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  1. @MAIKA Man I see your gifs and I just think - bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,... lol
  2. Geisha face paint would be cool.
  3. No, I don't want a big python pet. I want it small, but not too small. I like the Seona boss pet being small, but could use it slightly larger. I like it small so it doesn't occupy most of my screen.
  4. While you can always get a cosmetic item from the AP mall to alter your hair, I think I understand the reason to want a wig type item so that you don't have to spend on the cosmetic item. But I am sure they could make more wigs to wear and even add like a Harley Quinn hairstyle with blonde hair that has blue and pink tips on each side. Not sure about changing any items on them for something else like you have the 2 + items on the medic there which really is there because she's a medic. Though the more costumes, hats/hairstyles, face paint, etc... they add to the game the more space that will be taken up by these items till you run out of storage. However, I still feel that uni costumes should drop a whole lot more because it would make it cheaper in gold for people to graft rare costumes on them to keep the stats of the uni costume but get the look of the rare one. I, myself am less likely to buy a rare AP costume from AH if I don't have a unique costume to graft it onto, so if they dropped more making them more available I would be helping to maintain the game more with getting more AP costumes and the AP uni grafting tools. But for some reason they just like to make uni costumes drop less because they think they are special when really people will just get it once and stop trying to get a second because it's too difficult or too expensive in gold to get.
  5. On this topic of creating a NPC that you can sell gold for AP. What if there was an option that would allow somebody who has AP to sell it directly for gold? Those that then buy that AP with their gold from another player can then buy what they want with it instead of hoping to find the item they are looking for in AH. Though I don't see it as a possibility, but that would be cool.
  6. 1) not all my response was to you as I quoted somebody else and responding to them. Self centered much? 2) your original post says that you want a NPC to trade gold for AP. Gold is fictional currency and does nothing to maintain the cost of the server. I mean tell Vivi you have 100,000 in gold she could have to help maintain the server and she would literally laugh at you. AP items are AP items for a reason and the server makes money off them to help maintain the server because F2P doesn't mean that the GMs have free services to maintain the game. 3) When you talked about there being a lack of players who will sell you AP. I mentioned that many players don't like selling to others because they don't want somebody turning around and using the money that they earned and bought in the game for somebody who will build a character that will later attack them with it. I mean I have a SW and let me just help you build your SE to kill my SW anytime you want because I helped you do that. That's what many players do and it made players who sold AP not want to sell AP to anyone and players will need to spend their own money if they want something. I told you this already and didn't listen as to why there's a shortage of players selling AP. Not to mention that many players don't see a need to buy AP right now since there's nothing more to do with their character as they already maxed it out to the best they can. Also, due to Covid many players might also be without a source of income to buy AP because they don't have real money to spend on a game when they are trying to pay bills and trying to live. If you need AP that much you might try getting on at different times to see if there's somebody on willing to sell AP that might be on at a different time than what you normally play also. Like what somebody said go to Suer and find players on the other side who might sell you AP because chances are there are players who characters on both sides that could switch to sell you what you are looking for. Though again back to players not wanting to sell AP to a player that will potentially use that sell against them.
  7. Not sure what you mean here. It cost money for them to own and operate their servers. Vivi as a GM also doesn't do this job for free. So, yes players need to buy AP if you want to keep the game running. The cost of AP items also reflect the cost of loot items. A unique void piercing jewel is at 40k, if you want to have a set with just those jewels you will need to spend 600,000 in gold. If you need gold but don't want to farm for it, AP at a 1:1 ratio will cost you $1,000 just to get 1 full set of uni void pierce jewels. |That is if you spend $100 for 60,000 AP. That's also if you can sell the items you get from spending $1,000. So, if you don't have $1,000 you can cut back your dollar spending by raising the prices of AP items. So, yes, selling AP at a higher than 1:1 ratio is pretty much necessary if you want to gear your character with the best items and not horde gold. I think players who sell loot items in game can lower their costs and save players who spend AP some money to do so.
  8. Some things about AP. They shouldn't make a NPC that will trade gold for AP because AP purchases are what keep the game running. Also, they recently had their means of revenue blocked because the service that they use for people to purchase AP was having issues. It should be fixed now if I remember right. Players who sell AP have a hard time now supporting anybody by selling to others because when they do that they have had those same individuals gank them out of no where when they try to mind their own business. So, they aren't wanting to sell AP and the others are just trying to make you spend all your gold so they can horde it all for themselves. Not sure why they need all that gold unless they are buying all the items that are super expensive because they don't want to farm it and those that are farming it are selling it at high prices. So, it's really the gamers who farm and set high prices on items that cause players who sell AP to sell at high prices.
  9. Now, I know that NPC Outfits can be made for Arkana, but can you take Arkana outfits and put them on NPC's? Like change all NPCs to have a certain outfit on for a theme event? Though I do believe that would just be more work than it's worth, but if it's possible maybe in the future.
  10. Well, if you can't find a player to sell you AP items and you are wanting to drop the bare minimum into the game I would probably think that you would need around 35,000 in AP as a bare minimum to get the pet and basic pet chips, pet expansion slot too for good measure. Those are pretty much the things that you cannot go without in the game that require AP. Bikes can be found easily in AH and so you don't have to spend money on them if you don't want too. Cosmetics do nothing for your character's abilities or protection, so it's not a need. You can buy stuff to enhance gear, but can also get those same items farming and participating in BGs even if you lose a BG and gather enough materials you can get what you need there. So, as far as P2W, I can say that if you are willing to farm a lot(I mean a lot) and can find players who are willing to sell you the pet items you need, then it's not heavy P2W. If there aren't players willing to sell you pet AP items, then you should estimate about spending probably about 35,000 in AP to be safe, but might need around 50,000 in AP to get some pet chips that aren't necessary for your character although helpful. Like pet chips that increase drop rate as well as gold from mobs. It's all about how much farming you are willing to do and how many players are willing to sell you the pet AP items that you want. Beyond that you really can't spend AP to make your character better than anybody else's except to reset skills to improve how you attack others.
  11. What the hell are you talking about? There is no FK data. I'm not complaining. I'm telling Larrissa and now you that the reason why FK players aren't showing up to mid week AK or come to help out is because there aren't FK players on to show up or come to help out. Please read what I said to the full extent before you make statements that don't accurately describe my words. I'm not complaining, just stating facts about why trying to get FK data during the day fails and why FK aren't responding to shouts in game. One is that you are trying to communicate with people who aren't in the game and at work. The other if you understood who your friends are in Brazil, would know that they don't or might not speak English so shouting in English is going to sound like gibberish to people who don't speak it. Hell, you can speak to me in Russian, German, French, Japanese, or any other foreign language to me that isn't English and it won't help me communicate with you. If you want FK data, maybe show up when FK are on? They will start playing in about 6 hours, talk to them then. Your rudeness not withstanding serves as furthering to my point as to why people don't play this game or play this game with others.
  12. Well, it all depends on the people in the game on if they are willing to do this for the other side. It will take people not harassing players, players pulling their weight in PvP or on bosses, it will take people not farming players consistently in pvp zones. I get that it's a pvp zone, but we should use it for pvp with people who want to pvp not force people into pvp that don't want too. It will take people to not talk crap against others. It will take both sides playing as friends over playing as enemies and to play for the sake of fun sport not unfair domination. There was a time where I would have liked to join the RG side in AK where FK out numbered them, but there were players on who I don't get along with because of their attitude about me and how they played the game to take advantage of others for their gain. There are players who constantly want to farm me while I gather RP and cause me to spend more time farming RP that they could do on their own. So, when it comes to people wanting to balance the game it's only those who have friends on both sides that they can do that. When you make enemies out of people, those enemies don't want to play with you. I am all for switching to help out the RG, but I need RG to back off their aggressiveness against players just wanting to play doing their own thing when they play at the time that they can play. FK can also use the same advice as well as talk to players better when things aren't going their way. Too often FK will blame others in the faction for the issues the faction is facing. So, treat others nice and others will be willing to play nice in fair competition.
  13. If FK are people who are in America(north, centeral, and south) you won't find a soul of us on during Wednesday's AK because it's in the mornings for us and we are all at work or going to work. I can't help when I am at work. The next AK happens at 9pm Friday my time, which I would rather go out on a date than play a video game. I recommend that they move Friday's AK to Sunday at 6, 7, or 8pm (7 pm would all Brazil players to make it where all their time zones will have it start before 12am). Those times for server would be 3am, 4am, or 5 am on Monday Morning with preference at 3am. The reason why people were complaining about the mid week AK times in the first place was because they screwed us up with being able to be there. Another option I recommend for a weekend AK time would be Saturday my time at 11am. The server time would be 7pm and should allow Europe and US players to play against each other. The whole reason I planned suggested AK and NB times around time zones rather than counting heads is because I am aware that each player doesn't play during the day and they all play after work. So, I planned for evening Battles for each time zone group instead of just counting heads. Knowing this that if you want new players, you should make it so that if a new player in a particular time zone group joined the game they can play after work. That is unless you expect streamers to play this game with all it's adult content, while they hope not to get banned the second some player strips down runs around nude where a streamer comes across them. Problem I have however is if we cater to those in America and Europe, then what to do about those in the Asia time zones for an AK for them?
  14. questionnaire I would give people is - 1) What time can you login to the game and what time would you logout?(this allows people to know when the server will be most populated) a) what region are you in? Europe, America, or Asia? 2) What faction do you play as your main faction? (this will allow us to know which faction will be most populated during different times) 3) Do you have a character on the opposing faction at the same level? (this will allow us to know that this play can switch factions by logging into a different character without FC if we ask them to balance out BGs) 4) What character type is your main character do you play? (this will allow us to know which characters are played the most) a) If you don't have a ME as your main character do you have a ME at the same level as your main?(this will allow us to know who has an alt ME that they can log into should the faction need 1 or more MEs) 5) If the factions are imbalanced would you switch factions for normal BGs? (this will help us know who is willing to populate the BGs no matter the faction they are in) 6) Would you switch faction to balance out AK or NB? (this would allow us to know how much FC is needed if players can switch on their own) Questions 1 and 2 put into 1 graph, and use question 3 and 6 to determine how balanced can AK or NB get in the current state where you might put it. Don't really need to go into too much details with logging in at 6:30 or 6:15, if they log in at 6:15, just put them down for starting at 7. Just try to find out the top hour in which they can play if they wanted too. Most likely if you have something going on that people wanted to participate in they will login when they can. Question 4 just a fun graph showing the preferred character of choice of people, but 4a to find out when ME's might be available and can be turned into a graph of FK and RG ME game times. Just because players prefer a particular character doesn't mean that that character needs a nerf or boost in skills. Question 5 would be to see if people are willing to populate more BGs by switching mostly if it worth balancing them by having rewards for participating in BGs.
  15. I don't think you understand what I mean. The graphs you made with all the colors are confusing and I am unsure what is going on other than peaks and stuff. I'm not asking for local areas just creating a graph that represents total people that would be possible to be online, total fk, and total RG. That can be done with 1 graph for weekdays and 1 for the weekend. Like these. The yellow for RG players online, red for FK players online(when you get that data, and Grey for all players online. When you get the data of FK players you may see red go higher than yellow. But your data like I said is very incomplete because it's only RG side and not all RG I feel are represented. The reason for the grey to be higher than the yellow is to show that it is there and I put 1 FK present at all times. But I also made it so you can see server times and the other times around the world that are in the middle of their time zone group. So, you can see who you are really hitting with BGs and such. Or which time zone group might need some players to trade sides to even them out for their time of play. If you put in the FK data and see that on the left the of the graph FK attendance is higher than RG while the right shows RG higher than FK, then a FC would be need for FK to RG for those on the left, while an FC for RG to FK would be needed for those on the right. These graphs I believe are easier to understand the situation and to place a major BG during an RG peak but not during FK peak, only goes to show that RG get all BGs while FKs don't. Just out of curiosity how did you come up with the 25 hours in a day? If you start at 0 you should end on the 23rd hour not the 24th hour. No time clock has a 24th hour on it. Once you reach 23:59 and it flips over that 1 minute it goes to 0:00
  16. Why is this more complicated than it should be? Here's the question I would ask. If you logged into the game during the week, what time(s) would you start and what time(s) would you close it down? If you logged into the game on a weekend, what time(s) would you start and what time(s) would you close it down? It's straight forward and easy to say people would be available from 11 to 14, so from 11 to 14 there should be 1 player that can play at that time. Doesn't mean they will play, just that they can play. All other times you can expect that they can't play. After getting times from everybody you got data to make graphs. I would create 2 graphs, one Weekday graph and one weekend graph. Both having a line or bar representing all players available for that time, another for active RG, and another for active FK. With that graph you can see the best times for Major BGs where more people are on and what needs to be done to make them balanced. Because if the FK and RG lines don't line up when you have a major BG, then you know that the line higher up on the graph needs to have x number of players to FC over for that time to balance that BG out. You choose a time where most people are on, then balance out sides at that time.
  17. Are there recommendations that people want to see in the game not hash out topics that don't reflect content? Currently seeing issues in rules and Skills. Suggestion Was thinking what about making BGs reflect RP more than experience gain, so when you win a BG you get RP, if you make a kill in BG you get RP for the kill and not who you killed, and RP for completing different tasks in the BG. Winning BG - you get 5k~10k RP for winning a BG, 15k for winning NB and AK. If you are on the losing side you get 2k RP for participating in normal BGs and 5k RP for NB and AK. Kill RP BG bonus - +500RP for each kill in the bg regardless of who made the kill. So, you take the kill count made by the faction and multiply that by 500 and add to the RP of each player in the faction. That way if you have 7+ people in a BG 1 or more is left out of gaining equal RP in the group from ranked players, but they at least get the 500xkill count bonus for showing up and helping kill the other side. This doesn't rely on winning the BG just having kills in the BG. BG Task RP - 600~1,000 RP for completing certain tasks(for Siren, Janus, and TP). Those task would be killing a guard at a chest, destroying a chest, killing a tower. Mind you this increase is given to all players not just the one who got the last hit. You can do the same with having tasks for NB and AK as well with bosses, guards, vanguard, towers, and missile turrets. Soccer Pitch has RP involved in it, so why not make other BGs reflect RP too? Daily RP PvP bonus quest - You could even make a daily quest that when you kill x number of players you get RP on top of the RP you gain from them? Also, maybe lower RP loss in PvP to the same amount regardless of rank. In lower levels or at least back in the day you had quests that require you to kill like 10 people either in a BG or in a PvP zone. Why not make this for higher levels? Reason for loss reduction of RP when one dies if RP mobs are removed, though would just like to see it reduced for high ranked players. There's nothing special for a ranked player other than the announcement and the minimal HP gains. Both of these don't really help a player in PvP. Take for example me going up against a player with 0 RP, we both have equal gear, equal level, and equal skills. It is just as difficult to take down the ranked player and the non-ranked player the same, so rank means jack in PvP. Yet people want to make RP all about PvP when it doesn't add any extra passive special protection or extra passive damage, without using the title gained for Archangel. Which doesn't help any characters except the SW and even then it's not that much and actually reduces the effectiveness of the SW to kill. That's because there's no real title for ranked players for increasing their atk, you have to use a title of doing other achievements that isn't about rank. It would also be naive of everybody to assume that players like me will participate in PvP if all your RP is gained only through PvP of killing another player because I feel the game is unfair in character vs character. So, if you want PvP only, I recommend adding more pvp type activities that help add to the means of gaining RP. Not to mention the loss of RP is far greater for high ranked players vs lower ranked people. Which is why I recommend making it so players can't lose RP or lose very little no matter their rank. Otherwise you have players who solely go after high ranked players to drop their rank without care of ranking up themselves and would refuse to rank up just as long as those high ranked players aren't ranked any more. It is also not cool that I go up against a seasoned player that keeps their rank low to give only 400RP when you kill them and they gain +10,000RP when they kill me. They die and they lose maybe 50RP, which is a drop in a bucket, while if I die I lose 4,000 RP. That would require me to kill them 10 times to their 1 time and I didn't get anything special from the rank to help prevent that loss in RP outside HP. The increase in HP for ranked players isn't that special because players can still make a kill against ranked players easily enough as already explained.
  18. Though we shouldn't be talking about skills, this is more about visuals over the skills themselves. There are some buffs that give a visual that they are engaged, but they should make all buffs have a visual on the character that it is engaged. The problem is that you don't see a count down on them so it makes it difficult to know when to strike. Take the DE and WH for example of making this difficult is that they buff but you can't see how long it will be before they no longer are buffed and have to track that in your head if you see them buffed. Though players like the DE and WH can rotate buffs so they have a small gap before they can buff again, though if a DE wants to can be unkillable as proof is just watch Evilwitch in AK while 10 people are attacking them. Unless you have evidence of players doing this with video, you can't prove there are players still doing any of these. Like Beau said is that we aren't allowed to farm each other for RP and just takes a video to show that they are doing this. For BGs it's difficult to tell if players are pvping vs RP sharing if you aren't in it yourself, because death counts are hard to track if they are fighting to just kill each other or giving the other RP. It's one reason I don't like engaging in 1 vs 1 in PvP outside BGs because I refuse to give players RP and be blamed for giving people like MrBurns and Hooters free RP that can result in me losing all my RP. Not to mention that I don't trust several aggressive RG players to play fairly in PvP,*cough* saitama, just looking after myself and they can go farm their own RP. People are not allowed to enter a BG with 2 characters even if there isn't anybody who registered on the other side. If more players would register for BGs on both sides, you might find it difficult to exclude people from the BG and limit it to just you and an alt in the first place. With that maybe they should make BGs more enticing for more people to enter over just 1 or 2 people per BGs. Though part of the lack of attendance is probably with what gets dropped, what gets won, and character skills that make them unbalanced. Though it's very difficult to tell if players are playing fair because I've been in several BGs where one side is losing easily with a large kill gap and then all of a sudden they become unstoppable the next and they win back their kills really easy.
  19. What this really needs is a line graph that has the time on the x axis and the quantity of people on the y axis. That would really see what times are best for AK and NB. But I feel like this is very incomplete data. The suggested times will continue to just exclude people in other areas. You have AK at 13~15 GMT, which is 6am to 8am MST time on Saturday would continue to exclude American players because people want to sleep. Then you have NB at 21~23 at 4pm~6pm my time so people are either at work or just coming home for half the people in America. What time(s) would you give for a 2nd or 3rd AK and NB? Also, I have had several people tell me that they like my 3 suggested times for AK and NB on my post because it allows them to join in at their time in their area.
  20. That would be great if every player had an equal chance of winning in a PvP fight against every character in the game and not just 1, if that. When you cannot protect yourself enough from being attacked nor kill the other player in a rotation, then it makes it very unfair to force players to pvp for rank if the game characters aren't fairly balanced. Another problem is that you have several players who refuse to rank up and if they do rank up will de-rank so that they keep from being noticed when they enter a pvp zone. This allows them to sneak in to the area unnoticed and find people that didn't know they entered the zone. This behavior caused so many problems for those in Caregate back in the day when certain aggressive players would enter the area. Somebody mentioned this type of player was in the area and everybody would then leave except for the few new people that didn't understand why, but soon realized what was going on. Though you do have players who do rank up, but go afk for so that when they are ready to play again no announcement is made and they can become aggressive again against people minding their own business. Then you have high ranked players like myself who find pvp a waste of time because there are no bosses in the area that drop anything of value at a rate worth going after them. Yes they have items of value, but their rate at which they drop is extremely poor. When I engage in PvP and die once I lose almost 4k in RP, it takes me 20 kills just to make back what I lost. Now if I or anybody can make 20 kills straight without getting killed in a fair pvp match between 6 or more people on each side, people would be crying about how unfair that character is and it needs a nerf. So, a high ranked player more often than not will come out of pvp in the negative area of RP while the opposing side all capped for the day just because I was there as it takes 10 or less kills to cap off me. This is one of several reasons that I get on farm RP and logout. The other is that there is no major BG I can attend, hourly BGs require wings though if there's pvp one side is really out matched in a 1 vs 1, and pve also requires wings. Since I can't attend AK I don't waste my time in BGs or DGs and pvp is hardly ever a fair equal sided match up. Hopefully they listen to my suggestion about AK and NB, otherwise I would probably fade away with my rank and all my items.
  21. Is it just the SW class that has mobs reset for absolutely no reason at all? I'm not talking about moving a mob around, I'm talking about attacking them right in place exactly where they were standing and having them reset for no reason. No, I didn't use ghost walk or mech fade. Mostly happens when I use fade, shadow strike, void slash, and slaughter combo of skills. It not limited to that combo, but it happens a lot with it.
  22. When you make the 48 hr mechs more powerful, I suggest that you make them so that they are a different level for use because you don't want lower level players using them to be more OP than they should be.
  23. @Uninformed I didn't take China and India into account for the region for Asia even though they are in that region and just happen to land where it is for them. That is because those countries have very controlling governments and put major restrictions on internet use, especially China. The Philippeans and other countries in that region is what I was looking at because there are people from the other countries that play. As for American region I wasn't focused on Brazil, because I was thinking that they would land inside the time just fine for this region, though it does play out for them ideally to hit both ends of the region. That is with the exception of having an AK time of 1am for the farthest most corner of Brazil and moving it sooner for them would effect those on the west coast (PDT) being too early for them to get home for an NB that starts before AK would let alone barely making AK unless it landed on a Saturday or Sunday for this this region. Personally I don't like gaming on Saturday evenings because there's other things I want to do and Sunday's are much better. Anyway, I would like to see AK have 3 different times as well as NB so that if we get more people in the game in each region they can all find AK and NB satisfying to participate in over never getting to participate in it at all. There might need to be that some people may need to balance out their region better by changing factions, but that's up the players and easy to remedy if the players are willing to do this.
  24. If you expanded the quote you would have read this as to why those pro-players who know their character aren't talking about their skills. ***** NOT DISCUSSING SKILLS YET
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