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  1. Hello everyone, by pure chance I came up with an idea for a possible costume: in essence, it is about trying to replicate the outfit of Derrieri, a character from the Seven Deadly Sins manga, or at least take inspiration from her "clothes" made of darkness. I leave below a pic of her to give a better idea to those who do not know her. Knowing what tools are available to administrators, I think it is quite feasible as a thing (assuming the idea is accepted of course). eventually I think it is also possible to perform a version for CB, taking as a starting point another character of the same manga, which, however, I hide as a spoiler because .... well spoiler for those who have not read or are reading the work. What do you think about?
  2. OK the idea that I want to expose you is very simple, that is a boss rush. Something similar to the Bloody Palace of Devil May Cry to be clear or Mushin's tower in Blade and Soul. We have a dungeon (our Bloody Palace) divided on several floors, and on each floor we face a boss. Defeated the boss "accesses" the next floor and so on. You exit the dungeon when you are no longer able to continue, because you can not defeat the boss, or defeat all the bosses, thus completing the Bloody Palace. it's a rough idea, but I think it's possible to make it happen. What do you think about?
  3. Even though I'm not a big fan of PVP, I enjoy playing bg. However, at the moment when I want to participate in one the situation is as follows: 1) check continuously when the registration is opened. 2) register at the BG as fast as possible (if you are among the first to register you have more chances to participate) 3) hope that someone from the opposing faction registers in turn 4) (if the previous points have been satisfied) pray that the opponents have entered the bg and do not abandon If it is possible to realize it as a thing, it is worth trying for me
  4. I did not know it had already been tried as a thing. Just out of curiosity, what kind of problems were there?
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