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  1. Mysterious Gentleman Kimono (Legendary) or Mysterious Men's Yukata (Legendary) thank you
  2. Mysterious Alpaca Beachwear (Legendary) Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Legendary) Mysterious Guerrilla Garb (Legendary) Mysterious Guerrilla Threads (Legendary thank you.
  3. Dark Angel Alpaca Mystery Box or Altar Crystal. thank you
  4. Mysterious Ronin Chieftain Costume (Legendary) Pitch-Black Rose Wings (Legendary) Thank you.
  5. Pickaxes, Gloves and Crystals level 70. merci.
  6. Outfit Decolorizer (costume) and Outfit Decolorizer (headwear) but for "Legendary" items. thank you.
  7. Fortification +6 Reset Scroll
  8. Elite Mummy's Revenge Bandage(Legendary) or Mysterious Metal Frame Sunglasses (Legendary)
  9. Mount Crystal Frost Tiger (Legendary) thanks.