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  1. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you've put in; it was really appreciated. we'll miss the great outfits, that so many use and enjoy. It's been wonderfull knowing you and I hope you keep in touch and play from time to time. Hope you enjoy the next chapter in your life, we'll be waiting to hear about the next episode of "Nova Talks". Adieu, bye bye, cheerio. hope to see you soon.
  2. Cuddle

    Discord and GS

    Please use the VGN discord to chat and communicate across both factions. Please bare in mind that in game rivalries should not escalate. Keep the VGN discord cordial and friendly for all. Thank you kindly and most importantly, have fun. That is the point XDD VGN discord is Please allocate yourself to SB by typing in the #welcome-channel .iam Scarlet Blade
  3. @MichelleZhivago sorry for the late reply, i get where your coming from, but those are just drops from a PVE zone. Please consider the ease with which you get medals dropping from end game DGs and convert them to PVP crisis vials. I know a lot of players just like to farm RP, but for those that aren't too lazy, this is a great way to buy effective pvp crisis vial. (even though I don't take my own advice, 'cos i'm too lazy; keep in mind the used RP for buying effective crisis vials, is usually made up form gathering RP in PVP combat). I'm looking forward to seeing you in Amara, so you can collect your RP payments 😎
  4. the free crisis that drop, are linked to the normal pots, so they share the same CD. while the payed for crisis, are seperate and you can trigger both pot types together. eg HP crisis (RP)+ HP pot,
  5. you'll also find a bunch of stuff under here.
  6. The FC happened to aid the imbalance. we tray and make alts to go onto the side with the lower player base. several things are happening all at once. sadly the mentality of the player base can't be changed and nor should be try and force people to behave in a certain way. all people can do is ask and hope that that they will change. think about your own mindset. do you really want to be forced to do something you don't like? eg:- I always see looters, whether i like it or not, what would be worse, is for me to impose my views on them. So i go back to. lets fix what needs fixing, not break what is already working.
  7. AK numbers limitation were tested before and it failed badly. also if GSs can't enter and monitor, then nonsense can happen easily. further, imo, we need to fix so many other issues, then creating new broken problems. i understand your zeal to help the game, but creating more fracture, will only lead to more problems down the line. after all, do we really want to stop players switching side and entering for their own benefit. maybe they're making alts for other faction, that needs help etc. Imo, bottom line is not to create more game issues, but fix the ones that we already have. once those are done, then we can test alternate options.
  8. @Filomena So glad you dug the back story out. i'd forgotten it and it was nice to read it again. wow brings back memories of my baby Arkana days.?
  9. @Daedalus007 So much information has been given u in this posting. If u accumalate that info, instead of getting upset, you'll discover the treasure trove. This private server, is nothing like the aeria P2W server. they have made it soooo much easier for F2P players. If at any point u have questions, just ask ingame "shout" or "area" chat. some one will respond. If no 1 responds initially, just try again 30mins later. it's not that you're being ignore, people maybe busy doing all sorts of other things. GSs are normal players. They help when and where they can, but always remember they are just like you and me. The classes may seem unbalanced at times, but every class, can kill another class... BUT no class exists, that can kill all classes. (that would just be stupid). So much depends on builds and gears. u can skill your toon to kill a particular class, but you will still need the gears and skills to kill that class. If u have 2 of the same class fighting 1v1. so much will depend on the skill and gears. If both are equally geared, then it's a matter of skill. (a small degree, will depend on your internet connection speed). Entering 1 of each BG, at different brackets, will teach you nothing about pvp, except, how bad you are. It takes a lot of time, effort and "a willingness to learn". Practice and asking for advice. All of which is FREE. Even if not every one is prepared to offer, you their hard earned nuggets of wisdom, some one else will. Or at the very least, give you a hint, to set you on the right path. Use Limeox's skill simulator. It's the 1st advice i give to all new players and the best advice I give to myself. ask what skills mean and their effects. Some skills are useless in PVP, but are OP in PVE and vice versa. This game is a learning curve and it takes time to learn it and love it. ( ignore the whining that happens and learn it) Even very experienced players, will still be picking up the occassional nugget, here and there. That is the reason why, people still keep coming back to this game. They have spent a lot of time, effort and energy learning this game. As so, they have come to cherrish it, old as it maybe. The game certainly does not come with a manual, or a 1 gift, kills all, freebie. if you're serious about playing the game, ask for advice and dont get upset, if what you hear, is not what you like. invest your time to learn about your chosen skill class. Then learn about other classes, etc. Learn about gears stats, pets, chips. etc etc etc. time and effort= game enjoyment... and yes fustration. Which leeds to "time and effort= more enjoyment". A lot of problems are caused by the player base and yes they are also the people that need to fix the problems. signing off. i think i've ramble on enough. Get ingame and play