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  1. Hi Jordan, Happy to see that Classic is finally receiving QoL changes that will improve the player experience. Loot System Changes One critique I do have about these changes is the introduction of the personal loot system that awaken currently has. This system should not be added to Classic. With the introduction of class drops to the server, it is already easy enough to access things that drop in dungeons and what not. Other things that don't have class drops (DD, VL, S-Trial Combos) are meant to be more difficult to farm. Adding these systems just removes any effort that players had left to put into the game to farm things. Additionally, the extra drops create clutter even with auto trashing whites & greens. Alternatively, if you're able to update the auto trash system to include blues this can help alleviate the issue with clutter. Additionally, if you're able to figure out a way to prevent people from filling up mules' inventories to help increase drop rates for specific things, that would be beneficial. If these things can be rectified, I don't personally have an issue with this system being added. Ranking Changes Change the EI ranking rewards to be aligned with the changed crystal altar. Update the tooltips to show the changed items. 25 Man Dungeon Remove formulas from 25 man dungeon, replace with stones.
  2. kimba is annoying and his headache grew golden plains is deserted just like classic too
  3. Item Wish: Treasure: Fleshrender If this item isn't wishable.. then Rat Poop x100 IGN: Matt
  4. A more on topic post: I think a time change would be useful. The time currently prohibits me from attending TW 3/5 days of the week (excluding weekends) because of my school schedule. When my next semester starts along with my internship, I won't be able to attend TW 4/5 days of the week unless I skip class. If the time was moved back an hour (5 PM EST), I would be able to attend most of the TWs if not all, barring some tardiness some days.
  5. I don't really care too much if the damage stays in tact, the main issue with shura is how laggy it becomes when you are pulled in by it. If you're able to change that skill to something like I suggested, or a different variation that you think would be balanced, then I think everyone would be happy with it. Playing against shura is almost impossible because of the lag that is created upon pull in, 1hko or not. I won't speak for others but I won't play against something like that. Even in Aeria a lot of players actively avoided the ice-map TWs.
  6. The game is just poorly optimized and is very heavy to run. Lower your background FPS to the lowest setting and it will take some strain off of it when you tab out and stuff
  7. 1v1 availability is a moot point. The only reason people use it is to abuse ranking rewards, or farm medals. There is no actual PvP aspect to 1v1; nobody uses it for that. If people were to use it for something more than farming medals, then maybe a suggestion to add an additional timeslot for it may be something reasonable. And complaining about the timeslots for arena is kind of silly regardless, there is no timezone that is suitable for every arena. If you want to disregard a story about shura, then disregard anything related to 1v1. This post is about changing the time for TERRITORY WAR, nothing else. Please keep all posts on topic if you're going to ask others to do so as well.
  8. The lag that is created from being pulled in by the asura is a game engine bug, not necessarily a bug with the Asura itself (you can see this through the lag from using teleport/location altering skills like Dimension Jump or Flash Step). I believe it occurs because people try to immediately move after being pulled in, before your location is updated. You can prevent the lag from it by using a skill upon being pulled, as it updates your location and will prevent the lag that usually comes from it, in my experience at least. Alternatively, maybe this skill could also be reworked similarly to the suggestions below. Instead of having the skill pull people in within X amount of meters/feet, which can cause the bug to occur, why not make the AoE much larger and put a -% movement speed debuff on everyone that cannot be debuffed? By doing this it allows for counterplay because players won't be bugged out and left like fish in a barrel. It also makes the Asura more of a skill thing, as it forces them to chase people around. For a more on topic post, I believe that the Asura should not be removed. I think reworking it is better decision as it allows for the "gimmick" to persist. A rework can be done in multiple ways, either through nerfing the damage reduction that the Asura currently has, nerfing the damage it can output (to prevent it from 1HKOing a party, or player), or by making it so the Asura cannot be healed, either through skills or AoE healing items (Kinmokusei's Combo, Awaken 75 Weapons when they eventually come out). The Asura is currently too oppresive and will remain this way until we have over a certain amount of HP in TW. The Asura actively inhibits PvP because people simply do not attend these TWs because they'd rather not deal with it altogether.
  9. He literally says the time would be set to "5 PM EST." I am unsure where you got the time of 9 PM EST. He is saying that the European players within his own guild are willing to PvP an hour later in the evening. The non-european players in his guild are irrelevant. With regards to how Guildouillot operates, we all agreed to not use the Asura because of how buggy/unbalanced it is. The only people that ignored everyone else and ruined PvP are members of your guild, specifically Lawwey. The finals of GvG are not at 1 AM, they are at 10 PM UK/11 PM Germany/FR time. I am unsure where you are getting these times from, they are incredibly off. The times for GvG were already changed in the past to be more accommodating for European players, specifically the French that were playing when the times were changed. They then utilized these time changes once, and have not been present in GvG since. There is no reason to further accommodate players that have been given the opportunity and squandered it by doing nothing with it. Here is a link to the patch notes that details the time changes and map changes regarding GvG: It has been over 5 months and a European/FR guild has been to GvG once to actively participate in PvP. You should take some time to properly read the posts, along with some of the replies in this thread. If English is not your native language, reach out to someone who has a better grasp on it because for some reason, you are not understanding anything that is being written in this thread.
  10. While I agree that changing it can be detrimental to European players, it has been shown in the past when PvP times are altered to better suit the EU/French players, they did not take advantage of it. If anything, the attendance of this region dropped after the times were better suited for them. Additional TWs won't solve anything, either; we have barely enough attendance as it is for TW, making another one will in the day will just make it even harder to get attendance. For weekend TW resetting, I'm fine with that but I don't think it will do anything either based on the attendance we see in GvG.
  11. The server does not depend on my goodwill, or the guild's. The guild is inactive as it is. There's literally four of us that play everyday. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with achievements - I've been done with achievements and if I was using tax to block people from doing them it would stay at 1000% permanently. On refunding, the gold is irrelevant. You can farm gold so easily on the server and I have no use for it (since I'm done with achievements, and forting). I don't mind refunding an individual that made a mistake of not looking at the price, to make them whole. Shit happens, and the tax isn't to meant to make people lose money, it's meant to deter them from sniping rankings at the last minute. My point about the gold and time spent is not that I care about doing those things, someone had to do it. But because we did those things we should be able to utilize the guild in any way we choose fit. Nobody complained when the older guilds had 1,000% tax when they reached the max level. It only seems to ever be an issue when we do it.
  12. First of all, you should always check the tax and the crafting fee before crafting. I raise the tax every night before ranking reset, and have for months. I will refund the gold you spent on your item, because raising the tax isn't supposed to make people waste their gold, only to deter their ranking sniping. But, I will point out that other guilds should not feel entitled to a low tax % of either of the high level guilds (Legacy, 911). Both of the guild's levels have been financed by myself for the last two level caps (speaking on Legacy, in particular). While you guys may have to incur some costs because of taxes, I guarantee it is not even close to the amount of gold, resources or time (Aeri's time, mainly) leveling these guilds. Reach out to me in game, when you have time to do so and I will make this right. I understand you realize the gold will come from me rather than the guild funds, but I would have ended up dumping gold into the funds anyway to fund the next level up (if we were to even get the next level cap, that is). If you choose not to do so, I understand. For you, in particular. The tax raises based on how people in the server act. This isn't just by my doing, Jake and others have done it as well. We are entitled to change the tax at our discretion, and we can and will continue to do so. Normally, the tax hovers anywhere from 0-10%, we have operated the guild for most of the server at a loss. I cannot emphasize this enough: if you do not like the volatile tax, you are free to level your own guild. Just to make sure you understand the cost, it's roughly (from level 6) about 300k materials (lost energy, other level 20 mats), along with at least another 250k gold to level it.
  13. Body Costumes Mysterious Olympic Competitor Tee / Cheerio Skirt ✔️10/22/21 Mysterious American Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt✔️01/08/22 Mysterious Spanish Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt ✔️02/17/22 Mysterious Brazilian Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt ✔️ Mysterious Portuguese Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt ✔️12/09/21 Mysterious Chinese Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt ✔️ Mysterious Thai Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt Mysterious Malaysian Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt ✔️12/02/21 Mysterious Japanese Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt Mysterious Hong Kong Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt Mysterious Korean Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt ✔️10/25/21 Mysterious German Crimson/White/Black Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt Mysterious French White/Cobalt Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt ✔️11/20/21 Mysterious British Olympic Garb / Olympic Skirt✔️ Mysterious Butler / Maid ✔️10/11/21 Mysterious Men's Yukata / Mysterious Women's Kimono ✔️11/25/21 Mysterious Prep Guy / Prep Girl ✔️09/27/21 Mysterious Gothic Suit / Mysterious Gothic Corset ✔️09/11/21 Mysterious Hoodie / Mysterious Day-Off Combo ✔️ Mysterious Courtier Garb / Militissa Ensemble ✔️12/18/21 Mysterious Masquerade Suit / Dress ✔️01/13/22 A suggestion for the olympic costumes would put them into boxes based on gender.
  14. Hi Jordan/VGN Staff, Something I have noticed over the past few months, and complaints I've heard from my guild members is that the accessibility for certain items that are on the altar are pretty low or non-existent. With the exception of ranking reward payout time, almost nobody rolls the crystal altar, unless they need specific items. Even then, a lot of the player base cannot afford to roll the crystal altar due to their IRL circumstances, whatever it may be. A few suggestions below could help the players that are unable to afford VGN/AP while increase game involvement and activity. First, please consider making a daily quest that is similar to how the class EXP quests work. Make it a 2 or 3 times per day, daily quest that reward safety stones/reset scrolls or even Eden Crystals(NT) for doing it. I would suggest that making the safety stones/reset scrolls tradeable to encourage an economy, something that we are severely lacking due to this issue. I would keep Eden Crystals as NT, to prevent abuse, and monitor the amount of stones/reset scrolls that are coming through to the server. You could make the daily quests revolve around the Trial Dungeons, increasing in difficulty for payouts. You could also implement a daily quest that involves the bosses in Vingot Lab, Devastation Dimension, or even their respective zone world bosses. For Example: Level 60 Trials - Viridian LSSx2 or EC NT x1 Level 65 Trials - Ultramarine LSS x2 or EC NT x1 Level 70 Trials - Coral LSSx2 or Fort Reset Scroll x2 or EC NT x2 Level 75 Trials - VLSSx1 + ULSSx1 + CLSSx1 or EC NT x2 These quests will be limited to two or three per day, similar to how the CP EXP quests work, regardless of which quests you take. This reward list is an example and should be reviewed before anything is put into place, if anything at all. By making these rewards tradeable, it also encourages AP spenders to sell their items, as the economy would be existent again. I cannot emphasize this enough, please consider monitoring these rewards to prevent abuse, instead of just making them NT. Furthermore, a second suggestion would be activating the Eden gem altar. A lot of players have no issue farming gold, it is obvious with the current player base as they are constantly doing dungeons whether its 0/10, 0/2, DD or Vingot Lab. Items that you could implement on here are alpha costumes for tritium/deuterium fusing, alpha gathering tools, instant gathering scrolls/gathering aids, eternal coins (not 129, but maybe Eternal Coin 30, or something similar in a lower amount), lower level stardusts/essences (level 40~60). This gem altar could be changed once or twice a month, moving out different level tools/costumes A lot of new players and returning players will run into the same issues over and over. While players want to play, there is currently no economy or circulation of items to help players either return or gear up. This sort of thing is necessary for the server to survive at this point, coming from a player's viewpoint and a customer's viewpoint. Thank you for your consideration.
  15. Head Mysterious Dark Wizard's Hat✔️08/07/21 Mysterious Dark Witch's Hat ✔️08/07/21 Mysterious Shark Doll Hat ✔️07/03/21 Mysterious Feather Beanie ✔️08/12/21 Mysterious Chaplin Mustache✔️08/02/21 Takoyaki Hat ✔️07/03/21 Back BunBun Backpack✔️ Body Mysterious Wedding Suit✔️09/02/21 Mysterious Wedding Veil ✔️09/02/21 Mysterious Casual Yukata ✔️08/14/21 Mysterious Resplendent Yukata ✔️08/14/21 Mysterious Dark Witch's Threads ✔️08/26/21 Mysterious Dark Wizard's Garb ✔️08/26/21 Mysterious Pastry Chef Ensemble ✔️07/01/21 Mysterious Pastry Chef Threads ✔️07/01/21 General Items for Altar Coral Halcyon Formula Ultra Halcyon Formula Smaller forms of Eternal Coins for more accessibility (can go in the S2 spot) Crafting Themed / Stone Themed altars (we've had pet themed altars recently, which have been very good) Diamond Altar Suggestions Sublime Safety Stone Halcyon Safety Stones Legendary Colored Angel Rapier + Re-colored versions ✔️06/24/21 Recolored Azure Nightbows ✔️06/28/21 [not done, plz dont edit my post and put incorrect stuff] Recolored Tedde Bares ✔️07/19/21 Recolored Eternal Light Wings (or release them instead of making these event items) Ghost Horns
  16. On the topic of guild fame, I was wondering if you could implement one of the following solutions: 1) Make level 20 crafts give double the fame, requiring less grinding to level up the guild towns, resources used to complete it; or 2) Reduce the craft time from 5 seconds -> 2.5 seconds. By doing this, it will retain the same cost of leveling the guild via resources and gold while also halving the time required to grind it out. Thanks for your consideration
  17. I'd say in the next 2-4 weeks would be most ideal. I know some players might be hesitant in the new content cap already but with the introduction of 75, it would make accessing the current and still best in slot (awaken armors, some awaken weapons) easier to obtain. It would also allow us ways to farm gold easier (Vingot/DD, once they're released) which would help the economy as well. Hopefully we can see it sooner rather than later, I know some players are playing catch-up, but the ones that have stuck to the game are looking forward to it. This could be a good way to bring old and new players back to the game as well
  18. This isn't an excuse though. Staff members should be doing what they are telling the players to do. Not only did he tell us to do something to confirm something, he could've done it as well. Also, he barely is in-game on Classic. I would hardly call AFKing in-front of his NPC being online in classic. I rarely see him speak as it is, and when he is speaking it's not even in English. As I said previously in my other post I'm unsure of what he really does behind the scenes, and that's great if he is contributing that way. I also think the language thing is an excuse for his mistake. Herakles has created an altar thread that showcases every single altar since the inception of the server. He has screenshotted each altar, and I'm sure he is familiar with each item and how they look. I can also guarantee that he has probably scrolled his mouse over the items to look to see what they are. To sit here and tell me his first language caused him to create a mistake in his words is just ludicrous. I really feel like he was just trying to be smart because of how we were treating him in peer chat (which also is unacceptable) and it bit him in the ass when he was wrong. I feel it's this way because he hasn't been in-game or at least made it known he is in-game since. He logged off shortly after he was called out. It's good you're considering some sort of compensation for the mishap with the fort-reset issue. I'm also disappointed that you are choosing the route of "well, they were abusing an event that the staff created, that I could reasonably anticipate would be abused" and not compensating players. Throw in another diamond altar and nerf the diamonds as you say you should have done. Seems like a reasonable response. But, you choose to blame the players rather than owning up to it. Also, you saying you could've nerfed the diamond rates for the alt gathering them, do it then. Don't just use this as an excuse not to fix your mistake. I think that's kind of stupid, you knew damn well prior to the patch that people would do that. Even with all of the alts, barely anyone got what they wanted from the diamonds (primarily stat rocks) because of how terrible the rates were (I can give actual data to this if you'd like). Hopefully things can change because as of now I won't be spending any more money on this server because there truly is no reason to. I won't be supportive of a business that has failed time and time again to listen to customers and their input on how to help alleviate issues.
  19. I decided to read the rest of the replies in this thread and came across this specific thing. In no way is any post or thread about altar suggestions or mismanagement a directed "hit piece" towards Herakles. If anything, it would or should be directed at you. The only thing Herakles should be held responsible for is directing players in-game to read the patch notes about how Crystal Altars work while not actually reading it himself. His actions in-game are poorly reflective of a staff member. Herakles is completely out of touch with the Classic server in regards to how the game operates and what it needs, as you seem to be as well. I'm unsure of the things Herakles does behind the scenes for the Awaken server, but this will continue to be an issue in Classic. I will take some blame for the lack of communication to Jult about the fort-reset thing, as you did tell me in private; although I am certain I did mention it but maybe he wasn't listening or AFK. But, most of the blame is still on yourself, you should be making a forum thread regarding this mishap. You guys are running an anniversary event that incentivizes players by spending AP and doing event boss to utilize the diamond altar. Lots of players are very hesitant in rolling EC because the items they need (chisels, fort reset scrolls) are not on the altar, for the entirety of the event period. I think you guys should consider extending the diamond altar an additional week while adding these items back into rotation but on a x2 basis to make up for the error on your part. If an additional diamond altar is introduced, you should consider doing a new set of items; we've had the same rotations of items with the exception of one or two diamond altars (we both can check to confirm this), these costumes are being bland. The current diamond altar (the marvel wings, mecha stuff) is probably the worst one out of them all, I'm surprised it was even re-used. There are constant issues that I have reiterated to you in private that players constantly complain about. This is one of the biggest things that is keeping players from coming back from other servers (whether it be the FR server, Aeria before it closed, and the ones that crossed over from the Awaken server). I understand that this is a business first and foremost, but there is no reason to push things the way they are when the player base (outside of a few) does not buy AP. Things should be changed so that players are more incentivized to return to the game and spend money. I can see the player base picking up slowly since I've returned a couple weeks ago and it's on a trend upward. This is your opportunity to get the server to strive again. Hopefully these things can be addressed in a timely manner. It's a shame that there are players wanting to return and spend money and enjoy the game but these small things are gatekeeping from enjoying their new items (level 70 awaken sets, items). Speaking as a friend, a player, and a customer more importantly, I do hope these changes are made.
  20. Only replying to the specific part I was addressed in. The price for EP has stayed stable the entire life of the server. They have floated around 500~700g. The only exception to this is as of recently, purely because there is not as much gold in the server and when the server initially started, but even then they were around 400g each. I don't think having diamond altars kills the price, if anything that is the only place they really come from. People rather buy EC with their AP because they sell for more than 129 coins do. I'm sure it's happened on awaken server, I'll take your word for it but that does not mean it will happen on the classic server, all it just shows that it is capable of happening.
  21. I'm specifically replying to your second point about EP. I think the main reason players ask for more EP through altar is because of the value discrepancy for the items in that specific slot (S1). For example, before the economy died/server went inactive Tritium Scrolls were valued at 3-4k, Deuterium Scrolls were valued at 1.5-2k and you got two while Eternal Coins are valued anywhere from 400-700g and you only got one. Corona Heartflames were the only item that were close in value to these, but even then they were valued at approximately x2.5 or 3x of an eternal coin. There is no sense of putting those items there because of this huge discrepancy.
  22. + no resets for the entire event period this type of stuff makes me wanna leave again
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