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  1. justin allspore is red kekabu is blue they have been beheaded slew for loot, drops only rat poop IGN: Aeri
  2. EE (Awaken) Level cap 120 All awaken classes enabled Mimic enabled Awaken classes have been tweaked to be more balanced / fun Custom content, dungeons, costumes, etc Has higher overall population than classic EE (Classic) Level cap 75 (Started at 55) Awaken classes will not be enabled Mimic is not enabled Custom costumes Ideal if you preferred earlier content / pre-awaken class content Rewards improved in dungeons (25-man Dragon Expedition, Sky Tower, Elysian Island, etc) No class drops for gear, but class drops exist for EP, Honor Stars, Eden Crystals, and Safety Stones Neither server has battle mounts.
  3. Even without the bug the shura doesnt work like it should. it lags and it's impossible to get away from it. Its a gimmick but its not done correctly and the only people who enjoy the map are the ones who take advantage of the gimmick in either form. Belk and the manta rays arent bugged, thats why nobody complains about them. Both belk and the manta rays can kill players just like the shura, theyre completely different mechanics. If the shura skill bug is patched it still doesnt change the issue that its skills delay you and you cant get away from them, taking away all of the skill and fun. You can easily get 100 move speed on foot too...
  4. yes delete that mf cuz u can bug it and cast normal skills with -99% damage buff. imagine if i did that with my healer X D
  5. Translation: Put the Hello Kitty Car back in boxes please
  6. Provoke(s) actually reset malices iirc
  7. these and memory tomes, trait tomes, etc lol
  8. Prime Pets (Italics are very much desired) Mischievous Cupid Doll / Lively Cupid Doll ✔️09/06/21 Fierce Zashiki Warashi / Reverent Zashiki Warashi ✔️11/15/21 Indomitable Sprite Princess Alyssa / Glitzy Sprite Princess Alyssa ✔️10/16/21 Fierce Catmaiden Fiona / Wise Catmaiden Fiona ✔️09/23/21 Robust / Magic Angel Warrior ✔️11/25/21 Mischievous Imp Lilith / Lively Imp Lilith ✔️12/09/21 Mischievous Mersprite / Peppy Mersprite ✔️01/31/22 Swift Akazukin Lala / Crafty Akazukin Lala ✔️1/3/22 Handsome Lionknight Rolland / Fearless Lionknight Rolland ✔️01/13/22 Robust / Magic Succubus✔️ Robust / Magic Armored Scorpion ✔️ Alpha Pets Courageous / Bright Madame Greensnake ✔️12/02/21 Agile / Ruthless Nightfall Demon Drake Ilu ✔️12/02/21 Playful / Gentle Zashiki Warashi ✔️12/02/21 Brave / Wise Archangel Angelica ✔️12/09/21 Clever / Frisky Catmaiden Fiona ✔️12/09/21 Ruthless / Agile Infernal Dragon✔️12/09/21 Head Mysterious Strawberry Jam Sandwich ✔️10/22/21 Mysterious Jade Mask ✔️09/13/21 Mysterious Fox Mask (Prime) ✔️11/08/21 Mysterious Meow Ear Beanie (Prime) / Mysterious Cat Ear Beanie (Prime)✔️11/13/21 School Beret (Prime) ✔️11/11/21 Delicate Blue Sprite UFO ✔️ Mysterious Cheshire Cat Hat (Prime) the HAT, not the CAT please ✔️11/29/21 Mysterious Bridesmaid's Updo (Prime) / Mysterious Groomsman's Chapeau (Prime) ✔️ Mewsterious Marielle Kitty Hat (Prime) ✔️01/06/22 Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin / Mysterious Royal Knight Hairpin ✔️12/16/21 Elite Mummy's Revenge Bandage ✔️01/06/22 Back Corrupt Minidemon's Wings (Prime) ✔️11/06/21 Spirit of Glossy Black Alpaca (Prime)✔️10/07/21 Magic Energy Wings (Prime)✔️10/21/21 Sakura Gauze Fins (Prime) ✔️1/20/22 Stalwart Templar Cape (Prime) ✔️12/16/21 Body Mysterious Prep Girl / Mysterious Prep Guy ✔️09/27/21 Mysterious Combat Mage Garb / Mysterious Shadow Hunter Garb ✔️11/06/21 Mysterious Pretty Xmas Costume (Prime) / Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime) ✔️02/04/22 Mysterious Joyful Wedding Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Elegant Tuxedo (Prime) ✔️1/20/22 Mysterious Tai Chi Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Tai Chi Robe (Prime) ✔️01/13/22 Weapon Rose Thorn Snipper (Prime) ✔️11/20/21 Composed Alpaca Mallet (Prime) ✔️11/08/21 Fork (Prime) ✔️11/18/21 Knife (Prime) ✔️11/18/21 Carnation Cane (Prime) ✔️10/25/21 Savory Skewer (Prime)✔️ Lifesaber (Prime)✔️ Magic Watering Can (Prime) ✔️01/24/22 Dream Alpaca Mallet (Prime) ✔️01/13/22
  9. The only one of these I can answer is crit dmg will never overcap so any skills you use to apply debuffs just add to totals until they are 3, i.e if you already have 3.00 any crit dmg buffs will not help you. GM can probably help with the rest
  10. I'm not sure on awaken, on classic one of the active guilds is french (guildouillot)
  11. In a few weeks is fine, gives people time to wrap up any 70 content they're working on. luminary at cap would be okay as well. the only other input I have is there is a lot of new items for 75 cap between tower, world bosses s and awakens so introducing a way to get larger bag slots like 37 would be very appreciated.
  12. since my previous suggestions post is nearly completed (thank you) here is my next set for when the other one is finished Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque (Prime)✔️07/01/21 Lipstick Mark (Prime) ✔️07/22/21 Adoration Sticker (Prime)✔️07/31/21 Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Prime) / Mysterious Alpaca Beachwear (Prime)✔️ Mysterious Flowery Spring Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Spring Garb (Prime) ✔️08/05/21 Mysterious Pretty Xmas Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime) ✔️07/31/21 Fallen Angel Gorewings (Prime)✔️ Broken Devil Arrow (Prime)✔️07/05/21 Crystal Wand (Prime)✔️ and I would like to suggest again at least putting in archive these other EE items, even if they aren't going to be released for a while. some of the legendary recolors have undyable parts with different colors that would be lovely to have in classic, like the leather & lace dress for example has red neckline/details which are undyable, while the prime one is purple. it would be nice to have some variation (like the green and pink versions of the heart lollipops being on the diamond altar previously, this sort of thing has been done before on classic).
  13. if esc was auto pass / greed world peace would happen tbh
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