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Randomizing Your Life

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So starting at L30+, you have the opportunity to add some additional stats to your gears. These can range from extra HP to extra Crit-Atk damage. At the bottom of this post, I will have a list of all the available randoms and what their max stats are!

Adding randoms to your gears are broken down into two groups; Defensive and offensive. The offensive group is your weapon, gloves and bangle. Defensive is your helm, suit, kneeguards and shoes. For the offensive group, you need the RED hexweaves, for the defensive you need GREEN. For L30-39 gears, the items are called Alpha red/green Hexweaves and number from 1 through 3. You need 1, 2 and 3 in order to make a random attempt.

The random NPCs are in Mereholt, Barbiron, Viledon, Nemesis & Ellis. It costs 1 gold for each attempt. Depending on your luck, you could get a high stat easily or potentially never. That's why they call it random.

For each piece of gear, you are allowed to have two random stats. There is a pull down to change between the two. Always make sure that you are going to do the correct one. To change a stat, just do the random and the old one is overwritten. There is no going back, so if you get that max stat and then bork it, it's gone!

Available Random Stats

Crit-Atk 120
Crit-Rate 65
ACC 0.8%
Ch-ACC 1%
PVP Atk 1.2%

HP 70
Eva 70
Crit-Eva 50
Crit-Void 105
Max SP 50

As a suggestion, for ME/DE/WH/CB/PU; you should only use HP or Crit-Void as green randoms. For SW/SE, i suggest the Eva stat. As a rule of thumb, regardless of what you are trying to go for, start by working your way to at least half the max. Then work to make all your randoms at least that. Then go back and start working on each random close to the highest max. For example, if you are going to HP be happy with a stat in the 30s. Once all are at that point, go back and start working until each stat is above 60hp. If you wanna really be anal, go back again and work for a 65+ number.

You can do the same thing to L40-59 gears, using BETA hexweaves, and same rules apply. The max stats for those are double what the delta gear stats would be. So 70HP turns into 140hp, 120 Crit-Atk turns into 240, and so forth. Both Zeta and Kappa are the same for random stats.

Gamma stats, for L60+ gears, are a triple what the Alpha stats were; Acc 2.4%, Crit-atk 360, PVP-Atk % 3.6%, Ch-Acc 3%, etc.

Like i said before, you could get an awesome stat right away or it could take you a long time. It's worth it for the additional boost.

May the RNG Gods shine upon you!

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Added info for Gamma stats
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On 18/8/2016 at 4:50 AM, DrDieLess said:

Crit-Atk 120


Hey, are you sure about this number? I randomized gears more than 500 times now, and I reached the maximum number in almost every stat, but the max crit-atk I found is just 59. It's really low for suppose the real max is 120...

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