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  1. Megaphones drop in AK and NB? really? You can't shell out 30g for 100 of them? Man talk about stingy. Tradable 1k boosters for AK and NB? 700% wasting your time away because you can't afford to pay somebody gold for 1k boosters? Just wait for patch as I believe they are working on fixing the exp from farming. Besides that's their biggest money maker right there with the boosters. Legendary Passcards to be tradable? Why? Don't you have over 300 yet? I know I have about that much and will use them as they fix the dungeons for them. Or are you wanting to transfer them over to somebody else because you have too much? Try using them so you can afford the Megaphones instead of needing them to drop in AK and NB.
  2. Due to the lack of gif images of this game, I think the GS's should create an event where players have to create a gif. But not just choose 1 gif as a winner, but to allow players to pick 1 topic to register their gif under. So, you can say best PVP gif, Best reaction gif, best use of your character gif, Best costume gif, Best gif that would promote the game, and best group gif where each person in the group gets a point if the group wins(though you can limit the number of players allowed in the group. you know stuff that we can post other places that might get other people to think hell ya, I want to play that game. Also, if you do this event give people advice as to how to create one and what programs they can use that are free and what you like to use.
  3. Well, I did level up my RG toon for BG's when RG won't register, but FK players can be jerks so that they refuse to let me farm when I am the only RG player in and it isn't geared for pvp, just there so that there can be a BG and we can pray for uni skins/costume while we farm so I don't register it and just keep farming else where.
  4. It wouldn't matter if everybody started on or off their bikes. As you travel around the track you might end up losing when your bike disappears and you have to mount it again is what I am saying.
  5. Bikes on that track are problematic as you will be on it one second and off of it the next. With the animation time for mounting taking time, it would put several players behind much farther. I think it is personally a waste of time to race on that track and it would be better to just do a come get me race by locating yourself somewhere in the game and people have to race to that location. I have seen players on the storm chaser bikes actually locate GM's back in the day faster than those on the high end AP bikes.
  6. Here I thought that SSD's and HDD's are for long term storage and your RAM is for what you are working on at the moment. If you have it setup so that the HDD or SSD takes up the load when you RAM is full, boy I sure hope not ever, the SSD will be better in performace over the HDD but bad for the SSD. Now, the difference between SSD's and HDD's are only load times. If you don't care how fast something loads or shuts down HDD's are just fine. If load times are important SSD's will out perform the HDD's and with this game using a map feature system where you have to load different maps you enter, the SSD's will be more beneficial, but once in the map it doesn't matter. Now, I have played this game on a Laptop with a 5400rpm HDD and also have it run on my main system using 3x120gb SSD in a raid 5 where read speeds are around 720 and write around 640 and here's what I see with one in comparison to the other. Aside form a difference in processing power and graphics performance, load times are just slightly slower on the laptop, but this is a game dating back to 2012 and both systems are about 2 to 3 years old with a huge difference in performance between the two, but it's not like you are loading some huge files so the load time differences really shouldn't be a hindrance to the overall aspect of the game when it comes to PVP or PVE as the PVP is more dependent on your network connection, ping, and graphics card. If I was on a major budget and could only afford 1 drive. The HDD would be preferred over the SSD if storage room is an issue, if I didn't need the large storage then I would get the SSD.
  7. It's a good idea, but do more working out some in game logisitics so players can't just follow you around would be difficult. But I think you should probably make it a 30min run each possible with 10 locations and 1 point for each location you hide. I know that there is a feature the GMs have used that allowed them to run faster than others so that they can hide better. But it could be fun. Too bad we couldn't exactly know how to get to some of those remote locations some players go out too.
  8. skins, costumes, and some other times are not all correct. I got a ME bunny ears from first boss in archeron as well as I have gotten costumes from any boss really including weapon skins. Same goes for SP. Just an FYI.
  9. Achievements like killing mobs in different maps, running the other dungeons, enhancing, salvaging, or just labeling people as wanted and then killing them?
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