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    I'll talk about it in special. For long time guilds merge and die in all EE servers, also we have groups which jump into guild to guild, killing an guild to make pvp more ''entertaining'' isn't a bad thing , but u'll disolve groups which just play pvp because they like to play with these ppl. Money Team is one of the only guild which don't die or just end because they're good with eachothers. Also other guilds can win Normal Class Territory War, but ''they'' don't try. Changing guild distribuition on TW will just up the times for MT wins, making MT as 2 guild will just make 2 diferent guild on top, working with each other. I'm talking that as a Fan from MT because they are the guild i've been expecting to see in a game.
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    I don't really like coming on the forum but what I keep hearing has alarmed me so much that I feel I have to. First off a bit of back ground, as people that know me my main class is a whipper but people that really know me will also know that until the current cap I ran a secondary main as a Shadow walker (with around 15k kills on SW in ASB alone). I have also ran well over 100 hours active game time on all classes except CB's. Now for what I have to say, there is an alarming and detrimental push by certain DPS players to have easy kills, for a long time this game has been dominated by first to stun wins. For all classes to work the TANKS have to be able to survive full rota's of all classes, lining up your skills and pressing 1,2,3,4,5,6, z, 1,2,3,4 and being guaranteed to kill your opponent is not having skill! Recently there has been a call of whippers are not tanks they are secondary tanks so they should not be able to survive a rota from a dps class. Now the key word in secondary tank is the word TANK, yes whippers should not be able to survive as long as the primary tank but they should be still able to TANK. If anyone utters the phrase but whippers are not tanks they are secondary... you know they are only out to gain an advantage and are not out for the good of the game. For the record I have never once heard any whipper on either side say hey a SW is not the primary DPS that's the PU so the SW should not be able to do any damage! Its time the GS's (again dps dominated) started thinking holistically and PU's and SW's should not have guaranteed kills just because they get the first stun in this is not balance! DPS classes have had things far to easy since 54 cap and keep wanting things easier. I am not going to claim the game has ever been in balance, but its never been as bad as things have been since 65 cap. The WH has 2 functions Tank and control, Certain players that want an advantage want them to have neither. This is to the detriment of the game. SW say we are assasins we should be able to kill, and yes an SW should be able to kill key targets if not stopped, they should not be guaranteed kills on tanks. This is so bad I was even told that evidence tanks are too strong is that an FK SW (that has told me they are anti evasion geared with no anti tank set) cannot kill Pepper the tankiest WH (who spent a vast amount of time and effort to get that way) in 1 rota! I mean this is ridiculous seriously are GS's really lapping this up as they seem to be?
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    I had a conversation with the topic creator on VGN discord and Jordan's opinion is quite much the same as mine - There are other ways to help new players without adding "artificial interaction" between old players and new players. I know it looks like a grindfest for any untrained eye, but the game is on a really fair state of economy and growth scale. Funnny mentioned that L95 trials should be made easier (removing the Purification debuff from bosses) and TK sets should have a bit of elemental resists, and I agree that it would heavily help the newcomers, but that's it. Thanks for the topic @Vyzer, always good to see people trying to improve the server.
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    Because its based on how many weapon's where made for the class. Beserker has the issue that Zumi's play with Club, Human's play with Axe, Frogs play with greatsword, Halfkins play with sword and bears play with anything. So inside the Beserker bag you have: Holy - Emperor's Sword - 25% Holy - Stone Slicer - 25% Holy - Baphomet's Killing Kit - 25% Holy - Sting - 25% Now Imagine if it wasn't split into 2 classes and we add the Shielder bag to the Beserker bag: Holy - Emperor's Sword - 12.5% Holy - Stone Slicer - 12.5% Holy - Baphomet's Killing Kit - 12.5% Holy - Sting - 12.5% Holy - Sledgehammer of Rock - 12.5% Holy - Sword of Eternity - 12.5% Holy - Great Wall of Steel - 12.5% Holy - Iron Vault - 12.5% So yes, now its "fair" to the other classes but its anything but fair for anyone trying to play either of these classes as you have a 1/8 chance of getting the weapon you want. So unless I'm missing some greater point this shouldn't even be a question cause if we where splitting them all into specific classes we have like 1 or 2 items per bag, then at that point whats the point in having the bag when 90% of the weapon bags have a 50% chance to get something that is useful to your class. I thought people would be a bit happier with my system since it's not like X-Legends where the staff bag has like 8 staffs and only some even had a skill (Before I added to them for the classes without skills).
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    Just thought I would mention this: This would like take 2 months to implement a system such of this not including any of the content that goes with it as it would require a lot of changes and a lot of trial and error and likely a lot of bugs that will come with it. I'm not saying it's not possible but in an honest case likely it's not worth the wait cause you're looking at about at minimum 3 months patch time. You also need to remember how much this system would be abused and theres no way to stop this, you will have people leave, afk or disconnect which you cannot always blame and as this is PvE you cannot just go around banning people for doing this. Second of all alts, if people can solo the dungeon they will try their hardest to do it with alts, maybe putting alts in queue to pop it and then join with more alts afterwards or just leave when they're put with others.Thats just some of the abuse you could have not even diving in to people trolling people they don't like or once they're done whats the motivation to do the dungeon again while unlike trials and such they have the motivation of helping a guildie/friend where as this random system they might queue and get put with different people. You also need to remember whats going to differentiate this to arena queues? after say 1 month whats the motivation to keep queuing for new players? Unless you start piling in gold or other cash shop items people generally aren't going to bother with it, which just isn't going to happen. Practically the entire game is designed of being a grindfest, thats why over the years they've made maps like DD, VL and BTS. Every single patch I'm making changes to help new players, this upcoming patch has it's own section on the patch notes now for changes directed specifically at new players but you have to sit back and think when are we doing too much and are the players actually going to stick around once they complete their gear as many of the people who complain and quit are normally the people who play MMO's to complete them and not really to play them. This game requires a lot of time to get a character from nothing to finished as everything you do matters towards your character, leveling classes, achievements and even just gearing classes. There's just not really anyway to avoid it being a grindfest at this stage of the game without going back and making everything super easy which will intern have the effect of the game being able to "completed" too fast and causing people to have nothing left to do. Like just remember this, roughtly 5-10% of the server has completed all achievements, leveled all classes and have weapons and armor for each class. So everytime a player is bored, they can think ohh I don't have a Katana yet maybe I should go Awaken it (as an example). So there is no reason for even a veteran player to be bored as there is usually atleast something they can do to improve there character which is one of the ways to keep the veterans playing as if they cannot improve their character anymore all they have left to do is help others or PvP.