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  1. Unfortunately, I'm not an Fk, sorry. :3 I've been reunited with a lot of my old friends from Rg side, and I'm loving the grind to get to Max level again, and be like I was in old Aeria.
  2. Thank you for the warm introduction! Unfortunately, there wasnt a Mork in my previous friends list, haha. I took my name from a Movie Actress, and just went with it. Later on, I changed it a ton with Special characters, and Mindy was born. Apparently I was a legend in the old Aeria, as someone informed me last night.
  3. Hello there! Long time Scarlet Blade player, returning to the Vendetta network with high hopes! I was known as Mindy, the little Kick butt Sentinel back on Aeria. Thanks for having me in your memories. <3