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  1. In a few weeks is fine, gives people time to wrap up any 70 content they're working on. luminary at cap would be okay as well. the only other input I have is there is a lot of new items for 75 cap between tower, world bosses s and awakens so introducing a way to get larger bag slots like 37 would be very appreciated.
  2. since my previous suggestions post is nearly completed (thank you) here is my next set for when the other one is finished Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque (Prime) Mysterious Whistle (Prime) Lipstick Mark (Prime) Adoration Sticker (Prime) Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Prime) / Mysterious Alpaca Beachwear (Prime) Mysterious Flowery Spring Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Spring Garb (Prime) Mysterious Pretty Xmas Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime) Luscious Kimono (Prime) / Kimono (Prime) Blue Freedom Wings (P
  3. if esc was auto pass / greed world peace would happen tbh
  4. make sure you're in the right dungeon to get keys. if that's correct, sometimes you can just get really unlucky sorry also, you can double up on key rates. so let's say your book needs silver keys from guillotine, buy another book that needs silver keys from guillotine and you can complete your set faster and even get 2 keys in one run. keys stop being dropped when you reach 15 of one kind though, so if you have 15 silver more silver won't drop.
  5. the default for 2h weapons is greatsword animations which looks identical to most physical 2h weps i think, iirc jordan said he was open to changing some of the pike-like weapons to pike animations. there's a list of pike/halberd/spear weapons i made a while ago i think that would match this description
  6. Honestly it really feels like altar is trying to squeeze too much into one static rotation. The new static placements are definitely an improvement but what jult is trying to do is give feedback in his silly little angry language. The miscommunication is in wanting more variety in altar setup. If there's not a shiny body prime on an altar, it's not the end of the world like it seems like we're complaining about. what I mean is if for example pets are going to be the focus on the altar, there should be a full push towards pet related items instead of swapping out the prime slots because then it
  7. SenorBernd Im begging stop derailing every post to complain you dont even log in. your character is never online, you don't participate in anything in-game (or I would know about it, ask anybody I'm nosy as fuck) and you never give constructive criticism that is relevant to the post at hand or to classic in general. Im so sick of you showing up on every post to slather your whining all over it like a child finding the mayo jar unscrewed when some of us are genuinely trying to get feedback from players current and inactive to appeal to them more and create an enjoyable experience. I cant rememb
  8. these changes/suggestions are good and should be implemented imo. smaller cap on numbers, smaller map, less crystals, and more focus on actual fighting is what would make pvp better overall. having a different map is also a good attraction and a breath of fresh air for gvg since guild vs guild pvp is fun, the current vessel for it just isn't satisfying unless there's a ton of people on each side. the original map is just outdated for the current playerbase of the game and something different would be really nice. the timeslot change is good too, the majority of the server has been euro for a w
  9. the biggest hurdles that i've noticed to players returning or starting out on classic has been EP / stones. the other servers have it very easy to fortify all of your gear to max level, but that isn't really necessary to be a "useful"/geared player on classic tbh. when pvp was very competitive last year some of the best players had +6 gear, realistically all you need is your weapons +10 if you play dps classes. but with shiyatsu making it very simple for players to cap your gear, that isn't a good selling point for classic, players like having shiny stats easy to customize. when i log on,
  10. since herakles said to make a new post for my suggestions... Alphas (idk I have most alphas I want) Dark Affections Adoration Sticker (Alpha)✔️04/26/21 Buffalo Roam Cowgirl Getup (Alpha)✔️05/10/21 Weapons Plumed Fan (Prime) ✔️05/13/21 Dream Monarch Staff (Prime) ✔️05/29/21 Lifesaber (Prime) ✔️04/24/21 Violet Lifesaber (Prime) ✔️04/24/21 Joyful Beer Can (Prime)✔️05/27/21 Angel Rapier (Prime) ✔️05/03/21 Azure Night Bow (Prime) ✔️05/13/21 Primes: Striped Valkyrie Siren Helmet (Prime) / Midnight Slee
  11. there isn't a lot of public chat rn, most talking is in party/guild chat due to the french/english language barrier between people. there's two main guilds playing at the moment and they play on ch2 (US players) and ch4 (EU players), so if you don't play on those channels you aren't likely to see anyone. the game was more active a few months ago but there's still a playerbase. if you need help or need a merchant just send a mail to a guild leader (Raion or Matt) with what you need and one should get put up shortly after that. if you enjoy playing the game then you should play it and not really
  12. some are personal favorites I'd like to have, some are desirable items, some are unrollable by tritiums or simply unreleased thus far but good future altar fillers. items that are separate for different sexes are listed female first, male second. I had to pick just a few things I really want it'd be Nightshade Scythe (Prime)✔️02/18/21 Skeleton Scythe (Prime) ✔️02/18/21 Draconic Rime Scythe (Prime) ✔️02/18/21 Glass Wing Staff (Prime) Plumed Fan (Prime) ✔️05/13/21 Angel Wings finally released (Fallen angel gorewing, Pink hope, Blue freedom, Golden conqu
  13. IGN: Aeri Item: Twilight Seraphic Wings (Prime)
  14. F6 Aeri cuz im a special snowflake
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