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  1. 2am/pm been going on for a while now , most can't make morning nb bc of work / school and night nb is dead for rg ... could be a nice time to make some changes and rotate timers between regions since no 3rd bunker option .
  2. So it's been actually a while now , but everyone i met who had catherine as a pet said the same thing : " too smol" , so am making this thread in hopes she get her size increased , she too smol you can't see her details at all unless you zoom in and it's such a good skin my fav of all time , am not saying make her super big , but anthing beyond a 30% size increase is fine with me ! ty
  3. i would like to suggest having bossess in the new map that are not so hard to kill yet worth the pvp over them , meaning they drop good stuff like ears or uni costumes etc ... a max of 3-5 bossess should be more then enough
  4. Hello there ! am new to the medic class and the game in general , i would like to know a pvp tank/support build for 65 medics (including skill build / gear / randoms / jewels / etc...) it's good to also have an updated guide since guide are rly rare or fully usefull on forum ! thank you in advance for taking time to answer this topic !
  5. IGN : Marcelline wish for : Rapid fire bike black
  6. and then there's me , who barely just got a hold of new skill system and forgot bout the old one , now it's coming back to hunt me , i'll just stay 65 and hug ogung tyvm ❤️
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