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  1. People try to buy 1:1 ratio being 1 VGN = 1 Gold. Generally as far as I can tell, this normally pertains to what you see in the Shop. For example: A Skill Reset is 2000 VGN, so people who value it at 1:1 would typically want to buy it at 2000 gold. 1:1 is pretty much a quick sell to everyone if you're the spender. Just like was mentioned before in another post, just type in "WTS AP 1:1" or something along those lines. They'll hit you up and tell you what they want. You buy it, and then you'll meet somewhere to trade. Just be careful. I've had a few people try to lock trade with me a zero or two too short. So basically, 1:1 is what's the average/fair going rate. It's also the fastest route with getting some gold in your pocket. Can you get more? Absolutely. High ticket items in the VGN/AP store often will sell a bit higher. I've sold Skill Resets for 3k gold many a times by listing it on the Auction House instead. Pets about the same price. Same for Pet Data Chips ( drop rate ones, gold, and damage oriented ones ). EXP Boosts are popular among end-game players since I've been told 64-65 is a grind. You have some wiggle room when you list on Consignment since it sits there for all to see when they're browsing around. That person who's tight on gold might not want to spend 3500 gold on a CRIT-ATK data chip. But there's probably someone who farms a lot and doesn't mind doing so if no one's selling at 1:1 right now. When it comes to the site's Web Mall, things are different. Popular costumes, bikes, Achievement Pets ( Norb, Flek, Gruel, and Leca ) sell for more while the less popular ones sell for less. I got lucky and pulled a Leca this last Web Shop update on like, pull 3 or 4. Sold it for 5k. Just as an aside. Spending cash on Vendetta's Scarlet Blade is wayyyyy friendlier than it ever was on Aeria's. When I walked away from ASB, I remember checking my Paypal account. While it may not be much to some people, I had spent over 3 grand. I had completed a few Tiered Spenders, rolled the dice on many of their other little web events, bought things off the Item Mall, and went for things in TS that I wanted/liked/wanted to sell. I pretty much always felt like I was getting screwed even though yes, they had lots of "freebies" that you got as you paid more into their Tiers, like storage, costumes, consumables, etc. But that feeling was practically ALWAYS with me. With Vendetta I don't have that "Ugh, I just did that..." feeling when I spend. I've spent under 300 bucks here, and am completely happy I have. I may not get all the small things ( anyone else have 900+ days of storage back then? lol ) here, but I get pretty much exactly what I want without having to spend 300 bucks to get to the costume, or bike, or whatever, I had to in Tiered Spender. So uh, well, there it is.
  2. While I'm only one person, I've been farming Harbinger and to date, 0 Rare Rings. Same goes with the lvl. 28 trash mobs. Nada. That said, again. For like the third time: No one's buying these rings at these prices. The same ones that are on the AH have been there for the past 20 days. So farming these rings for profit ( even undercutting the current suppliers ) just seems like a waste of time. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure if I got a Seer Ring, I could sell the shit out of it for 1k gold extremely fast. The problem with that is, is that it will be back on the AH in 30 seconds for twice or, even three times as much and not equipped to a new player.
  3. And those items for the 29 cap are the EXACT same ones as the day I started 20 days ago now on this server. Yes, the Rare Vet, Seer, and Scout Rings and to a lesser extent Earrings are hard to come by because very few people get them as drops. But just because they're legit rare on our server doesn't mean they're worth 4k Gold for ONE Ring. Again, especially since they are the first Rare set of Accessories availiable in the game. And no. I'm not saying they should be given out freely, either. But added to more drop tables ( Titan, Janus/TP, CG Chest ) if possible would still make them profitable if got as a drop ( due to a low number of players at this cap ) and, attainable if someone chose to stick around for them.
  4. It’s not okay, though. The rates for Rings and Earrings are abysmal in BC and DM. Those are the only places to get them for new players outside of one Replicube that has a chance to drop Earrings. The prices for Vet Rings are 1500g. Thousands more for Seer and Scout. Both of these dungeons are introductory in nature. People shouldn’t have to bust out a credit card for gear that will be obsolete in two hours. Edit: Yes, if the drop rate was higher or, 29 and below had a huge surge In population, the prices would drop because of the increased supply. Even on ASB, I think a set of Rings would go for 500 or so gold, depending on the set. The only reason they’re expensive here is because there’s not enough supplying them. That’s fine though, since there’s little demand. Other than 29’ers, who else is going to farm those dungeons for the Ring/Earring drop? The exact same number of Vet, Seer, and Scout Rare Rings are still on the AH except the two Vet Rings I bought for myself last week. So if no ones buying them already ( 29’ers and new players alike ), what’s the point? They aren’t reason enough to farm these areas because if they were, more people would be doing it meaning more Rings/Earrings on the AH.
  5. I’d like to request 3 Pet skins. 1. Titan, added to Titan’s droplist with maybe a 1% chance to acquire. Exclusive to CG. Not monetized. 2. Strider. Could be both monetized and added to Strider’s drop table. 3. Lector. Could be both monetized and added to Lector’s drop table. Seriously, who doesn’t want Titan as a Pet? Strider too. They look badass. Also, all three tradeable so people can sell to those not lucky. Thank you.
  6. Yes, please put that in the AP store! Edit: Crap, my bad. Thought I was on recently replied. Still was looking this up on my phone. Sorry about that. Still though. Premium Medallions in store when?
  7. Hidy. I'd like to see the Golden Nighthawk thrown into a box. It's my favorite bike despite being slower. Also 50 Shades of Gold, and Sailor Schoolgirl outfit, please. Thank you. Edit: A Golden mystery box with lots of Golden skins/bikes etc? That'd be freaking amazing. Edit 2: I'd also like to see some of the original lingerie in Mystery Boxes. Things like Demon's Kiss, Seastar, Cybertronic, Fleur De Lace, and Tears of the Spider Queen. Need some variation.