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  1. as for some 1 who have plenty of r2 unis i think its not a problem, game need improvement and unis or ancient is 1 of them if the game really hard new player will quit fast becuase its not easy to grind and if u keep the old rate % then sb player will keep decresin . my point is u cant stop changes and it happen in everygames not just sb or tera, i think its natural. well its just my opinion, as some 1 who play alot of MMORPG annie just mad becuase r2 unis r common now
  2. its just a bunch of sw PVP build player complain they cant PVE.....
  3. @GoddessSand that would be a bad idea sand.. the main point of playing MMORPG with class specification is to do things in team/group not alone/solo. i personally think the current dungen for solo either hard mode or normal is not bad, why because the drop is fair, imagine if the dungen way to easy and everyone can do it in 5min , dont u think its the same like what happen during hallowen??,so lets not harm the game that we love and play. lets not be selfish and lets ask for something that benefit grops/team not solo. dont nerf the moobs/ dont nerf the boss dont nerf the drop. its not imposible to do that dungen solo, even medic like illusion manage to solo it so lets not be a looser here, and i hope next patch team drop will be better so it will encorage ppl to play as team instead of solo
  4. and thats what i hope to see... to be onest there is nothing more to do for me my self, i even offer my help to any 1 who wan to do team run and let them loot shard but everyone seems unintereested and increase drop loot from TT team run would help alot for other class so yea i hope to see a good imporvement in next patch..
  5. covid19 outbreak and u still go out?? u r the type of people who die 1st in every movie:F
  6. spark i live in malaysia n ppl cant even go out these days so yea i have no life atm always stay home.....
  7. metal scrap drop alot i think. plus solo hard mode is fair since i already did more then 150 run , i just hope to see imporvemnt on team run
  8. thats why i ask for team run improvment becuase ppl dont wan to do it its hard for undergear ppl
  9. plus i notce most medic dont have major mec yet or even cs so pls increase drop rate in team mode
  10. overall opinion hard mode and normal mode seems fair...but i do suggest increase the shards drop on team mode that way people will do team instead of solo, i farm for 18 hour yasterday using pu(ck) and i get around 79pcs shard and hard mode never givemore then 2 shard but sometimes 0 shard happen 3 time to me. therefore i suggest why dont make team mode drop at least 8 ? 3rd bossdrop 3-4 and 4th boss drop 4-5 pcs on team mode maybe ?? that way people will chose to do team mode instead of solo. side note, hard mode team is not as hard as u might expect 3-4 people can clear entire dungen.
  11. new dg seems fine for a dps class its easy to solo but i feel bad for med since med cant do shit , team mode seems rewarding i prefer doing team run since its more fun and more drop overall opinion i think the dungen drop rate are not bad however world boss drop should be nerf there is no need for world boss to drop costume, thats all i think amara world bos i mean
  12. i had no issue with current rate of uniq jewel, how ever i do think its better to increase the drop rateof BP/ and make jewel sg fusion drop in babny bunker for example to populate the lower cap. also instead of wanting to craft uniq jewel using rare jewel .why dont just make uniq rank 1 repcube kinda like how jewel repcube work (make it world bossdrop like viledon boss or amara boss or ellis boss to populate map / incorage endgame player to farm uniq repcube/jewel.and roam the whole map/ kill world boss
  13. @Doper i kill ayalal only 3-10 times to check out the drop rate and to really confirm it my self. @sicat i agree to much drop gonna hurt the server just like what happen during hallowen, 1st week halowen i notice rarely uniq erring drop but after some drop adjustment 64 erring drop like 500cp from amara moobs, what im trying to suggest is something simple for example abba in baby bunker drop ancient jewel box or ellis nemesis world boss drop ancient jewel box or even viledon asmo, my point was make unpopulated lower cap drop things that end game player needed. how about make every map biggest boss drop uniq jewel repcube? for example viledon asmo drop uniq jewel repcube box that contain rank 1 uniq jewel, kinda like how jewel box work when u open u get 100% 1 pcs rank 1 uniq but only 1 box drop every boss? i think that might be a good idea
  14. @GoddessSand ayalal actully quite important for newbie since it drop 750% exp booster or 3500% every kill and lower part kappa the good thing about doing it is ayalal have good exp, yea it took like 40min-1 hour to solo but if pu solo it or underlvl pu do it it gives good exp since got monster respawn around her/him, how ever i do hope ayalal drop get change/ rework, about amara boss i think it depend since its a pvp map so nothing much to say about it,but i do hope hound get rework since i think hound arent worth it to kill, overall opinion i think most of world boss in sb need to be look into or change the drop table, for example viledon boss/ nemesis boss are abandon i mean no ppl kill it, the reason behind it i think maybe because that boss drop it self arent worth it, 1st reason it only drop low lvl gear/uni gear, 2nd most of these boss didnt drop anything useful for end game player, take viledon asmo for example, its almost imposible to solo it yet it always drop garbage/trash it rarely drop uni trinket, maybe in every 10 viledon asmo only 1 will drop uniq trinket lvl32, what im trying to say is if there is something worth it to do in lower lvl cap not only newbie will stay but all 65 player will also play low lvl cap becuase it has something worth to do, @Vivi how if makes some event exclusiv dropable in worldboss/babybuner or unpopulated map ? for example jewel sg/ buff potion or ancient jewel box maybe?
  15. @GoddessSand agree with u sand and if vandeta keep ignoring these then it will slowly kill the player base. whats more to do rather then pvp ? what pvp left to join nb which is barely 10 vs 10?? ak which barely 15 vs 15? ppl at the end game has nothing to do, bosess as big as asmo that only drop trash ?? 1/10 asmo will drop 2 or 3 rings if u lucky ???ancient spaner that drop once every week? every important stuff are event exclusiv?? (prevent new player to grow, like jewel fusion/ancient spaner/jewel) end game dungen that dont even drop uni kappa every run instead of using legend passcard? (lack of drop which makes all kind of uniq jewel expensiv also prevent new player growing/ finish salvage uniq/salvage right) lack of end game content also kill player base/ make player grow tired and yea some will chose to quit eventuly, @Beau true player need to adjust to game but, player also have the option to quit playing if its to hard to play it, not to mention it encourage people to be selfish,
  16. @GoddessSand im just stating a fact, true it might be a small changes but take ak for example some people r trying to get wings solo because idk why some wan it for fashion some wan it for dps some wan it for drop rate which interm sometimes devide player during AK not to mention its kinda unfair if only those who plant flag get the wings, if the winning side get the wings it will make people work together better and reduce selfish action, which also reduce the possibility of feeding flag. about zerg or unbalance number of player during AK thats beside the point becuase u cant really have a fair number of player during ak/nb at the end of the day people play the side that more fun to them about ds/dto team mode i think u should do it your self 1st becuase unlike solo mode in both of this dungen team mode didnt even drop uniq kapa as i say before it only drop PVE medal about salvage low lvl cap /newplayer will play longer if they have things worth doing in their cap /lvl and the idea about salvage delta gear give jewel cube will make them feel rewarded because dungen like factory / IV actuly took more time to clear rather then dto/dmh/ds. now u might say end game dungen use legend passcard but thats why boss in end game dungen give more gold unlike low lvl dungen. about pvp im not just saying akan but im refering to everyone who have high rank which include u your self sand u dont really pvp long becuase the fact of dead lose rp but keep on pvp no gain, thats why i suggest make pvp more rewarding or worth to do i dont really have issue with current uniq costume stats i think they are preety good sure we can ask for new stats/look costume to match our lvl/gear but that will be imposible becuase lets be real making something new took longer rather then improving whats there to improve about pet expension i think its up to vivi at the end of the day since u mention its there
  17. i think i already say what need to be say as a PVE focus player about SB
  18. asking for balance pvp but u bring zerg to win me after calling for 1 v 1 but u bring 4 people so jsut shut up already
  19. @GoddessSand just ignore that paracite LOL for some 1 who leave his faction during NB for 2 pcs sg box i think he didnt have the right to say anything
  20. there is alot i wanted to talk about, but first how about AK, winning side supose to get wings (everyone who join) as in whats it say in the NOTE if u click on AK/ ak detail, 2nd this game is quite grindy by nature so i think its fair to say hardwork always pay, ( current drop rate is not bad but could have been better) 3nd i wanted to see TEAM mode drop to be fix for DTO/DS both these dungen are end game dungen yet if u do team mode it only drop PVE medal while its almost imposible to solo(clear team mode solo), i hope to see improvement for example team mode DS/DTO have 5% drop chances of getting ancient spaner/jewel, kinda like how DMH team mode work, also current drop rate in DS are really bad i remember days when i start playing i could see plenty of people getting uniq gear from DS, 2nd ds drop was nerf becuase 1st boss and 2nd boss supose to drop 2nd key for direct tunnel yet when keys remove kappa drop rate didnt return which makes DS most unpopular dg instead of being end game dungen 4th all uniq gear should give jewel box including lvl30 uniq gear, this will make this game more easy for newbie to play jewel cube are important becuase uniq jewel are expensiv by nature and it makes low lvl dungen worth to grind, which interm of farming will make newbie can earn gold and in the same time able to afford jewel/ rank 2 jewel for them self. (food chain like cro mention u cant have lvl65 predator without food). 5th uniq costume uniq costume are really expensiv now like SUPER expensiv for example v3 for all class worth 30k gold above these days, make uniq costume can be crafted using dog tag but its NT or not locked when u craft it(it will makes people wan to pvp again/ worth to pvp) becuase lets be real now player like akan dont even pvp if he cap RP because die= lose rp but keep on pvping = no gain thats the reason pvp die in game. what i hope to see is make pvp worth it 6th pet slot expension, actully i think its not bad to have 1 extra slot on pet, i suggest make it AP item that worth like 5k or 10k, might be expensiv but i think its ok since its only once u need it or 1 for every 1 pet
  21. @Norleras well i change build quite often, yasterday i tried pu cacon build with maxed dot tree, but i notice i cant see invi sw in arkana form at first i tot it was mec fade or maybe je just add conceal to avoid getting caught by pu so yea detec cacon r quite low/ detc cacon get lowerd since last patch but i think its fair considering it should be se role scout / see /detc sw
  22. @Norleras true but thats why i did mention lvlup pet taking alot of afk time in suer, in the mean time he can grind bc for jewel box that way he can afford rank 2 rare jewel for him self/sell uni jewel for other stuff he need like accories/+12 gear lets not forget uni rank 1 crit atk worth at least 5k which help alot for newplayer, while every other jewel also worth at least 1k above
  23. @u@Uzora thats why dont count plain in sight eva as eva buff for pu even with 13.7k eva yevon still can kill me easy and didnt misswhich means eva pu are never good and pls take note i invest alot in my eva set becuase i mainly make it to solo asmo not for pvp purpose so dont complain about pu having higer eva then SE, in 1 v 1 if its dps class its all boil down to who hit first and timing , my point was dont nerf pu FS thats all, i never ask to nerf DE frenzy, but its bit unfair if pu get nerf anymore. in my point of view i prefer old skill tree rather then this new 1 as for pu because instead of having only 40% ch atki prefer 70% ch atk pasive, 2nd detectation cacon can see sw but now cant anymore so its jsut make pu really weak vs sw(didnt mean 100% die) and lastly pls take note let class be useful in their role that way game r more fun, becuase game r fun when played with friends not alone
  24. @Uzora u talk like its possible to get all skill maxed and have the passive at the same time, what im trying to point out was de being to op becauase i think frenzy is being to op and de having better cc then main dps which is pu yet still complaining about pu need nerf on FS, and as for EVA bwhile on plain in sight its not even useful because once pu move/atk/get atk the buff is gone which u cant really count PiS eva addiotional stats as perm stats/buff because its useles
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