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Differences to EE by X-~Legends?


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After playing EE official release again and enjoying some good ol' nostalgia, I quickly came to realise how p2w EE is, even the one released recently by X-Legends. I thought to myself, I really like EE but wish it weren't p2w, and then I remembered there's a private server!


So my question is, how is this server different to the official servers? Is it P2W? Can you earn cosmetics and all the BiS purely through normal gameplay? Is there any extra custom/quality of life stuff?



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moved you over from scarlet blade general to eden general. this server differs quite a bit from the officials, like we don't have battle mounts, we have beginner gear outside of legacy/heritage/temple knight which boost exp/cp while giving move spd and res, and you can roll for quite bigger bags in both eden gem and crystal altars

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There's a lot of QoL features in almost every aspect - search feature for archive, more dyes for cosmetics, large bag space is easily obtainable for free. I could go on for awhile but the point is I definitely recommend checking it out, your experience will go a lot better.

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Eden Eternal VGN Awaken

Staring by server rates:

Exp: x8
Class Exp: x8
Gold: x2
Drop: x8

Altar Rotation:
Monday > Wednesday > Friday (Maintenance usually happen at Thursday so it stand for 1 day and come back 1 day before maintenance).


  • Level Cap: 130.
  • Fortification Stop at +14
  • 11 Normal Custom Maps.
  • Over than 15 DNGs.
  • Tons of Items and Gears custom made.
  • Old cast animation for skills.
  • Awaken Weapons Lv100 and 125.
  • Rebalanced/Reworked Awaken Classes.
  • Multiple Exclusive PvP/PvE systems.
  • AP Purchase is rewardable compared to how it was on any other server.
  • Custom Racial Craft Items (Gems/Tools/Potions and more).
  • Huge amount of custom costumes and recolored costumes.
  • Boss reward and skill list UI improve.
  • Archive Filter and Search.
  • Gear Swap Increase from 3 to 5
  • New Gear (Monster Stone).
  • Settings option to hide your own damage (prevent low power computer from lag).
  • Internal upgrade to prevent crashing (it means game rarely crash).
  • And much more.

    This all has been made by small team.
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I tried the new X Legend version and came right back here. It just seems to be missing so much content and the QOL stuff in this version makes it a better game.. And the reports of cheating and duping is running rampart over there. The first day some players were max level in epic gear and costumes posing in Aven. It was fun to check out but not even close to what this version has to offer.

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