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    Sorry to admit it but for once nayxa is right. The 88 dagger he is using reduce dmg in pve by 10%. You can try doing dmg without a secondary weapon and then do the same but with a 88 secondary weapon. you will see your dmg will drop in pve.
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    Some people have problems with Normal Class TW, South America Players to be more specific,making this poll as to check which is better.
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    Tip, if a person is talking bad about a game, don't listen to them. Listen to those who are in the game playing on a regular basis and enjoy the game. Coming in or having a bad attitude about the game, won't help you have a good gaming experience. Every game is going to have bugs. If you expect to enter any game new or old to be bug free you don't understand programming. because no matter how flawless you try to make something there will always be a flaw. In this game some bugs can be fixed and some can't. Those who play and enjoy it, play for the sake of playing and understand a loss is a loss and a win is a win, but it isn't the end of the world you got your butt handed to you because you aren't at par or geared to handle certain players. Take the PU vs SW, PUs could take on a SW if they want, but some would rather complain the SW out classes them instead of solving the matter with their character first. Issues you might find are you are not at par on with your opponent by way of level, gear, or skill tree not used to help attack them. The PU could outclass a SW if they so choose. Not all characters are going to be easy to take on every character, some will have an easier time against others and some need to adjust their character to better take on others. I myself have watched players complain about how unfair their character is easy to be killed against other characters. The funny thing is listening to them complain that their under geared, under level, and under skilled take on a higher level, fully geared, and higher skilled player is going to be a slaughter to them. Some players will hate you for being the weakest player in the game, some try to work with you, and if they are like me will even help you gear up for the next time. At the end of the day, get to know people in the game and have fun with them. Trying to make a rivalry with others is just going to create a bad taste in your mouth. Play for the sake of playing and fun, not for the sake of winning at all costs. Don't come in the game to cheat, hack, or play the glitches in the game thinking that your skills out class others when really, you are bellow a noob doing any of those tactics to win. But come in play and have fun getting to know others and try not to create a rivalry, it won't do you any good.
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    The pvp stats additionally reduce the pve stats, most players have 2 sets (1 to pvp and one to pve) which is due to someone prefer pvp instead of pve and thats how our wonderful nostale "balance " was made! Thats the Short version
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    To improve your damage you'll need a c25 dagger since the one you'Re using right now reduces your damage in PvE by 10%. Seeing that your current bow doesn't have a damage SL, the dagger probably is gonna be quite expensive. Also you're missing the property SL which is quite important if you wanna do erenias but it's not the end of the world. If I were in your situation I would save money for a support dagger with overall and damage SL and work towards my first major trophy which in your case should be the shadow gem. For the start you should try to get the ibrahim trophy, the 10 res reduce is really helpful in 6.1 and Erenia. Once you're high enough for the laurena accessoires obviously take them aswell, they boost your attack by 120. Right now I'd say it's gonna be hard to get into erenia raids, especially because of the pvp dagger. Once you get a new one it should be a lot easier.
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    I answered to a similar post not long ago. 1)using alts to get buff (sader, wk, holy, war) This is not your case since you want to do erenia 2) get steampunk 3) get ibrahim trophy or even better shadow gem r8 4) get reindeer costume 5) use onyx 6) get laurena accessories 7) making the sp at least +14 and make it at least +80 (having 20att and element in perfection) 8 ) making the weapon r8+10 ( in your case the weapon Must have crit dmg and s dmg at least and remove the 88 knife.) 9) getting a better sl set (in order to get at least 25 att and 25 element sl, but 20 and 20 is already ok) 10) get all the books of act 6
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    @DrDieLess Could you please reupload the photo? Thanks.