ranger's fit anywhere I go! nkYZXHa.pngI could play Ranger more, sure, but the costume part is what I'm really looking for as a fashionista. (Sometimes base class costumes are better than the ones you get for VGN ;u;)

I hope this is something that can be done!



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