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  1. If you have p-dps with 95 armor and 95 weapon you can join easly in a party for this, if u don't have 95 armor i'll suggest you start doing that, you need unlock all for passive archivement. About Daylight Forest, well it can be done solo just need basic stuff with specific skills. For most of other stuff on 110 AWK Armors, you can do solo or duo. As Herakles said find a guild is a must, you're on Sleeping_Knights if i'm not wrong and you all have power to do that if work together, if they not able to help so find guild that play with you not carry you on stuff, helping yourself is a must.
  2. I've played on awaken and i don't think that's needed. But after test on classic it definitely should be. New players take too much time to kill, this mean we can't do triple round on same channel and we can't wipe all before spawn on another channel and kill them before hit crystal , which breaks rotation. So boxes are rare already, and random, loot box of loot boxes, chance of having chance is annoying, what would like to see if not increase rates, trade specific item from map: Example , Lions Honor From Highlands for random Legion Armor Box. (10 Lions Honor would be nice since we can get around 20 per channel if have luck so this will increase a lot how we farm) Just suggestion :3
  3. This WOULD BE SO GOOD! i think they can do , can't wait for their answer :3
  4. Add class drop to world bosses would be super nice, i'm tired of killing WB and drop 0 items :c, haven't finished 1 single combo in this entire time, i've all awaken armors already and still no combo.
  5. Here's old video showing how to do rep quest for leveling lv108 and farm ccm!
  6. Imagine getting banned being bug reporter :'D
    if was bug abuse i would die lauthing!
    Waiting it back so i can get back into testing.

  7. humm but classic is more Pay to speed than P2W but still lots of time and money for my friends, i could just get 1m gold on Awaken buy vgn and use there , done, but for people that doesn't had time to do that on awaken is alot of money, i agree with altar changes and SS changes too, also i love idea of making classic like aeria so people get nostalgic moments. As i said to people, eden is easy and the ''server i was helping'' you know easier server we've seen in our entire life, is going to die soon. Can be easy like awaken, but more than this is too much. That's your vision and its fair, but i don't think people will play it with actual system and since you open to suggestions this can be good , sadly i can't play solo cause is a great server and VGN has power to make it one of best classic experience.
  8. That's not for me jordan, that's for brazilians, i don't care hows hard its, i've played aion on worst of time farming 12h daily on my vacation, i don't care hows hard is the game, i still love EE and i would play it , i could play but i can't solo stuff.
  9. Make fortification/reset/archivments exacly like awaken. This for sure would make me play classic, and i think would make awaken players play there too.
  10. you can have x2 of same weapon but not of same neck, u can have from same status, but different levels.
  11. Would be super nice! but vgn isn't going to open new games for now :c
  12. For now BEST pet weapons are Lv85 , i think in a future we could have more but it depends if our Zumi GM want to make some, they having alot of stuff to do now so wont be possible. Pet Weapons Following Pet weapons can be adquired from <Fourth Dimension Bag> (Zumi racial craft item) you can buy them from players, its random and have high cooldown. (Note:All of them goes until +14 and Lv80 less doesn't need stones.) You can buy some from Maru NPC in aven X:438 Y:385 There have these weapons: [Level: 30/40/50/60/65] (Green weapons can be adquired from legion boxes and Lv70 green weapon have more status than lv65 blue) Maybe i've missed anything but i wish this can help for now.
  13. i think is planned for future content. They just tested as it and worked nicely so we can expect more comming.
  14. Isnt like everyone will use hide gear, but yes alot will do, thats the point they can ask guilds or cpl or peer, even with my gear hidden i'll answer people like i always did . People need learn abit for better pve and pvp.
  15. Trust on company , people complain about everything being or not hidden. If broken they nerf if weak they buff, no reason to not having this since people just copy and paste, the only thing that make player "better" than others is fact of knowing which item can be better after tona of tests and training , we can see this by fact no one played AE and now we have alot of Losque's and locsta's clones, they dont play even similar but they use the same and even enchants they have the same. Its a problem for player mentality, they will never try to learn and somehow they mostly get killed on pve or have bad growing effect cause they dont use mind to play just char items. I understand people disagree this since its never been like this before, but by this way players can lern a bit about the game and abou theirselves. Its possible to Jordan but its too much work so i dont expect comming soon or even in close future or even "accepted" this idea but would be super cool that.
  16. New players can ask for huildies and party times we can disable before start boss.
  17. Sounds like cause in last days i havent saw it And yesterday i thought was bug cause i saw someome with that but i forgot it doest count offline then can be old buff. On my alts also doesnt come it so they might have removed :c rip 200% spd build need find alternative way.
  18. IDK if this belong to patch v80 to be honest but i think after this patch we lost move spd event, could Jordan confirm to me, and if possible turn it back :3 was part of build and its super usefull. tyvm
  19. Humm tested. We can use 4T Pots. Was pretty dead today and another thing, this boss: Too much tanky, even with 4t pots and axe and stuff, tested with sword rapier and 999k p atk, but boss was reciving 200-400k dmg which is preatty low for 4t pot full geared beserker, would be nice nerf it a bit, and yeah i know its slow cause don't have people, but with people we will never do this since rank matters and they prefer kills, bosses will be alive and no one will get their rewards. Also Nice job with friendly fire , now its working perfecly! Edit1: Could you provide PvP Token Fragment and PvP Token Icos? can be dds or png doesn't matter, just for make guides on discord and have better quality for those.
  20. Add to chr settings '' deny show equipments'' So we can hidden our items. I know people use that for trial combos and stuff but it can be discussed inside party. Also i know builds can't have too much variation but would be nice if we could hidden ours. Would be super nice having that (i think i made this suggestion already so sorry if i'm repeating)
  21. That's what i thought but idk if does it really happen. Also @Jordan 4t pots used to work on Elysian, u disabled it too?
  22. 7 digits instead of 6, and i think it can grow more, to 10m+
  23. Other classes just appear 999999 and BM does 1m+ dmg on crit balloon. GM sometimes appear 999k but on dmg chat box appear ''1234567'' But BM appear like ''1234567'' dmg and same in chatbox. Edit1: idk about Elysian haven't chance to test that but on TA before and other arenas/pve content was like that.
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