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  1. using solo mod dungeon contain 2 main bosses and 4 mini not sure about this information tho So i killed 4 mini boss and 1 main the second main is the final boss (Lich) when he reach 400k HP he always back and re-full to700k HP and so on i can't kill it so is there some trick or do i miss something !!
  2. should i pick derelict tunnel overrun - O Hara then Dungeon keeper - 2nd floor overseer right?
  3. hello, for now 1- i'm defender 2- i'm full geard +12 with 3 rare gems lv2 3- i'm solo player (i don't like and i can't be in team) 4- i'm lv 65 5- i have no intend to change any state from these fore above things so don't argue about it but as defender 1- i can't even kill first mob in (tartarus tample) dungeon 2- i can't kill last boss in (diguised ship) dungeon Is there other way to farm uni items and where np if it is in open field or dungeon * don't mention field boss like amara,DV etc it's so lag to me and as i said i solo player
  4. yumy

    mini map

    i see N in my shortcut for overlay map and i press N but nothing and my overlay map opacity in 100% is there other things i should do!
  5. i pressed all keyboard bottom but i can't show my mini map again So how do i hide or active mini map?
  6. i know it's kind silly but i like play in family area and this photo made it little awkward if your mom or bro was there so could you replace it or cover some area
  7. as i see all @GoddessSand suggestion seems come from SW player. PVP it's mean teamwork if BG was 1 vs 1 bad luck this time and you can try later. from what i know about you * you are so aggressive eager to win nothing more and yeah don't ask me what is more important than win in BG because if you already don't know then i can't tell you *you have no sense that lowbie player may really really really need the win reward more than you -give me 1 time you give lowbie free win- i know you should not do it's the game rule this is why GoddessSand play , to bully lowbie and undergeared ? *all your talk about OP guards in spawn area damage is because SW can't dash to guard any more and kill +20k HP this is why BG is about teamwork and DE, CB or WH will tank you a bit *in soccer pitch why you want putting point for Gold ball all people will go down to PVP or farm balls there are no sense put point for balls if you can't dash and kill lowbie it's your problem but most lowbie and undergeared will go down and play in soccer pitch at end i see all BG is so perfect i have so fun there and i wish keep it like this good guard damage chest difficulty no points for siren boss or balls the game not about GoddessSand or SW class you need got that hun
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