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  1. Emily

    twin saga or aura kingdom private server

    blade soul will be moved soon to unreal engine 4 around 2019 might be worth to make a private server out it especially since there is no competition around not even the official server
  2. Emily

    Bikes with no glow / aura at +10

    that isn't a bug those bikes aren't from the game so they need to great their own glow which is probably out of their reach
  3. Emily

    Enough with the "Zerg" Argument...

    that word doesn't have any proper meaning nowaday people would call 4vs5 a zerg
  4. Emily

    Is Scarlet Blade Worth Playing In 2018?

    although just gonna point out that most of players here play only for the pvp nobody tbh cared about the nudity that much except for few perverts but overall great review
  5. Emily

    [SB] Christmas item requests!

    IGN : GetSalty Wish : Gilded Web ver.2
  6. Emily

    Most and least played classes?

    lol the hardest class to play is sw she require a variety of rotation for differant class, stun and disable management + half classes have detection buff which make her even harder to play the strongest class in game are PU and SE both of them possed instant burst combo which doesn't require much effort and without any downside
  7. Emily

    Extra Costume Slot

    they were originally in the game they came with set gear content but aeria took them out due to some error that made server full for most of players
  8. Emily

    SW Calming Essence

    i believe this is going to be an amazing game changing buff if a class is able to deny heals not only having multitple medic isn't going to be viable anymore but it gonna increase the skill cap for medic make them forced to check for their teammate if they need heals or some stun support. especially on a skill like calming essence who has a clear animation on the debuffed target
  9. Emily

    New player

    best class are PU / SE for dps , medic for support and WH for tank , you will pretty much get gold by lving and leeching of end game boss but you better off try find a guild that will help you
  10. Emily

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Sliver weapon skin , and siberian pet skin
  11. Emily

    Class balance

    doesn't seem that balanced when a PU is making tanks usuless with a spammable eao range stun or the broken af trap that one/two shot bunch of players that you aren't even aiming to only like 3 or 4 of the richest people would be having that advantage for months considering like most of the players ingame are running with few R2 rare jewel -although those passive i posted are just suggestion smh feel free 2 post
  12. Emily

    Maximum Friendlist.

    YAS please increase Friend and rivals list also if's possible to fix rival bug which block other people chat with out checking the box
  13. Emily

    Class balance

    nope there is nothing im masking by using the term ''mass pvp'' i could simply just not ATK a pu on cocoon and kill them as soon as they step a feet out lmao if i actually wanted my class to be TOP 1vs1 i'll would of request a sw and def nerf. sw is on the right spot , DEF has something that pu doesn't a High Risk High Rewards skill, that can punish any reckless players that go for medics or backliner but ofc they cant go and one shot a bunch of people with out dying in 2 sec in the proccess lol
  14. Emily

    Class balance

    shaddap midget
  15. Emily

    Class balance

    smh this thread isn't about 1vs1 balance lmao it mostly about the mass pvp and how PU can make any tanks usuless by 3 ~ 2 shot them and the very cancerous spammable range stun , it's obv this isn't meant for each class to instantly kill each other in one rotation is just bs that you gear up a tank just to get dinied by any Pu lol