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New music for SB battlegrounds!


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    i toggled music for the first time in SB and came to the conclusion that it can be much better to the very least . 
 if am offering to make Royalty free "modernized" music that would fit the genre of this game , in these battlegrounds atleast , would there be a chance it can be integrated into the live server of SB ? ( hope to get an answer from an official at VGN , keeping in mind that i do NOT monetize my music in any form , and all my music is 100% original and free for use ) . 



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41 minutes ago, GoddessSand said:

That would be an awesome to play over a video of somebody using a PU as a means of a trailer/ad for the game introduction of the PU. Now to do it for the other characters.

It's not mine. But yes that person in Aeria were making class spacific songs. Sadly I found just Punisher, Shadow Walker and Defender, and I can't find his website (Armed Fate - Dark Vision) any more.

Do you want I upload the songs I have of SW and Defender?

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