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  1. Yes, this is an infinite wng of return. But it's hard to craft. And I don't think there's an item that works as infinite amulet of return.
  2. Hey @Ciri995. Item which you're asking about is one of the components to craft an item called "Fafnir's Bugle" Here you have some additional information regarding mentioned item: "A bugle which was carved out of the greedy old dragon Fafnir's horn. It creates a magnificent sound. Use it to return to town. Your current location will be saved. You can go back to that location with an Amulet of Return. Can be used unlimited times" In other words - this item allows you to use "wing of return" from everywhere. It is not the easiest to craft though. I hope this is the information you were looking for.
  3. No, that is not true. Mimic boxes change every few months, and do not share similar drops to the mystery box items which are changed weekly.
  4. Shadow gem with its res down is just too strong to not take it on mage. 180 damage in mage trophy that you're talking about is not that big of an upgrade compared to shadow gem.
  5. Allright, @Mithy got the information he asked for, closing the thread ~
  6. Of course you can't forget about the buffing chars. It is very helpful to bring buff chars such as: Ideally 7 rangers and 7 crusaders - every damage dealer has it's own pair of sader + ranger for tripple charge and hawk eye. 1 wk, 1 blue mage, 1 morale, 1 holy mage.(2 of each if you do fastest than the buffs) Having done many successful raids, the most simple, and yet the hardest thing to do is catch swords and (sometimes) to stay alive. For swords you just have to be lucky and not get hit by a meteor. When it comes to survivability - I recommend finding a proper res combination of 120~ + fire/water, because Fernon herself may be fire, but the mobs are water element and can easilly shred you without water res. Also remember to have a good timing on your full potions, you can't spam them one after another, there's a delay like 5-6 sec. Another good tip is to simply watch the boss, she has few animations after which comes certain effect, one of those is shield. When shield is activated for every hit on fernon you take 30k at your face xD, no matter how much hp you have, it's always 30k, so just don't hit it xD. Hope these few tips help you guys, it's nice to see that people want to try to complete this raid, and not just only spam about this raid being too hard. Wish you and your team best of luck ~.
  7. Hi ! You've made a good choice to try out NosTale Vendetta ~ There are a lot of differences to the official servers, I'll try to cover a few of them while answering your questions. 1. Rates are as follows: exp x20 (lowered to x5 on higher levels), gold rate x4, drop rate is custom x4 (that means there are set items that drop as 4, for example magmaros gloves when looted, you get 4 of them.) 2. My general tip would be to check the prices before selling any item. As @BluesDragon mentioned above, green, red, blue souls have their custom value at NPCs, there are more items, so be carefull. 3. You should do main storyline quests, up to ts55, it gives you around 83lvl after, later you can search for family to go land of death to exp your character faster.
  8. This is caused by changes in recent big patch. Eq that was looted pre-patch has old stats, eq that you bet, or loot after the patch has increased stats.
  9. I personaly think it is bullshit. Imo it doesn't rly matter if you use skills or not, it's probably random interaction. Anyway, if you reflect an aoe skill only your character takes the damage.
  10. I'm not so sure about this. Everything about how vendetta rules regulate such behaviours @Softi pasted few posts above.
  11. If you decide to trade your card holder for nothing, which I'm assuming you would most likely do, cause you know, guy tells you he's legit and all that, so why wouldn't you like to give him the card holder so he can then sell you the card? It's actually different, you don't know who is on the other side, never trust random people, or you'll end up in the forums writting another thread that you've been scammed. Better thing to do is just sell your card holder and for earned gold buy yourself the card you wanted. Other thing that @13175 mentioned is taking an item with equal, or somewhat similar price range to what you're offering him <in this case a card holder>, so if he decides to run away with your card holder, you have something that belongs to him, so you don't lose that much.
  12. Good thing to say is that AA uses dagger in almost every skill. So Reversing what you already have, changing support dagger to support bow and dmg bow to dmg dagger. I'm assuming that you have limited spendings, so it may be difficult, but I'm just saying that the most efficient and enjoyable way of mobbing is have dagger for damage and bow as a support. Going deeper into specifications of the shells, ideal dagger would look like this: Increased crit dmg ~40%, Increased critical chance ~any%, enhanced damage - higher the better, %damage to evil - higher the better, light property - optional, SL damage/prop - any works, but you have to choose in bow later the one you're missing, and if your dagger is r7, you can go for s-% damage - higher the better. The example of shell I put there is extreme and very hard to obtain, but this is what kinda "ideal" dagger would look like, as much as u can get into yours the better will be your end dmg. Further explanation - your dagger can be even r6, if you have proper stats in it <see shell example above>, but your bow unfortunately has to be r7 if you want to have high sls, overall + the one u do not have in dagger. Good thing to have when mobbing is to have ibrahim trophy, greatly increases your damage because you rely on your element in build. When building cards as an archer you should ALWAYS go for 100 atk and depending if you want use it for pve - then go element rest points, if pvp - rest points you have to put into hp. Ah also, get yourself few buffing chars, like holy, morale - these are the easiest to get if you cannot afford to have wk and/or cruss. The more buffs you have, the better your dmg to monsters will be, kinda obvious uh. Use tarot demon/sun and fairy booster everytime you mob, both will increase your damage significantly and make you waste less and be more efficient. I guess I covered the subject briefly and you shouldn't have any more doubts, if you have any questions hit me up. peacee Also good thing to say is, everything I said applies at all stages of the game, if you follow these steps you'll find mobbing easier and way more enjoyable, also the truth is that it's very easy to get yourself to +25, even with not so well-optimised gear, still exp is x20... Instead of just spending a shit ton for -25 etc, u can just struggle for a bit and get yourself something nice for c25+.
  13. I'm pretty sure this is going to be disabled on thursday maint. Bash wanted to make it longer to fix some existing bugs at the same time.
  14. Now, only 5 monsters can follow you, partner and your pet. So the max mobs u can have on yourself (without attacking more manually) is 15. Can we like cut the limit? Bigger lures would make mobbing/farming more efficient. I mob alot myself, and it just feels bad that game limits me to lure only 15mobs at a time. One thing that I thought about is make something that will show you how much damage you did in a raid. Some kind of damage counter, would be very very cool to have a thing like this. I'll post more suggestions when something comes to my mind.
  15. In my opinion good renegade is even better than wk. As tanky warrior it's not as easy to die. In this post I explained how to get most damage from wk, but this also works for swordman, just replace bow skin for sword skin xD, all other things are almost the same. Post: