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  1. These changes sound terrific for a more active server with 10+ members guilds to face each other. I understand that with this system going for group PvP is a better strategy than caping the crystal, which sounds terrific. Having the crystals on a higher level will increase the time to cap it so you have to be aware of the bombings and stuff which adds to the "strategy" side of this mode, it sounds good. I'm totally in to try this if this is possible. The only thing I have against it is basically the way EE pvp works. Basically with this system the guild with the highest number of stuffed AoE MDPS is going to win, such as it was already the case last year when there still was PvP happening. Huge plus for the time change of course. Having the GvG rounds at 2am when you have to work the next day is such a pain. European guilds are almost already out just because of this.
  2. Thanks for your reply Jordan Good stuffs are coming then, good news and thanks for the work ! Could you elaborate on the "stones becoming very much irrelevant" ? I understand that you're saying that, with fortification related Altars people will hoard a lot of stones and will then not have the need to roll this altar anymore, is that correct ? If there is a thing that we could define as a constant in EE it's the fact that people will always need fortifying stones. I understand the point I interpreted but I don't think stones can ever become irrelevant. Furthermore now that the stone wipes are not happening anymore, considering that there are always on the Altar viridian stones, people should be hoarding the +6 stones for their next stuffs. However it seems to not be the case so far. People seem to struggle more to upgrade their equipment to +6 than to +10 as per what Aeri is saying. I totally understand your logic and, tbh, this is how I would behave. The experience is, however, not backing it apparently. A fortification Altar was just an idea, maybe instead of having it once per week, once every month after the reset of the rankings can do something. Adding PVE ways of grinding stones is also a good track to follow and I'm genuinely curious on how it will be implemented. Well of course I'm not asking for super great items with 50% drop rate. The Alpha that are always on the last row are already piling up in our inventories. I'm using the Portal stone case because it's now something free during your leveling and that nobody I know is using. It's really a useless item that you just throw right away. Maybe adding the Safety Stone shards, something like x5, instead can help improve the stone complains above. ------ I was also thinking about adding more permanent "events" to gather people around things to do during the week. Content doesn't have to be new dungeons, new levels and new stuffs. It can for instance be a Boss that spawns 1-2 per week with interesting loots on it. A boss such as Belle (in terms of HP). This boss can have the skin and name of a player who finished 1st in a specific ranking for instance. This could be fun. What is done on other private server games is something like a Quizz happening at a specific hour. This would be more trouble to develop but it surely gather people and challenges them on their knowledge of the game. You get rewarded points depending on how much time it took you to reply and there are reward depending on your ranking at the server level. Small permanent events like this are giving reasons to connect to the game, they are developped once and then they just live on with the server.
  3. Hi mates, Thanks for this topic and all the opinions shared so far, it's interesting. My first take would be the EC Altar. As some said above, it's the only way to get fort. stones, as well as other mandatory items to enhance your gear the way you want it to (Chisels, Reset Scrolls, Gear Upgrade Resets). I assume the purchase of ECs through AP is also the main way for the server and the VGN team to sustain, along with the EP. Wouldn't it be better to have a fully fortification related Altar once per week ? Instead of having always the same Altars with kinda useless items. You could remove the Guild Town items and replace them with Lucky Viridians for instance. On the last rows the mount and Primes could be changed by Reset Scrolls and Chisels x2 for instance. As it was said above (Jordan I think), the economy on the awakened can revolve around costumes. It's absolutely not the case on the Classic. People (except Aeri) buy costumes once to have the stats and then prioritize their gears. What's the point in having all the altars revolve around Prime costumes knowing this ? People wanting the Primes will still be able to roll as usual. People looking to fortify will know that every Monday for instance they'll have an Altar to farm. (By the way what's this trolling of putting super sh*tty items on the last row of the Altar. It was not an issue when the server was active but now it doesn't make sense to punish the last players of the server with 200 portal stones every time they want to roll 50 EC) Regarding Honor Stars, as the server is way less active. Wouldn't it be a good idea to increase the number of honor stars won per arena ? If you increase the rewards of the 3v3 to what you earn per arena in the 10v10 I assume it will motivate people to join for PvP. Even if they lose they'll still earn enough to go back. It could be also good to fix the arena and allow people to switch classes at the end. I also like the idea that was posted by somebody (Jult ?) about having more EP on the altar. Fatally we're going to run into a situation where we won't have enough GTs at the highest level so EPs are going to be mandatory. I'm also in for skill changes in PvP but that's maybe a longer discussion for a more active server. But I'm sure it could "balance" the game and pique the interest of EE players on the other servers as it's going to bring novelty
  4. Body : Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cape (Prime) ✔️05/06/21 Back : Wings of Eternal Light (Prime) Edit of the edit : The wings were never put on the altar GS Edit : This are Event reward
  5. Hi mates, I agree with Jordan on this. The aim of the TW is not to have free money. It's to have a pvp moment between guilds. Money is just the reward for winning against the others. The only fact that you think you deserve this reward without fighting is just because of the lack of activity on this server. We started since almost the beginning, took our time to gear up. Isn't it normal that we're rewarded for our effort on the long run ? Deleting the resets or postponing it will not be for the sake of pvp activity at all, because once we'll all have our 3 territories we'll stop participating during longer periods. Even if it's not the best, the current system forces a PvP fight for at least the first 3 days every week. Postponing the reset to bi-weekly would just force the pvp fights for the first 3 days every 2 weeks, which is worse in terms of activity. The other option I was thinking about was what Jordan mentioned, aka reducing the number of territories to force the attack/defense scheme. Let's see who would be in favor of this system. Furthermore, if we're optimistic with the end of the official server, some new players and guilds may join, causing a need to revert back to the current system. To Flamara, you proposed us to share the territories during the first days. We said no because you simply asked us to "sacrifice" our rewards for nothing as a compensation, it was lose-win offer in your favor. You're all still pretty new on this server and we're happy to have you, but I think your claims are quite bold. Guild domination is always a rollout. We were completely washed by 911 and others at the beginning of our EE journey, but we continued gearing and playing. In my case, it took me around 6 months to have my first +10 gear. I can see that you, who only started like 2 months ago, are already with several +10 gears. Don't rush things and continue farming, you're already progressing way faster than we did. We're also gladly helping you and your members when we have the opportunity to. Your guild has more members than we have, soon enough this number will speak for itself with your gears becoming better and better. In the blink of an eye you'll be wiping us quickly. XGammy, with the current number of active guilds, changing the rewards so that 1 territory is enough will just stop everyone from doing TWs sooner than with the other systems mentioned. TL;DR : Changing the reset will not impact the PvP for good. Don't rush things, your time will come soon.
  6. IGN : Crapouillot Item : Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cape (Prime)
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