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  1. this cap has been fun, there just isn't really much to do for it so 70 cap soon would be a breath of fresh air. 70 cap has a lot to offer and it would be a good thing for it to come sooner than later as there is little to do right now except for farming rankings.
  2. those are like 75 cap so probably not for a while
  3. i've thought about this a bit more and come up with something that i hope is practical. the idea is that you create a separate item that flips them, presumably purchased from an npc (like the drivers are) and used together with the prime 1H weapon costume in the arcane box to turn it into the other version. they would be re-reversible and another way to customize your character if you preferred your weapons facing one way or another, and if you made the price a couple thousand gold or something it'd be another little goldsink since players already don't mind spending lots of gold on costumes. i wouldn't mind paying like 2.5k gold or something to reverse my weapon for its alternate appearance. possible icons for this item could be the same one as the departure crystal or isolda's heart trophies. so let's say i buy a 1H Weapon Inversion Crystal (placeholder name) and throw it in the arcane box with my Oracle's Key. it would make a flipped version named Oracle's Key - Reverse (Prime) (another placeholder name) that could be equipped as normal, except the orientation is changed. buying another crystal and putting the reverse key into the arcane box would create the regular appearance. if this idea was implemented, the reverse items would need to be added into archive, as well as a bind-check to make sure that throwing a bound item into the arcane box makes sure the re-created item stays bound, or unbound vice versa. another thing would be making sure the items would be listable in auction house+booths. i also went through the archive several times for 1H weapon costumes that are asymmetrical to make sure we got them all. the full list (including the ones mentioned in my initial post) is: Charity Round Sign Protester's Sign Pinwheel Poison Needle Demented Scarecrow Broken Devil Arrow Plumed Fan Demon Pirate Cutlass Sweetheart Mace Decadent Chocolate Stick Tedde Bear Icegem Snowflake Staff Crystal Wand Chocolate Sundae Cones Green Tea Sundae Cones Oracle's Key Kitty Mage's Broom Freshet Monarch Fan Savory Corn on the Cob i understand that this definitely isn't a top priority but i hope that someday a way to flip these costumes is implemented as it would be a big QOL improvement for many 1h costumes and would make it much more fun in general to purchase them if they could be customized further by choosing their orientation. thank you for being open to the idea. if i mis-explained something or missed a detail i would be happy to try to clarify further.
  4. the MOST important song music of life is mentioned nowhere in this guide.... i cannot condone this /s
  5. for 3v3: i think the best and imo only needed changes would come from class balancing and not really mechanic adjusting like changing class in this area, in that area etc. just changing fusion reaction and aerolite glyphs to +5 feet instead of +10 would solve most of the 3v3 problems. for the subject of this thread tho, there isnt anything that needs to be done to alter any of the other mechanics of class changing/hp/heal amount etc. for 10v10: personally, i would prefer 3 minute rounds. my thinking is that we have so much long-lasting big group pvp. we have territory war (guaranteed 30 minutes), elysian (guaranteed 2 hours), gvg (erm...can be 30 minutes). my best fun in 10v10 is when the rounds are over quickly. i think it would be a lot more exciting if people knew they didn't have much time, to push players to take risky moves or just do something other than standing around or hunting down individuals for a few minutes after the initial wipe. in territory war as well, a lot of plays are made in the last 2-3 minutes and it's generally the most fun part of the event. short rounds means that less people are waiting in queue for very long as well. 10v10 rounds end up being the first minute of fun, and then hunting down individuals as they spawn. very often will there be 1 or 2 people left and as they die and the round should end, more people respawn. i think it could help a LOT if the revive timers were synced, like every x seconds everyone who is dead on both teams revives so that there isn't so much chasing-down and waiting. it's really frustrating when say you auto-revive but your entire team is still dead so you're vunerable and can't really make any plays. reviving through the skill should be disabled altogether imo as it gives a huge advantage to teams with lots of blue classes, but that wouldn't be necessary if a life count system was implemented. in my experience 10v10 has been the most fun when the rounds are quick or it's the last minute and if the round timer was shortened altogether it would create more of that tense experience other than just being hunter or prey for a solid portion of the round. also: i'm biased af but if healing was decreased it would feel very disheartening as a cleric who has built to have really high healing output. it would encourage clerics to just build tanky and not healing potential and for variety sake we should have the viable opportunity to cater our stats as we see fit. it would also hurt the already low heals of bard and shaman. both parties can be standing mixed in with each other and everyone stays alive and is picked off one by one given both teams have healers, so the main issue in 10v10 IMO is just staggered respawns which leave teams broken and disorganized and unable to mount a comeback.
  6. it's just day 1 observations so it's understandable that a lot of things will even out / change as time goes on. it took like 20 min to kill a level 80 boss with us being 65 so the playerbase can probably rise to the challenge of anything elysian has to offer. excited to see changes aimed at making support more fruitful to play in ei.
  7. i was healing today in elysian and got x1 box from 2/5 of the (box-giving) bosses by spamming light sanction every time it was off cooldown and using earth shock when my party was at full HP. i do not recall any other supports in 911 saying they got any boxes today, even attacking the bosses every chance they could. that doesn't mean nobody did just that i didn't hear anyone else getting one. i do have a +10 Lv65 mace, some of the supports who reported no boxes don't have a 65 or a +10. some dps as well were saying they didn't get a box, it just seemed very inconsistent. some ways that i can think of to improve the drop rate or chance of getting a box are: -greatly increase the malice generated by g-healing on elysian island so healers don't have to heal and dps at the same time -increase the amount of people that can get boxes to motivate people to continue to try / lower malice requirement to qualify for a box but that also leaves out bards, which i'm not really sure how we could motivate players to use that class in elysian if the chance is slim to none they'll get any boxes. one of the bards for our guild today got 0 boxes total even while dpsing and it isn't fair that someone who definitely pulls their weight in the party isn't able to get the drops. also: one boss had +30% HP and that wasn't really an issue because we have 2 whole hours to kill them but if bloody payback could be removed from the boss' buff roster that would be great because i think it would actually end elysian participation for the day if a future boss had that. it was a pretty hands-on task today healing just general PVP damage in such a small area and it would be demotivating as hell if i/other healers had to outheal bpb reflect as well. these are just my thoughts after the first day of elysian playing as a cleric
  8. that would be greatly appreciated!
  9. there is a few 1h weapon costumes that are well-liked and sought after but rarely used together because they look...well..really weird. i would like to suggest flipping the orientation of these costumes so that they are symmetrical and look less awkward. i'm by far not the only person that feels this way about these costumes. thank u for ur consideration tedde bare original: -clips through legs, hands -if the sizing/positioning could be edited a bit so it doesn't cut straight though the player model hands/legs, that would be nice. suggested change (using original right hand positioning for left hand as well): which imo already looks a lot better even with no changes to how badly it clips through hands. plumed fan original: -ill be honest have no logical reason for suggesting this change other than the current positioning irks so many people and ever since this costume came out people have talked about how they havent worn them because they wished the orientation was different suggested change (using original right hand positioning for left hand as well): oracle key original: -one positioning clips through costumes a lot more than the other -looks very off to have them so asymmetrical suggested change (using original right hand positioning for left hand as well): doesnt clip through stuff as much, looks more in line with normal 1h weapon placings these are the main 3 that come to mind @ this issue but if theres any im missing i would make some more totally gorgeous 5 second photoshops of improved versions. plz consider this costumes are our life on ee all we do is stare at ourselves
  10. Aeri

    Arena Pots

    its really not that big of a deal. you can still win arena if people pot it just doesnt matter that much. your 2nd point defeats itself... theres not much to spend honor stars on so lets remove one of the only things that you can do with them?
  11. forgot to quote you in my previous reply. look up.
  12. i didn't really want to say anything, but if you want to namedrop me i guess i should. it's very rude & entitled to complain that xyz or your favorite entry didn't win a contest, when the whole point of a contest was that you accept the possibility that the winner is drawn based on luck, and you never have a guarantee to place. it's incredibly generous of the staff to see that there was numerous creative & thought out entries and then offer to give more prizes than those originally allotted, especially when players are being sore losers about the placing. my character drawn is wearing: Star Hairpin (Head) Spiral Blush (Face) Sweet Heart Lollipop (Special) Celeste Gossamer Fins (Back) Sparklers (Weapon) *i was going to do the bunny paintbrush but decided against it. which you can see me referencing in my speedpaint of my entry here: every costume slot available for use in-game was utilized by my illustration, to present a clear EE theme. the outfit is distinct and something you could see someone wearing in-game. standing at the beach posing for a selfie (which is what it's supposed to look like) is about as summer as it gets. it's just simply crude to assume what effort or thought an artist did or didn't put into their piece. unless other people who entered go into as much detail as i have, we simply don't know so we can't say otherwise either way. being upset that you lost, or feeling like your hypothetical entry would've been worthless, is understandable but still offensive to those who participated and/or placed. scrutinizing those who are trying to have fun is childish, even if they aren't the best artists (with art obviously being subjective anyway.) i don't think anyone entered this contest going "oh boy, i can't wait for people on the forums to pick my art apart and compare my entry with everyone else's to make their own bitter point!" what could (& should) be done in the future if people are to get this upset every time a contest is held, is to have clear criteria for winners instead of a flat ranking system. for this contest for example if they did categories like digital, traditional (on paper/a physical drawing), and "honorable mentions" to cover those who may have lacked technical skill but still created a creative/thoughtful entry that deserves a prize, i think it would have worked very well. the lack of transparency on original judging criteria is a little frustrating in hindsight, but it shouldn't be something we keep complaining about when it's been addressed that it will be better next time. as far as i know this was the first event of its kind for classic, and given the possibility of what event points can bring to the server (noodle wings, halcyons, exclusive mount) it was a contest worth entering anyway. be a little humble, y'all.
  13. you can only have one of each tool in your inventory at any given time, including bank. so if i have l30 gloves in my bank with 1 dura, i can't buy another l30 white glove until i use it or trash the other one so you are constantly going back to aven
  14. some of us only use the white tools you buy in aven
  15. I would totally be down to just do some captchas for the trade-off of being able to stay in GT to buy gathering tools