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  1. Oh my goodness why didn't I think of that? I'm sure that will solve all our low population problems. Now tell me how many really want to play a game that the first 90% of is so empty and devoid of anything meaningful to do other than questing and grinding that you literally have to beg to be power leveled just so you can have a chance to play with others. If the only cap worth playing is 60+ why then have any other levels? Just give an item at level 1 that gives enough exp to get to 60 and problem solved. Besides I'm taking a much needed break from this game, wondering if game will even still be around when I decide to come back. I'll give an early congrats to Goddess, I know you have been wanting to pass me in rank list for a while. Take care and have fun to the all to few friends I have left in SB.
  2. I agree and think it would be interesting to have everyone's level dropped back to level 1. Maybe add an NPC to exchange 50+ gear and accessories to 40-49 versions. Problem is some people have spent money to level and enhance gear. How I think game should have launched is with cap set at 29 cap for a month before upping the cap and then raising it every 3 months till we hit 49. Maybe leave enhancement at +10 as it was the +12 patch where you started to see a break down in balance. Add Ellis as a PVE zone for 45+ along with a regular supply of new outfit and bike designs and game would be in the best state you could get it. The problem this game has right now is accessibility. We all want new players but what do they have to do to get to a point where they can actually enjoy the game? Sure a lot like to play solo but seeing other players doing things is part of the entertainment in MMOs and right now new players are asked to run around till they hit level 60 before they can enjoy being with other players. Which means they miss a lot of content the game has such as bosses, team dungeons, low level PVP and BG. And even then they need to get to 65 before they are no longer a liability in PVP and of course they will need rank 2 jewels, unique accessories and full set of +12 gear too. Most give up before hitting 60 and more give up during the frustrating grind to hit 65. Add to the low rate of new players sticking around to how the people at Vendetta act like cringy Millennials banning everyone they don't like and you have a game that is spiraling quickly to being empty. Now as to how to improve the game we have? First I'd start by removing all trash drops from game despite everybodies love for their massive horns and oily meat. Add/increase drops of jewels, hexweaves, and stamilar replicubes to make drops feel less empty. Make napalms, warehouse codes, and backpacks stackable. Replace NT drops with tradeable versions this includes slivers, shards, gems, etc. as well as the stamilar replicubes. Fix level 60 crisis hypovials or replace with level 50. Replace underleveled drops/rewards with appropiate version like the lv 2 buff hypos and lv 40 crisis from AK as well as other items in Amara and NB. This post is already fairly long so I'll leave out talking about skills for now.
  3. I agree with you on nearly everything but the CD on medic's shift. I can see a medic in AK taking flag from tower and shifting 20m every 5 sec back to their base with heals and cleanse available on the off chance someone is able to get near them. My one addition would be passive skills cost too much. At some point I think we need to stop looking at skills to balance classes and look at gear. Time to kill is how we should be looking to see if class is balanced or not. Tank classes should take longer to kill but also require more time to kill their target while the opposite would be true for DPS. If a class lacks the damage in PVP that you feel it should instead of reworking their entire skill tree think about increasing stats on their weapon/gloves/bangle. If you can't seem to improve the survivability of a class look at the def stats of their gear. Conversely if one class seems to be able to murder most others with ease perhaps lowering gear stats would work better that messing with skills of every class hoping maybe THIS TIME everything will be more balanced.
  4. Although it is nice that SP passive got combined with HP I think all passives should have gotten a 3-5 point reduction to max. Points for SE Detection and SW Conceil passives should be halved as they are for (SE especially) usefull only against 1 class. As one who plays SE I can confirm that new skill tree is not too bad. It is nice we got an Acc buff now but it does feel like it was purposely attached to a skill that is less used by SE. I think it is also odd to give us a third debuff that does zero damage, it would have been better to add the effects to Hex instead. In 1v1 if you try to use all three you either waste the whole duration of a stun on skills that don't hurt your opponent leaving you without enough time to drop their HP to zero. Or you try to use without stunning your opponent first and get stun locked and die. It could be usefull in mass PVP but 2 skills that did no damage was already a bit cumbersome. Some may say you don't need all three however hex is the least usefull of the three and is a prerequisite to unlock the other two.
  5. So clearly GoddessSand is on the side of the game is balanced enough and nothing else should be done. There were people saying the game needs more balancing so I gave my opinion based on my observations in game. I have a character for every class but CB and DE, though I did have a DE in ASB. Don't remember the last time the two of us fought each other so not sure why you think I don't know what I'm doing. I had an anti-SW build in ASB and did quite well with it, even was able to kill top geared SWs 2v1 at times. I started to make same build here but there are no longer enough SW running around to justify doing so. The game isn't just SW vs SE there are seven classes to worry about. Dropping SE's Skirting Disaster by 1500 isn't going to make everyone in game suddenly go full Acc so they never miss on SE, just like dropping 1500 Ch-Eva from SW isn't going to make everyone go full Ch-Acc. If you don't want it removed from Escape Artist then it can be removed from Ghost Walk, you seem to ignore that skill when you keep saying you only got a 10 sec buff. My plan was to spread the Eva/Ch-Eva drop between Miss Misery, Escape Artist, and Ghost Walk but if you think it would be better to nerf just one buff I would be fine with it. My whole point is at this cap some stats stack too high, those being Eva for SE. Eva and Ch-Eva for SW. Crit rate/Crit Atk for most DPS and even DE's Frenzy. I did not intend this to be a SW vs SE debate, I know full well that a SE that specializes against SW will have no trouble killing most of them. I was thinking about every class when I made my suggestion. Stop using the ridiculously high Ch-Acc of WH as your base for what every class can achieve.
  6. Not sure why you need to add points to conceal, most if not all PU lack detection cacoon, don't know how many WH have detection skill but doupt there are many, only a few ME have any points in detect so your only normal chance of being seen is by SE which is how it always was. All I'm asking is a small drop in SW Eva/CH Eva so SE can actually do its job and protect allies from sneaky SW. I'm also asking that SE Eva be dropped to what it should have been at on 54 cap as well as remove Acc from WH pulls and bring CB Eva debuffs to more reasonable values as they are currently so high they only make cense when used against SW. As far as damage changes go most players have 20k-40k HP you should not need to do 10K+ damage per hit to kill them in a rotation. Now there may be some tanks that will be to hard to kill with damage dropped. This is why I said it should be tested and that perhaps just a damage reduction may not be the only solution and that a few classes may need a boost to their Def stats.
  7. Having more than 1 set is great for 1v1 when you know exactly who you are fighting against, but in mass PVP you need to compromise. Do you gear for your own survivability or what will help you get the most kills? If the main threat is enemy SW I switch to anti-SW gear, but if there is a mixed force I need to prioritize evading pulls over the ability to stun SW. I'm not skilled enough to be moving pieces around in middle of PVP. I know what skills and gear is best against SW but SW is not the only class I need to fight against. There is not enough skill points to have all the skills I need for every situation so I compromise and I'm in the process of making another set of gear that should compliment my current set nicely. It would have been done months ago but I am lazy and hardly spend more than 30 min in this game daily. Most SW use Ch-Acc so that they never get stunned. If you find most players unkillable it sounds like maybe you need to talk to other SW to see what you are doing wrong. The only class that should legitimately find most players unkillable is ME.
  8. The reason why SW can stun and kill other SW is because you have an Acc buff and not every player has a pocket ME to give them buffs like Bikini. I have an anti SW set, ch acc randoms, uni rank 2 jewels, full ghost/wizard accessories and title that gives acc/ch acc stats and still I miss a fair number of stuns on SW while at same time missing every physical attack. You are right SW is an assassin class, you should be using conceal to roam around the battlefield and find targets that are vulnerable not charge into 20 arkana kill whomever you please and get away as if you were not being attacked by half of the other team. But by your logic every class should be unkillable while their buff is up in which case SE needs a massive boost to the void and crit eva portion of Skirting Disaster. Yes, when you get stunned you die, welcome to Scarlet Blade it happens to us all. I've seen the tankiest of WH fully buffed die in 2 sec. The one thing I will give SW is that they should be able to stay concealed indefinitely. I don't like that the duration ends before CD is over it was much more fun before they changed the skills.
  9. There are two things that people have issue with. One being the high Eva/Ch Eva that makes SW unkillable while buffed and the second is the high damage some classes have. For the Eva/Ch Eva issue I feel the following changes would help -Reduce SE Skirting Disaster by 1500 Eva -Reduce SW Eva and Ch Eva by a total of 1500-2000 spread across their three buffs -Remove WH's Acc/Ch Acc from pulls (don't see why WH is only class that gets Acc boost on stuns). I have no issue with range of pulls. - Drop CB's Eva debuffs on Ankle Attack to -40% and Shockwave to -30% For damage I think most would agree that any class using only their own buffs that can do more than 10K in damage of either physical or chakra in 1 hit is too much. Testing would need to be done with fully geared and equally geared characters to see if attack buffs need to be reduced, certain skills need readjusting, or if some classes need increase to def/void/crit eva/crit void stats. All classes should be tested using max attack buffs and max of all their highest damaging skills including mech. I'm not interested in Lv60 mechs as Lv50 does more than enough damage. Players would just be getting 1-2 shot unless there was a big increase to HP and def stats but that would add more problems to balance.