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  1. there isn't a lot of public chat rn, most talking is in party/guild chat due to the french/english language barrier between people. there's two main guilds playing at the moment and they play on ch2 (US players) and ch4 (EU players), so if you don't play on those channels you aren't likely to see anyone. the game was more active a few months ago but there's still a playerbase. if you need help or need a merchant just send a mail to a guild leader (Raion or Matt) with what you need and one should get put up shortly after that. if you enjoy playing the game then you should play it and not really
  2. some are personal favorites I'd like to have, some are desirable items, some are unrollable by tritiums or simply unreleased thus far but good future altar fillers. items that are separate for different sexes are listed female first, male second. I had to pick just a few things I really want it'd be Nightshade Scythe (Prime)✔️02/18/21 Skeleton Scythe (Prime) ✔️02/18/21 Draconic Rime Scythe (Prime) ✔️02/18/21 Glass Wing Staff (Prime) Plumed Fan (Prime) Angel Wings finally released (Fallen angel gorewing, Pink hope, Blue freedom, Golden conquest, Larg
  3. IGN: Aeri Item: Twilight Seraphic Wings (Prime)
  4. F6 Aeri cuz im a special snowflake
  5. y'all laughed at me when I bought all those class costumes with honor stars. but i knew my time would come my video is about Sage IGN: Aeri
  6. hello, 2H weapons are very clunky and the animations are kinda awful TBH. it was a huge qol improvement to fix the casting animations for 1H weapon primes, which are still the preferred weapon costume types as it seems nobody likes the 2H ones because of the animations. i am suggesting that the animations for 2H weapon costumes be changed to match those of staves, the animations are widely liked as its common for ppl to leave their staff showing when playing magic classes anyway. the new 2H weapon costumes added to diamond altar and archive (looking at you shining starlight staff) look really
  7. this would simply be neat
  8. i went through the current selections for everything, these additions will give a good option for every color for every race. i.e, red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple-pink-black-white will all be available for whatever you pick (+some personal favorites thrown in.) if this is too many i can absolutely narrow it down a ton, this is just "the entire list" of what anyone would ever want. if you give me the current palettes used for the human skin tones, i can make more varied ones of those. having the base color = i can tell how much shadows/highlights are added to the color on the mo
  9. the stone wipe being put into effect needed to happen when it did because prices were skyrocketing. clss were hard to find and peaked at 1.3k ea, with them being about 500 now for one example. there is few people buying stones atm because it's the end of the cap with new gear right around the corner and people don't have anything to fort. the whole point of the stone wipe was to encourage players to buy and have stones when they need them, and right now not many people need them. this is a bit of an awkward period maybe due to the decision to hold off on 70 content a little bit longer, otherwi
  10. 1- you logged in in the middle of the night, the least active time slot for the server 2- ch1 has been sparse lately because nobody is playing altar this month, there is another stone wipe before new content and so there is less of a reason to roll, as well as there being little reason to spend gold at all this close to a large update 3- open guilds are generally dead idk what to tell you they're open for a reason 4- people are busy with irl stuff right now and there is always a dip in activity before new caps.... this game goes through periods like this all the time and always
  11. the side effect of the change in arenas w/ players being unable to class swap at the end for medals is unfortunate. most people are pretty much only motivated to do arena for medals for gear, and arena activity has drastically decreased since the change was implemented. people just aren't queueing for stuff anymore. i would support reverting the change back, as i would rather do arena with *ahem* certain player(s) sleeping -> reviving every once in a while than no one doing arena at all, and not being able to farm medals if a match happens. there have been no 10v10 matches this ranking
  12. this cap has been fun, there just isn't really much to do for it so 70 cap soon would be a breath of fresh air. 70 cap has a lot to offer and it would be a good thing for it to come sooner than later as there is little to do right now except for farming rankings.
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