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What if our Pets did more than pick up items?


Fighting or Secondary Fighting Pet  

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  1. 1. About my topic on pets, IF Emplimented should we have 2 pets one for lvling and one for fighting? Or just make our pets able to fight.

    • I think we should enable pets to switch between aggresive (Fighting) modes and back to Passive (Farming, Leveling) Mode
    • I don't like this idea, sounds complicated
    • I'm indifferent, i just like playing the game doesn't really matter if it's implimented or not
    • No, Leave it the way it is now
    • Sounds like a great idea
    • It sounds ok but not sure how this will work.

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OK so lately I've been seeing some REALLY awesome pet skins and most of them look like they could do some CRAZY stuff.

Lets be honest i'm sure i'm not the only one who's thought about this. What if our pets (Even if it's only Certain Pets) Had the ability to go into combat with their owners.

They don't have to do a TON of damage, i just think it would be cool watching my pet do everything it can to help it's beautiful arkana x'D Like a child trying to defend their parents lol.

Like maybe the pet can have all states based off the arkana kind of like the arkana off the pet, just just smaller like 10 - 20%



Health - 1000
Atk Damage - 100
Def - 100


Health - 100
Atk Damage - 10
Def - 10

of coure the pet wouldn't have stats like CP, Ch-Atak, SP etc.

But just stats that'll make him feel good about himself as he tries to fight a monster for you x'D or another Arkanas Pet.

What do you guys think?

i mean come on look at this guy





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  • VGN GM

I have been throwing around the idea of expanding on what pets could actually do, but its been a bit low on the tier of things that need to get sorted.


They CAN do additional skills and such, but I haven't dove into what those additional skills actually can be.

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Alr choose "No, leave it the way it is now". Cmiiw, the reason why u wanted to make it into battle pet is to help u on pve ryt?

I prefer they make an improvement for enhance bonus stat for pve. Currently bonus max hp 1500 n cp ??? Is useless lol. Why not changing it into bonus atk%, crit rate%, crit atk%, max hp%, void%, crit void%, all resist (depending on class). If this bonus makes a class imbalance, then they can make it into only for pve, or only 10% from bonus enhancement for pvp. Thats much better.

Reminder: the max hp difference between lv 59 n lv 60+ mobs is significant imo.

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