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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 delete this shit
  2. Hello! ^-^ Here's my list: Altar: Body Delicate Beach Swim Shorts (Legendary) Mysterious Tai Chi Robe (Legendary) Mysterious Beach Shorts (Legendary) Tropical Beachwear (Legendary) Hand-Dyed Camo Beach Shorts (Legendary) Ronin Kimono (Legendary) Back Vengeful Seraph's Wings (Legendary) ✔️07/07/22 Blue Blaze Wings (Legendary) ✔️07/29/22 Face Elite Mummy's Revenge Bandage (Legendary)✔️ Natural Elf Ears (Legendary) Head Shadow Kitsu Ears Set (Legendary) Sleek Kitsu Ears Set (Legendary) Mysterious Tarragon Horns (Legendary) Special Mysterious Faux Pipe (Legendary) Heart of the Ocean (Legendary) Weapon Azure Night Bow (Black) ✔️07/28/22 <--- maybe this is a mystery box? not sure Thank you!
  3. Hello, is there any way you guys could reduce the size of the wig costumes for male halfkins? All of the female wigs are the right size for female halfkins, but male halfkins can't really wear most of the wig legendaries due to how large and wonky they look on them. By wigs I'm referring to the Head Legendaries such as Male Ghostblade Hairdo, Hyperfrost's Hairdo, Royal/Loyal Spirit Hairdos, and the others like them. It seems to me that if these wigs were a bit smaller they would look fine. Thanks for your time, and I hope you consider making this change! -Psyche
  4. IGN: Psyche Item: Pink Astral Wings (Prime)
  5. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to allow for the dyeing of certain head/face/special primes that are currently undyeable? Items such as the Moon Bunny, Banana Cream Popsicle(especially this one, please let me dye it lol), Peeper, etc have alpha versions with alternate colors, implying that maybe they *could* be dyed. Thanks!
  6. Ooooh, I do like the idea of only being able to disassemble unbound primes. Idk if that's something that could actually be implemented or not, but it does seem like a nice way to let us have the blue essences while still keeping altars desirable to roll on. Sort of prevents some "abuse" of the reroll system. Also I don't mean to hijack the thread but can we also get the last diamond altar's items to be archiveable? Like the fans and the fairy wings
  7. Very strange that WIS doesn't actually give G-Heal/P-Heal, thanks for the info though!
  8. Wish I knew and could help..bumping in hopes someone who does know will see this thread. I also wish that the G-Heal/P-Heal stat values would be displayed on the Character Menu. WIS is the only main stat that doesn't have its substats represented on that menu
  9. I hope we have more "smaller" events soon, I really enjoyed them but I don't think there's been one since Christmas
  10. Round 3: Head Moon Bunny (Prime) ✔️07/29/21 Mysterious Unicorn Horn (Prime) ✔️07/29/21 Baby Genetically Altered Peeper (Prime) ✔️07/24/21 Mysterious Horns (Prime) ✔️08/05/21 Face Mysterious Crystal Earring (Prime) ✔️06/17/21 Special Mysterious 4B Pencil (Prime) ✔️07/29/21 Body Mysterious Dynasty Cheongsam (Prime)✔️08/16/21 Mysterious Sleek Gi Threads (Prime)✔️08/12/21 Mysterious Summer Dress (Prime)✔️08/19/21 Mysterious Phoenix Martial Dress (Prime)✔️07/17/21 Mysterious Olympics Cheerio Skirt (Prime) ✔️08/21/21 Mysterious Vixen Dress (Prime) ( i missed it earlier this year )✔️09/09/21 Back Royal Peacock Tailfeathers (Prime) ✔️08/14/21 Fallen Angel Wings (Prime)✔️07/19/21 Weapon Blazeblight Cestus (Prime) (the original color) ✔️08/16/21 Also, is there any chance we could get the colored Nightbows on Classic server? I know awaken has them..maybe next diamond altar? Thanks as always ^^
  11. I agree with Kibo here. I think lowering the timer, even if by only 5 minutes (to 25 minutes total) is good for the game. The current way around it is to invite an alt, and the newer players most likely don't have any alts to do this with (these days there's not always a full party running these dungeons unless it's one of the big guilds. I see 2-3 people trying to do key grinds somewhat often). I don't think this change would make keys easier to obtain, because players still only have 10 chances at a key drop in a 0/10 dungeon. We're not increasing the chances at keys, or even the rates of the keys dropping, just slightly lowering the cooldown of the unchained incantation item which imo is a nice little quality of life improvement, even if it's only by 5-10 minutes.
  12. Thanks for looking into it Jordan! I've never really noticed it before either, but seeing the sheathed Shielded Bow prime on my character really brought it to my attention.
  13. I was going to just submit this as a ticket, but then the ticket instructions told me to report it on the forums if it's a bug (which I think it is), so I hope I'm putting this is the right place. I recently received the Amethyst Shielded Bow prime 2H weapon from the previous diamond altar. When the weapon is sheathed, it seems to be facing the wrong way. I thought this was unique to this item, but no, it seems that all bows in the game are like this. Here's what I mean: When the bow is unsheathed, you can see what I'm going to refer to as the "outside facing portion" of the bow: When the bow is sheathed, the "outside facing portion" is facing the same direction my character is: All bows are like this, here's a non-cosmetic bow weapon as another reference: My question is, can we change this? I understand this isn't the most pressing issue facing Classic right now, but I would really like it if the "outside facing portion" of bows would face the opposite direction of the character. It would be similar to how Shields are displayed when they are sheathed. I hope I was able to explain this well enough. It doesn't seem like it would be too massive of a change, but I have no idea what it would take to do it so maybe I'm wrong. Please let me know! Thanks for your time, Psyche
  14. I like these changes. A new map (especially one that I don't think I've ever played on) would definitely make me more interested in actually playing GvG again instead of just farming it, assuming other players feel the same and would play it with me. Shifting the times an hour or two back from where they are now wouldn't affect me too much. I'm in America for reference, and I could still sleep in a little bit on the weekends until GvG time
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