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  1. hehehe theres nothing I had not try up there , on NB theres always 4 to 6 + RG aim me first with medics on their butt thx to the nerf I died super fast against zerg on 65 , well they cant do it fast on 29 neverrr ..cheers
  2. again the fact that WH as tanky as DE on 29 due to their def stat so close as big as ppl min atk stat and void as big as ppl max atk x3 ..aka triple max atk stat ..cheer if you comparing wh on 65 with DE and CB tanky stats ofc wh bellow them thx to the nerf on def and void that is ..cheers
  3. hmm CB got steel metabolism and hp regeneration skill bro cheers
  4. so far curaja only attacking my 29 with medic class yet not alone hehe ..that didnt count .. cheers
  5. well I'm talking both def and void on WH beyond 29 are far from suffice aka nerfed , please DE and WH are on same tankiness to begin with but on cap 39 to 65 only DE stay tanky and wh fall behind .. you dont believe it ? come try my def and void on 29 lot have tried and died .. so give back lvl 39 to 65 wh pasive def close to ppl min atk and void triple ppl max atk .. then let me see your theory of void on DE by comparing wh on unnerfed state ..cos so far you only attacking nerfed wh up there ofc it wiull seems DE much tankier since DE not nerfed up there lmao curaja hehehe ..cheers
  6. pvp def indeed better but their value too small and main tank stat for physical is def and void then pvp def/ pvp void for secondary deduction damage since they are so small ..but if the main and def unable to deduct much damage what small stats pvp def + pvp void can do ? ..I'm talking bout tank class cos dps main def is evasion so dps class out of this topic ..cheers
  7. hmm can your wh tank zerg like DE and cb on 65 without 2 medics on your ass ? you should put aside your hatred on savager cos I'm talking bout WH nerfed is fact
  8. 1k def against other class min/max atk beyond 4k ? is it even can tank 3k - 4k min atk other classes had ? not to mention 6k void pasive against 5-7k other classes max atk stats ? the fact wh cant survive zerg only DE and cb can tank properly and survive ..on 65 arent you said you good at basic knowledge or play dumb ? only god knows ..cheers
  9. lol over powered on 65 ? which whipper on 65 can tank RG zerg + medics without die fast ? only other tank like DE and CB can really tank zerg and escape survive lol , yet rg always zerg wh with sw nasty debuff + pu firing squad who are you fooling at ? hehe , wh is tank class without regeneration hp skill nor healing skill they deserve big def and void to survive 20 rg zerg + medics .. cheers
  10. its about time to reveal the truth why WH level 39 and above suddenly became the weakest among tank classes . 1. their passive def stat not equal nor near min atk stats value anymore starting cap 39 to max cap 65 their def far below ppl min atk value lol . 2. WH passive void stat not 3x max atk value anymore starting cap 39 to 65 kuku thats the fact and been going for years already lol it was all done by Aeria and keep going on Vendetta sadly . how do I know ? I got lvl 19 wh and lvl 29 wh that unnerfed their pasive def equal to ppl min atk stats and grew higher than that with active buff skills also their void 3 time ppl max atk stats and will grew higher when we use active buff skills ..its funny how lvl 65 WH passive def stats far below ppl min atk stats and their passive void far below triple ppl max atk stat ..please lift the nerf on WHs that been done by Aeria for years already starting cap 39 to 65 tsk tsk ..arent you ashamed bullying WHs up there with the help of huge nerf in advance ? its been years already come on lift the nerf .. for fairplay sake
  11. IGN : ArchDevil I wish for a Red Glory Bike ty 😉
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