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  1. I've been noticing this for a long time now, but whoever is making the altars is not keeping track of what's been on there when and now many times. We're getting stuff like the normal hoodies, cupid bow, and certain pets going up there 2-4 times when there's still primes of stuff that has NEVER been on altar...I'm not really sure what's going on and I know server activity is down, but please. There's no reason for the prime and alpha of the same pet to be taking 4 places on the altar. This isn't even a themed altar for v day either, like there's other weapons that haven't been up there, body primes, and mounts that could have been used. Why not have the wedding stuff be the v day altar as that is more in line with Love and is just overall better. This altar is just an amalgamation of not trying as have been a number of recent altars.
  2. Oracle keys back on altar. They've been on ONCE and some stuff we've seen 2 to 4 times already ✔️ 01/28/21
  3. IGN:Jult Item: Aqua Blazelight Cestus (Prime)
  4. *sigh* ok so actually if you wanna get down to the nitty gritty of it...WC/OhNo flamed us in peer/world three times before we let loose on them (that was when 911 as a guild said fuck it and talked back). Secondly why would talk that ISN'T DIRECTED AT YOU, effect you? I've never understood that. It's like if we (911) say something to say Illu, why do you choose to let that get to you? Like enough with the senseless victim mentality you guys have on this game. On every game ever made with a chat feature there's banter when it comes to pvp, EVERY GAME. Stop it with "they're being mean to me i dont wanna play" Bull. You guys just want to sit on the forums and complain about every single thing in this game and BARELY PLAY. You guys dont tw/gvg, dont farm gold, barely online cause of you're irl stuff, so why do you have so much to say? Like if you don't like a player/group BLOCK THEM and move on. Why does every little thing anyone do get to you? Why is it if some thing isnt convenient for you complain. You two are on 90% of the posts on the forums COMPLAINING. Just play the game dude omg. You aren't even apart of 90% of the stuff you're talking about. OH AND since you're too scared to @ them i will Matt, Mehzu/Mehsu, Jult, and Xylie. if you have a problem with any member of 911 just block them or pm them...If you take anything mehsu says to heart that's your own problem, she literally is trolling you and you're falling for it
  5. IT'S NOT DEAD. Just because it has FEWER PEOPLE does not mean it's dead....What part do you not get? Wanna see dead pvp play awakened....You literally just love to talk about things you have no idea about. the definition of DEAD: adjective adjective: dead no longer alive. "a dead body" Similar: deceased expired departed gone no more Enough Aced....You do this on every single post on the forums. You comment on every post on the forums with incorrect information and random made up stats, enough is enough. I've already proven your statment totally false. 911 is NOT the biggest guild, we are the STRONGEST. PvP is NOT DEAD, but has downsized, marginally, from the start of the server (literally still 100+ people). I have no idea why in your world things mean different things, but for the rest of us this...Anyway you've done it again. Derailed another topic with your incorrect "facts" and outlandish statements. I really hope you get help my dude, this is not healthy :/.
  6. What are you talking about????? I've literally been IN 911 since before we started doing pvp (55 cap). We have NEVER been the biggest guild on the server O_o, not even close. at 60 cap we had 24 people in gvg, 65 cap we have 33-34 and those are ALL our members that play this game. Our guild currently 128 chars in it and a good 75+ are alts....there's literally videos of gvg numbers since the server started so idk where you keep pulling this "911 is the biggest." AGAIN BLACKHOLES HAS 50++++ IN EVERYTHING. As for them being merges or not they're still guilds and you should prob stop commenting on them since you aren't in them and have no idea if they're going to break up. You don't even do tw/gvg so how do you know if pvp is dead? cause from the tw videos (and since i go 3+ times a week) the kill board is 50 top kills one side and 40 the other....that's 90 people.....just from kills. There's several guilds with at least 1 party in tw and most guilds come with 20+ for gvg. Why do you PvE players keep saying pvp is dead? What are you comparing it to? 65 cap on mainsever???? like this is a PRIVATE SERVER, the community is going to be "smaller", but pvp is still active. Also since you keep lying im just going to link a few of the gvg/tw videos for the record to show 911 IS NOT THE BIGGEST GUILD IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Please stop worrying about 911 and worry about Haven
  7. https://prnt.sc/trbhq4 Screen shot of last weeks gvg numbers. 911 is literally NOT the biggest guild on the server. Blackholes has had close to, if not 50 people every single gvg since the start of the server (Check youtube). Blackholes is THE BIGGEST guild on the server. Illuminati and 911 have + or - 3 the exact same numbers (low 30), JaT has high 20s....Limiting the number of people in a smaller guild v guild won't do anything for other guilds because most other guilds haven't pvp'd before and have 6 resistance. I think regardless of if this is put into the game 911 would still win just due to the experience difference, but yall can debate that.
  8. This is a "Classic" server...Jordan already stated he wouldn't be changing classes/skills so that point doesn't make any sense since it's not going to happen. This, as stated by jordan already, is just a thread about if it should be placeable or not the rest of it is off topic. I'm going to say this last time Aced, if you dont play cleric on this server with locked pw how can you have an opinion on it? if you're only experience is placeable pw you are only talking with half the information...How is that a hard concept to grasp
  9. Yes you do actually have to play the class to have a informed opinion on it. Jake, Me, and Aeri all play cleric in high end game pvp for multiple years now on several servers, all of which have had placeable PW. At 65 cap on Aeria we def had placeable pw so.... it's not about "calculating" anything because it's an aoe that doesn't heal (there's nothing to calc) it's just a locked aoe that makes you have to be extremely close to your dps. Since you've never healed in tw you wouldn't even know about healer dynamics such as placement/spacing with the other clerics and dps (you are trying to heal while avoiding CC for as long as possible ((it will happen eventually.)) None placeable pw makes you required to play more forward and closer to your dps which makes avoiding KD/Holy smite almost impossible (theyre massive spamable aoes that no longer require aim since clerics healers have to be standing closer to dps). Finally...why does this even matter to you if you don't play cleric and i dont count pve cause you can heal that with one hand, blindfolded. This literally does not affect you in any way shape or form. The singular "downside" of reverting it would be you have to place it like you have to for the aoe heal anyway.
  10. This post kinda died and i'm not sure why. Can we get a vote started and move this forward one way or another, thanks.
  11. "Well the obvious reason it has it is because the Warrior class is a Tank class so they have a phealing greatsword and since core stats don't tend to differ on the different weapon types that's why the all ended up having WIS. That being said there was also the factor that they maybe intended it to be the more tankier weapon rather than the Axe as I think greatswords existed before Frogs did? That being said idk about changing them as it would have the be a community style opinion rather than just 1 person but I'm not against it by any means. I also didn't see this post until now so that is why there was no response. Feel free to bump something like this if I haven't responded as I have so much things to do in my life that I'm constantly busy and sometimes miss things." This is Jordan's reply to your post that you keep harping on. Jordan literally replied to greatswords specifically in this so the reasoning would change because now we are talking about something else. Secondly Jordan states that this would be a community opinion matter so i'm not really seeing the issue in making a topic to see if Jordan still wouldn't mind and if the community agrees on changing CAPES. I think you're just projecting your anger about Jordan not changing greatswords onto this topic and it's really not that deep nor do you need to be this aggressive when the poster asked you not to derail the topic. Conclusion this doesn't hurt you so just let it go and let a GM or GS respond.
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