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  1. So recently I was able to log on again after XIGN code prohibited game play due to AVG anti-virus for months. My wife and I had started to really enjoy the game before that issue and I was glad to see it resolved. Sadly, on my first day back actively playing with my main character, I signed up for a battle grounds when the notice popped up. My main is only in 40's since I haven't accepted any power-leveling and my wife and I enjoy going though the story together. I face someone in Janus and don't attack them once but try for the center tower in 1v1. They beat me in dps of course and get the loot. I admire their superior build and/or gear and feel inspired to try to get some better gear of my own and vow to remember more of my self buffs. I bow out while they look over their winnings and head to a side tower to clear one for myself and leave the other to them. They come over with tower at 80% and proceed to take it too then without picking up any of the loot. They then race to the other and clear it too leaving me with nothing for the entire BG. I'm sure this player has no need of the gear because they have a main toon at max or near max level based on the insane glowing gear they have at a lower level than even me. But to stick someone whom made the BG possible with nothing is beyond disrespectful of their time and the aid in making the BG happen at all. I've been on the pummeled and pummeling side of BG at low levels before. With my +6 gear twink 19 (don't mock it's better than I first had when passing through that level) I always tried to ensure those that played the BG, and thus let me play, got something (usually 1 side tower for loot, or my death repeatedly if they seemed unaware of side towers as I once was). Players that use their superior gear to ensure newer players get nothing for their time send an incredibly memorable message of "DON'T BOTHER PLAYING". That message has never rung so loudly in my ears for this game than now. I'm sure many former and now ex-players have heard it too from this games community. Will it ever change? Perhaps only when the servers shut down for lack of interest in a game intolerant of new players. As someone who has only spent a couple hundred dollars on the game, I just can't fathom how those who have spent thousands of dollars (or thousands of hours) would continually tolerate this sort of behavior. I'm not sure I'll play again, but I do hope this game I loved will find rebirth in the future. I do however feel certain that will never happen so long as bullying is the primary motive for people to join the BG that every low level new player gets routine notices for.
  2. I haven't logged into game in months because Xigncode doesn't like AVG.... any ideas besides mailing my computer's data to lord knows who in Korea and uninstalling my anti-malware protection from their inevitable hacks?

  3. So a 5 second and 3 second stun can be applied consecutively from my character and will result in 8 seconds of stun time rather than the two skills' duration overlapping for only 5 seconds (simplified generic example used).
  4. I noticed a lot of characters have disable abilities... If applied all at once does the time stack or just get refreshed? Also it seems enemy PC can become mechs while disabled and immediately use mech skills. If so, what is the point of a disable?
  5. Thank you for making the medic guide with bananahand. Do either of you still play scarlet blade?

    1. KawaiiNyanNyan


      Oh, I didn't make a medic guide with BananaHand. I did that with help of my guildmates, but thank you though!
      I play when I can.

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