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  2. This idea would make the gap between MDPS and PDPS even wider, as you said most people go as cleric and ilu since it is easier to win with those clases but also those medals are the ones needed for the golden MDPS set . On the other hand the PDPS set needs blade dancer medals which are really difficult to get since this class is weak on pvp as I mentioned in another thread, so with class locking you will see almost only MDPS with golden sets. One solution to this could be by implementing some other way to get medals outside of pvp, one suggestion I made on another thread was to made them able to be bought with war stonces since this way all people regardess of their class would be able to get their set with enough time however as war stones are scarce player would still do pvp to get medals.
  3. I am not agree with this, the sets usually needs 2 kind of medals from differents classes, so it is possible to get the set without gear other class (gold takes time to get and some people has to do stuff in real life) Sometimes the class (you need for the medal) and race combo is sadly a weak one against the current meta (some are good and kinda op and not balance in arena for example zumy), so if you dont allow to change and get the medals it would be impossible and annoying. Literally this is the only nice arena feature at least gives some hope that some day you will get the set...
  4. Hello everyone. My requests as following. Ty very much.
  5. I will be brief, I find that being able to change classes in Arena gives an absurd benefit to get class medals. Although for PvP it encourages strategy and versatility, the most common use they give it is to get medals from classes that do not dominate without trying too hard. Also makes the game too monotonous, full ilu-cleric-templa. Where most change to a class with which they need medals (myself included). I want to see what the rest think, I think that the class change should be maintained, but the class medal obtained is from the class that was used the longest or something like that. The same with the recommended event that is completed only by changing classes at the end, taking into account that the objective of the event is for you to play that class during the Arena. PD : I used the google translator since I don't know english. :C ** Seré breve, encuentro que poder cambiar de clase en Arena da un beneficio absurdo para obtener medallas de clase. Aunque para PvP fomenta la estrategia y la versatilidad, el uso más común que le dan es obtener medallas de clases que no dominan sin esforzarse demasiado. También hace que el juego sea demasiado monótono, lleno de ilu-cleric-templa. Donde la mayoría cambia a una clase con la que necesitan medallas (incluido yo mismo). Quiero ver qué piensan los demás, creo que el cambio de clase debe mantenerse, pero la medalla de clase obtenida es de la clase que se utilizó durante más tiempo o algo así. Lo mismo con el evento recomendado que se completa cambiando las clases al final, teniendo en cuenta que el objetivo del evento es que juegues esa clase durante la Arena.**
  6. Mystery Box: Magic Ghostblade Ren/Robust Ghostblade Ren Mysterious Jade Mask(Legendary)
  7. Color me lazy but this thread sounds like the coming of yet another looooong farming sessions. Dun have major mech for my fk alt yet. Heck, dun even have any major cyberskin at all! I guess it's time to quit my job... or build an endgame PU.
  8. A vending machine in mereholt sells em for 200 rank points + 20 silver each... not a good deal so dun but it. Better farm em from mobs. Any mobs will do. Pet foods also given away as rewards for doing certain quests. Pet foods are hard to obtain in enocia but it should be pretty easy to farm em in mereholt especially in Bitterstone Core (dungeon).
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  10. Congratulations commander! We have been able to locate the data file containing the models of previous visuals on two Arkana items used in the battle against the Narak. Mother will be deploying a new NPC, Guernica, into the field to assit you with Paint and Detailing on your mechanical items. More information will be released to commanders soon.
  11. yea i mostly agree with this. But i guess it wont happen so what ever ill just wait for awaken server to be active again and pay there money for what ever is in the mystery boxes or selling vgn points to other player. - How i personal feel and think rn. Now to the discussion Its just frustrating to come on after a long day and start farming in eden for idk how many hours like its my second job. Idk why ppl would not want free rewards for buying vgn i mean jordan said that the tiered spender could be used for rare items which is nice and idk why it would make it pay to win i mean ppl are buying for example sublime stones for 10-12k ea. Why would a tiered spender kill the economy i mean if there was a sublime stone in there and you would sell it, then it would be 10-12k worth too or even less cuz there would be more ppl selling it? Player with a fulltime job dont have the time to farm gold get rank 1-5 and get their sublime stones every month. Farming gold for 10% stones takes alot of time too. It would be actually less frustrating if the % increase after using a stone would NOT disapear after closing the fortification window because youre out of stones. That would mean you can come after work on for like 2h farm maybe 2k gold if you need to. Buy stones with that gold and even if they all fail and you reach lets say 14% succesrate. Then you could keep going next day until the weapon goes up. That would make it less frustrating but rn you have to use a big amount of safety stones and need alot of tries until you get the fort you want or you need alot of luck otherwise you lose the succesrate you reached and need to start at 11% again. So maybe we could after using 30 coral sublime safety stones and fail all of them keep atleast the succesrate for our next try. Ofc it feels maybe "unfair" that ppl who actually pay for this game get their stuff faster done against casuals who play 24/7 and dont have the money to get the stuff they want to have out of the tiered spender. But if they hadnt a problem to farm and then spend the money on stuff which other players got with ecs from altar then why is there a problem with stuff you get out of tiered spender? The only diff between altar and tiered spender is that tiered spender is for cash only. Ppl could also buy tiered spender ranks in game. There shouldnt be a problem to write "wtb rank 8 tiered spender" if they want something special out of it we did that in offical server too for example. Non cash players which have the time to farm can also buy vgn points vs gold like in awaken server and play the tiered spender. I mean there are options to get the stuff out of it thats why i dont understand why ppl think its to pay to win. You pay 60-80g for ecs which are only available with real money and prime costumes are only available in altar too, for altar you need ecs which means altar items are cash items too and none cries or criticsize that because you can buy it from other players if you dont cash. That would be possible with tiered spender too, you can buy it from other players thats why i dont get the big problem why it should be not more rewarding for cash player to cash. Dont take this as crying or something like that i just want to discuss abit in this thread to understand the mind of the ppl which dont want a tiered spender. Just want to know why "No" to free items you get for paying into the game. Thank you in advance for your answers and thoughts.
  12. 8k of it comes from maxed level Pets
  13. While hunting for new mechanical materials in Abyssal Temple, a group of Leviathan Ranked Arkana discovered this ancient artwork in a massive concealed room containing well preserved Narak Blood and Narak Skin. New knowledge might be unlocked if a commander could guess this pieces name... Mother is requesting your assistance in this matter as she believes a historical operation may be hidden in code. Scylla Researchers have stated that the painting predates our arkana world and the narak invasion. Post to this encrypted communicator below on any information or research you have uncovered regarding this artwork.
  14. They didnt in the passt, so i dont think they will this time.
  15. The most important stuff is: are we sure the so big skins don't cause game crash?
  16. Hello. I am one of them. It requires around half year of playtime in 29 to reach 10k and more HP, most of it given by AP pet. But don't worry, we are all experienced players and we usually don't bully new players.
  17. Vivi

    Weapon Skins

    Yeah sure, I can see what I can do today to get them sorted for next patch. Though some of them did look a little odd like the WH and ME one, so that's why I've been hestitating a bit.
  18. I can have a look into it, but I don't think I'll be able to fix much with it. It's using an old Dragona system to basically trick the game into allowing open pvp in that area. Since its not an SB original, I'm limited as to what I can actually change.
  19. It’s easy to get block as a Zumi as you do achieve and use trophy 5% block with str stat, and yes Templar will fall down so possibly if you can do it for the sake of Eden that would be great, nothing is impossible to be strong but that class talent should help a bit
  20. STR gives block so its understandable to have STR on a class that is a tank regardless of it's main damage type. Crit Rate is slightly less important as the majority of the core used skills are magic damage but I'll iterate to another point that the class is already strong as doesn't really need things that will only make it stronger. So maybe in future patches like 70 cap and onwards when the class starts to fall off a bit we can look into this change but as of the moment its already strong enough.
  21. Templars are good I can’t lie about it especially Zumi, but what I mean is what’s the point on class talent to have str and crit rate when Templar is MDPS mostly with matk and healing, that’s what I mean
  22. For my experience I think Templars are very good in pvp, they can take 2 or the 3 party members in the arena if they are build correctly, but I understand you, I got a similar idea but in other way, in this case I think mdps were underpowered against pdps, but then I see a player who has a great illu, and I understand every class is strong if build properly and every class has a counter
  23. So I’m curious about why Templar has Crit rate class point when it’s mostly an MDPS Templar, and why does it have STR clas talent when you mostly use sacred light, judgment impact, lightning wave magic dmg?, im highly trying to suggest Templar to be improved more when you get knockdown against illusionist and you get 1-2 shot and that really sucks, in fact we know illu is strong if you knockdown and hit Templar 1-2 shot, but what I mean I need people to vote wether it’s fine to change these 2 class talents to mcrit rate and INT, that would be nice not for pvp but for pve to have good stats. And I don’t have any porolem with any class except Templar, crit rate(you crit with mcrit rate) str(you dmg mostly using magic) so my conclusion is, INT - mcrit rate class talent point is good for Templar for every race. Thank you and please drop a comment below if I’m wrong or not, Jordan waiting for your replay.
  24. Mystery Box: Dragon Flame Valkyria Crystal Altar: Lapis Butterfly Star Stone Blues Idol Star Stone
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