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  1. Spectator here! awesome pvp i'd like to participate in the future events.
  2. Bosses for new map should be Minimum atleast 2 Spawn a day FK prime time and RG prime time loot have to be good this way people will be active and steal boss or pvp for it..... Why lvl 68? why not 69? since this game is so 18+ give us 69 please Escorts are good this way even tho players are not really active they would log on to afk for escort and i can just rack up my kills :). MAKE ME GS ALREADY very few of us veterans left GIVE ME TAG lol but yea
  3. So with the player base atm if there aren't as much players via all the classes for balance we can just assemble both faction tier players to compete for their faction winning faction can all receive a reward for winning and loser just get get a lower tier reward for participating.
  4. i would've thrown that pc out of the window if it were mine.......both of your pc lol
  5. need my character to be lvl 65
  6. after installing those c++ go to my computer go to windows folder then system32 folder, find the file atl.dll make copy and rename to atl100.dll and put it in that same folder.
  7. here's a suggestion make another forum account and portrayed as a girl you can get decent amount of gears that way from people
  8. Well if bae is going to FK im going too 😘
  9. nerf se traps.........wait they did already now they suck
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