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  1. Comparing a PU to a Mage is silly. A PU is pretty much a stereotype of Sniper type classes/skill sets across many MMO’s. They have long CD’s on strong, single target skills, have low mobility, and have ways of being able to burst down their target through buffs that have balanced drawbacks ( being Paralyzed, and having to stay in a small-ish circle ). They also have a limited form of stealth. This is the class. Straying from the core of what it is cripples it. Edit: And not going to lie. If ME’s party buffs required the super shitty self buffs, I’m out. I know that’s selfish, as I don’t play at cap. But holy crap. Edit 2: I have no idea on why PU has a large defensive cocoon. It’s not in line with what the class does or is about. Edit 3: Since I don't want to be one of those types of people who just complains but offers no suggestions, here's one people can pick apart. People complain that PU doesn't have an ACC/CH-ACC buff, and ME's have one they can keep up permanently; remove ME's ACC/CH-ACC buff, remove VOID/EVA on Cocoon, slap it on the Defensive Cocoon, and rename it. Now PU's have ACC/CH-ACC buff with the drawbacks of it being a Cocoon, can no longer be off tanks, and removes perma-ACC from ME. That leaves a skill open to ME's to fill in. So for that, you could take off the EVA's on Shadow Projection, put them in Accuracy's old spot, rename it. ME's don't have a flat DEF buff, to compensate revamping Shadow Foil, throw a scaleable flat DEF buff in there to work in tandem with VOID and Resists. Keep in mind that DEF is much more valuable where I'm at. So please don't let us CG Medics turn EVERYONE into Whippers. No more than a 100 DEF at 6 pts for 29 cap, please. It can scale to higher levels after that to offer something to ya'll.
  2. Like I said, it’s irrelevant to me whether it was a buff or nerf, I’d rather see new skills than this messy Skill Menu with 8 million things for each skill. “Keep it simple, stupid!” springs to mind when looking at them; ain’t calling anyone names. Also, the language used when talking about ME’s in general sent up some warning flags. Taking away Enchanted Projection’s bubble only putting it on self buff so SW’s have an easier time banking ME’s. Things like that. I don’t even run Foil now. Rather keep people thinking I’m going to use it mid rotation or something.
  3. Yeah, I should have known that. I was tired and actually got up out of bed to add my 1 cent to the convo. lol There will always be class advantages. This game uses the standard fantasy archetypes with the tried and true advantages and weaknesses. An SW should have an inherit advantage over a PU when all else is equal ( gear, jewels, skill ). They're an "Assassin" class. They go in, try and take out priority targets, or gank those that are being dumb like over extending their support, and get out of there. With all the detection and ACC/CH-ACC going around, I think @GoddessSand is right. Should he be able to completely decimate equal geared DPS backed by a ME? If they play bad, sure. ME's main heal is only on a 3 second CD. With all of our heals/buffs having fast-ish cast times. So with only one target to heal, it's easy to burst heal someone with all healing skills/buffs. Obviously there's even more healing at ya'lls caps. That said, he should still have a chance to outplay a DPS/Healer team. @SparkOne I was with you until you said SW's should be able to instantly kill, and not die easily. They're an Assassin class. They're not tanks. Historically in MMO's they have high DPS, and low defense but have enough time to kill their targets when using evasive-type skills and supported by an healer when their RNG skills fail. Outside of that, I agree 100%. The game needs to be balanced at a level of what a class SHOULD do and good at inherently. Not this idea of making all classes viable at everything. Regarding PU's, I believe they are meant to be high burst damage dealing classes that balanced themselves out due to lengthy CD's, slow mobility and having to root themselves in place or, at least confine themselves to a small circle to maximize DPS. This all was completely neutered, and needs to be patched back in.
  4. I agree. I don’t know who all are private testers, but there’s a pretty good chance that there needs to be more. Preferably more players at the highest level cap, who have dedicated “main” classes and understand how they work. If it’s just a handful of players testing, they’re not getting the data they need prior to a patch going live.
  5. Yes. It is honestly a rhetorical question. In literally EVERY MMORPG over the past 19-years that's been the case. Whether we're talking sandbox games with open-world PvP, or themeparks with structured formats. It goes without saying but generally, a DPS class with a Support class is going to be an insta-win against a lone DPS. Guild Wars 1 and 2, WoW, Black Desert, TERA, practically any MOBA, etc. Are there exceptions, of course. Gear, skill, lag, over extending, whatever. But generally. Reading what I bolded made me instantly think of the "Pikachu face". As for ME's entering BG's, again I have to say of course. Supports are one of the most requested classes across all content in any MMO. They're a dying profession, and have always been the least played class(es) because nearly everyone wants to do damage, a few want to stand around looking tough, and that 1% wants to keep everyone alive running around like a chicken with their heads cut off from the other 99%. Combine that with the general hate and blame thrown at them, leveling process, gearing process, etc. and it's no wonder people don't want to play the support classes. A lot of modern games are omitting dedicated healers/supports because of this. But again, yes, a dedicated support character SHOULD be able to help increase their parties/groups/side's chance at victory. If all it takes is ONE ME showing up to a BG, I'd question the losing side more than the winning side. Team work makes the dream work, after all. I'd like to remind everyone that this is a Korean game, one that was published by Aeria games. They ( Korean games ) are 99% of the time heavily unbalanced especially when there's a ton of systems in place to increase peoples in game 'power'. You will never balance this game. Doesn't mean I don't think you should try but, I'm not interested in playing if you guys are going to play whack-a-mole every patch because 3 people on this forum said X was too OP because Y had a Z. That's like every damn forum for any game ever created. Always got someone saying rock beat scissors and dislikes it enough to tell everyone. I'd hope that you guys are actively testing what's considered OP and weak on your test server using lots of different scenarios with a couple of handful of players. I already absolutely hate the new skills buffs/nerfs at my cap on PU, ME, and WH and am still pissed that they were combined and made into new ones. Ya'll want to make new skills, make them. Leave the old ones alone. Tweak them if you want in the name of "balance". But my wallets shut if this is something that's going to happen every patch.
  6. Alright, legit question. Not trying to be an ass but, don’t you think that’s a little greedy at this point? These things are dropping like flies for y’all higher levels. It’s nothing but unique spam. The market for them is saturated now, and everyone has enough to gear their alts, give away, and sell. There’s been a ton of gold made from this event for y’all. This isn’t factoring the sweets you get either. But if we did, there’s several thousand more in it for the costumes, and never having to worry about SG’s again. Also you got Ancient Spanners dropping, and the regular 100g costumes. As a comparison, I’ve got two unique earrings at my cap in about 40-50 runs so far. A million Rare earrings ( needed, thanks Vivi ) and other than collecting candies for SG’s, am getting nothing from the event. Granted, I don’t care that much about them or the gold you guys are making since I just swipe for mine. Further, I’ve heard they’re going to modify the drop rate, as it’s a little more giving than they thought it’d be. Already there’s been lots of near buyouts for many things due to the influx of gold. Might not be that good of an idea to introduce more free generally expensive items that have high drop rates to the dungeon. Edit: Adding some of the buyouts I mentioned. 1. Storage. Only 1 Warehouse and 1 Backpack left. 2. No pets on AH. There was an 8k Norb on there for months; gone. Was also a Coit. Only thing left is a new Halloween Dragon for lol, 29,999g. 3. Normal Spanners have gone up about to nearly twice their "normal" rate. 4. Only SW Candy Strippers left. There were a good number, including a 20k ME I was thinking about buying. All gone. 5. Blessed Naraks are all gone. 6. Only 1 500g Pet Hack.
  7. The DPS increase stems from being able to flat-out spam 1&2 skills. Coupled with the added Chakra damage, and practically not having to wait on animations or CD’s between the two skills, and you can see how it out performs old Kali. It does affect the Medic, though. What would you rather have? Multiple great skills that’s thematically in line with your class, and mitigates a good chunk of damage while visually allowing everyone to see you’re buffed not singling you out, or a mish mash of small buffs that offer negligible defensive values when all things are considered ( gear, jewels, costumes, etc ), and your selfish buff that singles you out for enemy DPS to avoid, and gives them an advantage like, letting their CD’s reset, waiting for your buff to wear off, etc. And wow, didn’t even think about that Faction angle. Makes sense. Daddy’s FK, right? Curaja was FK back on ASB, if I remember correctly. That and the thread with FK’s complaining about not having Medics...Omg dude. You won. This is the damned reason. Holy crap.
  8. I still can’t get behind the ME changes; Kali included as currently, it seems 100% more busted than it was. I know they’re still tweaking it, but right now, a Mech’d ME can sit there and spam 1 and 2 back-to-back, with 3 sprinkled in. This is due to them cutting down the animations for the attacks and seemingly not even require them sometimes. Again, they’re working on making this more fluid, but as it stands, I do more damage than I did with Mech buff. As far as the actual ME buffs, just can’t do it. They just don’t seem right. Maybe make the self-buffs targetable instead? That way I can use it on someone else if needed since ya’ll are Hell bent on splitting the darn skills. Another thing that kind of gets my panties in a bunch all throughout the Skill breakdown is the language used. “To make Medics easier to kill...” , “Giving them huge don’t fuck with me bubbles to let SW’s know not to attack...” HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  9. Pshhhhhhhhh I'm keeping my negative exp! TY!
  10. Figured GM’s did patches. And I’m not complaining.
  11. While standing around in CG waiting on FK Chest to spawn, I thought it’d be cool to have my own Royal Guard Sentry following me around. Actual size, preferably. Nothing says “badass” like having Paladin Danse running around picking stuff up for you! Could be added to Chest drops.
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