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Legion Spawn time


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It could be any way to make Legions spawn at exact. 1 hr like 13:00- 14:00 etc?
i mean they random spawn in dif ch. somethimes they bugged since no one is in that map at the time, that means the legion "lead" dispawn and the group just dont move or they random despawn but 1 mob destroy crystal and they just dont spawn anymore
either that's happening or i dont know how they work propperly

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  • VGN GM

They spawn based on a timer, this timer requires players to be around or the timer gets frozen in a sense (which is why they bug). There is also no way to make them spawn at exact times without using a huge amount of server power as timers and eden's server are not so greatly setup (Not to mention a good couple days or more on dev work which I don't really have right now as when I do get time to work on Eden I want it to be on things that impact the game in a much bigger way like new maps/dungeons/gears/pvp).

I hope I explained well.


My suggestion and what I did back in the day was time the respawns on the maps as they seem to spawn at different times on different maps but usually a similar time on each channel so you can effectively farm them, don't forget if you kill them fast they tend to respawn 2-3 more times.

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