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    When i get time to look at pets, all pets will be looked at not just DT.
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    You should be able to get in the lower level raids, there are probably fams also looking to push the fam level that tend to add lower levels to do raids to increase it quickly, could give that a try. Just give it time and build up your reputation slowly, you'll get there in the end. Mage there isn't really much to say, try get a pet to help lure when you do get to 6.1, partner is good too. I like to build my AM 70 0 100 50 for 6.1 mobbing, I'm sure others would disagree it comes down to preference. I would advise later aiming for a shadow gem too since that increases PvE damage a lot, aside from that I'm probably not the person to ask, just a PvP trash ok
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    Yeah just prioritise finishing the trade requirements. You can build a DG and gun PvE set to join Zenas raids down the line & long term will be necessary for Fernon raids - Though that's far down the line. Wand for PvE needs - S-% to damage > Enhance damage > Damage to evil > Undisturb while casting > Light property (Not really needed), SL Damage / Property Support Gun for PvE - S-Overall, SL Damage / Property (If not on wand) PvE gun - S-% To damage > Critical Damage > Enhance damage > Damage to evil. - SL's should be Overall + Damage + Energy (Overall on support wand, damage / energy on either equipment). Robe is not really too important in terms of necessary stats S-% to defence, S-% Bad effects, S-% HP recovery all seem to work in PvE, Reduce all stun / Blackout, Enhance long / melee are also pretty nice. You can also do lower level raids, cuby, slade etc. once your trade requirement is completed these boxes sell quite well. I would personally prioritise resistances->equipment->Sp's->Trophy/Accessories/Books.
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    Hey there, Game is pretty much in a similar state as to official in terms of equipment. We have done some changes to certain equipment and also costumes etc. We also have a custom equipment slot named "Trophies". You can find pretty much any information you need by visiting this section of our forums: https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/forum/50-guides-tutorials/ Welcome to the community and hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    Same. I laughed my ass off when they extended the stacklimit to 999 after Vendetta did. They didn't manage to do this for like 8 years but now they did? LUL
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    I feel like they're already copying VGN, I look at the majority of their patches and it's similar to things we have here or have done before.
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    S dmg (on wand) / dmg to evil (on wand) / SL attack/prop/(gun or wand) overall(on gun) are the main options that your weapons should have. Any armour r7+8 at least is enough, but try to find one with s-anti effects. I use Tide Lord (with onyx wings) on 6.2 with 100 ele rest attack build and works fine. Don't forget to bring at least wk and hb buffs (sader, vulc,... will help you too but arent so necessary) As a trophy, I use shadow stone but if you havent it yet, ibrahim trophy would be the best option. Fairy booster, tarot sun/devil and attack pots are the consumables that you should use. And thats more or less everything you need.
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    While I do see your point, I've been helping people on getting a holy skill or two, and i'm idling at 60+ Viroona Godstones because I already got all the holy skills I wanted - And trust me, I play a wide variety of classes (About every meta class + some niche classes). I'd recommend you to do Lv95 DoDs every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, since they're the most quick ones, and different from L90 DoDs, you can skip mobs and even bosses on those, which makes up for real fast runs if you have a decent party. Not hard to finish all 10 runs in about 30 minutes. If you're going for a bunch of holy skills to your main classes, that's really enough. If you want every single holy skill, then yeah, it takes time, but that's what completionists have to go through, right?
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    In English it has multiple meanings, so it's never truly clear of which context I'm using it in. Usually, the lesser offensive meaning is when I'm using it. Sometimes not. Wheeeen you get to know me, you'll know what I'm using it for. :3 Despite its' (usually) offensive nature, I use it more often as a neutral name. ..We'll just say a hoe is a gardening tool for forum sake. 😆