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  1. The system was already flawed from the moment y'all let these dumb toxic players influence the changes. The relationship between the game and its players should've been detached/seperated from the beginning, meaning, the players had to just suck it up and adapt to the changes; while the admin try to balance the game from their own perspectives through the help of a few knowledgeable GS's. That way, the admin don't have to feel any stress or any negative impacts from the harassment of these toxic mf's just because the changes didn't fit their personal criteria. Too many changes based on crybabies of the game means the game adapts to the players, not the players adapting to the game. That is a bad system. The only important feedback that should've been put into consideration in terms of balancing changes were from unbiased GS's who actually experience the game for what it is. It limits the changes to as minimal as possible, which in this case would've been good for the situation or circumstances of the game. healthy boundaries equals healthy relationship. these mf players feel hella ENTITLED just because the admins are nice enough to consider their complaints.
  2. CG small map, no lag. titan fights are fun too. chest diving are fun too. I agree.
  3. Jikum


    the list of good SW's you gave made me want to off myself LMAO. no offense to any of them
  4. Jikum


    lmao a little SW trivia, youre acting like SW isn't an assassin. also can you tell me whatre the 3 cleanses on arkana and the other 3 on mech? as far as I know, theres only ghostwalk which removes 3 debuffs which is normal because its for escaping. and mech, 1 which is also clench on mech which removes 3 buffs. how did that go from removing 3 debuffs to 3 cleanses on arkana and mech each? thats 1 each on arkana and mech. is that a lot on a SW? lmao highest damage passive among classes, just as it should be. . youre actin like thats not supposed to be right lmao. also yeah, you can take turns using a buff that if you only use 1, you get 1 shotted by others. lmao is that useful? SW can only tank others if you use both, and even then we still die. the numbers youre giving may seem high but the effectiveness in actual combat is quite different. 42% acc and 50% ch-acc. yes, just like an assassin. 😃 I also think its reasonable considering other tank classes got 15-20k cvoid or 10k+ criteva. some got 15k+ resist too while having those cvoid or criteva.. so much numbers of debuff from SW huh 😃 Yes the SW has buffs that can cycle in turns, but only using 1 still gets you 1 shotted in pvp . LEMME KNOW 😃 if you find someone that can survive with just 1 buff as SW using it in cycle to survive against someone who plays the game well. that shit sounded so funny. a "10 seconds buff" lol. 10 seconds so longgggggg ughhh. even a noob can kill a fully geared SW if they had only 1 buff on. lmfao you know your numbers though, good for you g. SW isnt OP, it is strong though. I also dont get why you would compare a DPS SW's 5-7k incomplete to a TANK class's frenzy. LOL. okay
  5. Jikum


    IGN is kunties. my play style aint the average SW so it is pretty nice if I can kill a DE head on. also, SW isnt OP. people just dont know how to play against it. Ive dueled with people who do and trust me, it doesnt seem OP the way people make it seem to be. You were starting to figure it out when we dueled multiple times, you kept trying even after losing many times to figure it out. people just need to learn how to deal with it. I dont hide and wait for buffs like the other pussies out there. we barely even damage DE's on the first rotation if their buff is up and people think SW has broken dps. lmfao. compare that to PU's dps. SW literally has no damage without their debuff or buffs on, literally. feel free to try that one. also, I have tried it and was able to tank others. DE can tank with buffs. also if a SW is op, chances are, they are fully maxed build, since most SWs are. isnt that normal if theyre maxed? lmao. I aint tryna fight you, Im just stating facts and youre being hostile with peoples opinion calling it ugly or them noobs. so why wouldnt i voice myself out? I dont like cocky people 😃 p.s you just take me too seriously when i say you suck. the wink shouldve been a sign of sarcasm there but u just dont get it. so dont think im tryna fight you. im just stating my views.
  6. Jikum


    imagine saying you dont know shit to the one SW you lost to as a DE. lol the game is too easy, yeah. also, Im just stating what I said on the changes for the general audience, as well as those making the changes, because so far, the game lowkey just looks like it was changed based on personal desires of a group's opinion. That's how it seems like from someone who just came back to the game recently like me. now I aint saying the changes you said were bad, they're reasonable. Im just saying if you did it with CB, it wouldnt be fair to not do it with other classes who could use the same changes like SW's requirements, I've requested it before and they didnt allow it. SE's could use it too. if you make a change with 1 class, all the other will cry for their own too. If I had a buff like Iron Skin, tanking with ghost access, I think the game will be TOO EASY for me too just like the rest.
  7. Jikum


    having many alts of classes are useless if you suck too. oof. also changing skill point requirements on just specific classes wouldnt be fair to other classes. if they did that to medic, medics would be on steroids. you cant keep making changes to make the game how you want it to be, if you want changes, think for balance, not for what you want the game to be for your class or other specific classes.
  8. Jikum


    I dont see anywhere here that im obligated to tell others a simple build setup. experiment it yourself lol.
  9. Jikum


    mine are all maxed all under within 10 stat values to max with randoms too. ; ) it reaches around 24-25k. git gud
  10. Jikum


    yeah, you should be able to reach around 25k if you have the proper set up without medic eva buff.
  11. Jikum


    CB can already pierce through eva based SW's. everyone requesting for more acc when eva is pretty much useless now even on SW. lmao sw already getting 1 shot 100 to 0 from bosses legit through 25k+eva 28k hp to 0. with no opportunity to even get healed by medic at all, how is that even balanced lmfao. Dont complain about sw if you dont have a build specifically to kill them, thats like saying i cant kill sw because their eva/ch-eva is too high against me so give me more acc buff that will allow me to kill them while maintaining my original build to make it more stronger. like ok g???. also removing cleanse from ghostwalk is like saying, ghostwalk doesnt exist. any debuff or dot will just remove invisibility, whats the use of ghostwalk then? also to everyone crying about sw's dps. yall crying when sw is supposed to be the one doing the most dps lol, isnt that normal? yall cry too much about the game, give them an easier time. stop crying and instead fix your builds. Don't make excuses just because you're bad at the game. SW's dont cry about the fact that even with maxed build on eva or cheva or even criteva, we still die so easily when the theres a build against us. why? because SW's arent supposed to be tanky, theyre supposed to deal damage.
  12. Fix sw lmao. instead of void on the eva and cheva, add critrate, maybe around 300-350. it is a main DPS class, its supposed to do damage. why would all 3 lingeries be defensive stats based? it doesnt make sense to put void, nor cheva since those have its own too. maybe the hp and void can be changed within the criteva category. idk. just a suggestion.
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