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  1. Moved the topic to Guides & Tutorials.
  2. @Kaioshin It is easilly done by just clicking "System" tab in your chatbox, like this:
  3. Yes, this is an infinite wng of return. But it's hard to craft. And I don't think there's an item that works as infinite amulet of return.
  4. Hey @Ciri995. Item which you're asking about is one of the components to craft an item called "Fafnir's Bugle" Here you have some additional information regarding mentioned item: "A bugle which was carved out of the greedy old dragon Fafnir's horn. It creates a magnificent sound. Use it to return to town. Your current location will be saved. You can go back to that location with an Amulet of Return. Can be used unlimited times" In other words - this item allows you to use "wing of return" from everywhere. It is not the easiest to craft though. I hope this is the information you were looking for.
  5. No, that is not true. Mimic boxes change every few months, and do not share similar drops to the mystery box items which are changed weekly.
  6. Shadow gem with its res down is just too strong to not take it on mage. 180 damage in mage trophy that you're talking about is not that big of an upgrade compared to shadow gem.
  7. Allright, @Mithy got the information he asked for, closing the thread ~
  8. Randall

    Fernon seals

    I had this in mind for quite some time, that there eventually will come the moment we're facing right now - seals. All this time it was not so much of an issue, even though we've progressively made more and more raids, because people couldn't handle the raid's difficulty - or just couldn't get a team together -. I knew that it won't be like this whole time, people one day will do fernon raids, and when on average it's ~15 raids/hour (I'm just assuming, don't know the exact number) it's more or less easy to get seals, you just tell your team to go caligor 2 accounts each, and you have enough seals. But when you want to perform on the highest/best, whatever you call it, level, you'd have to get 3 seals per person of your team, which is kinda impossible without buying them from bassar for a ridiculous price. Honestly the biggest issue about these raids are seals at this point (that's how it's for my team at least) But going back to the very beggining of act 6.2, back when Fernon raid was introduced to the game, when people complained about the raid being too hard, bash said that he doesn't want the raid to be spammable/easy as it is on officials. I have some mixed feelings to be honest. On one hand I'd like to do as much raids as possible, getting better and better at this, but on the other it has its own uniqueness and maybe simply overkilling it is not a good idea. As far as suggestion goes, I'd agree on 2 seals/character, because as said before, when we add seal to the fernon box people won't do caligor as much. When you'll be given 2 seals/character you'll have to do caligor anyway, because whole team will be given 24 seals, in a situation where whole team goes with 2 accounts.
  9. I agree to set certain price for some items, or just all of 'em. It's not like bow's price will fall just like that because we added a fixed price to NPC. The price is all about the demand,(high for bows in that case) of certain items. Fixed NPC price will give some items that aren't as needed some value, and you won't feel shit after dropping one. +1 for fixed NPC prices 1. The raids aren't the easiest, so to achieve good raids/hour ratio you'd rather, as @Perse mentioned, do them with people that you know, that would increase the chance of success, no? Raid is annoying, a lot of rng involed, unfair at times, but it's just how it is. Maybe one day more people will learn how to do them efficiently, making the equ price drop. 2. I disagree with this one. Why should end-game gear be available in an area which is accessible for lvls 60+?
  10. Of course you can't forget about the buffing chars. It is very helpful to bring buff chars such as: Ideally 7 rangers and 7 crusaders - every damage dealer has it's own pair of sader + ranger for tripple charge and hawk eye. 1 wk, 1 blue mage, 1 morale, 1 holy mage.(2 of each if you do fastest than the buffs) Having done many successful raids, the most simple, and yet the hardest thing to do is catch swords and (sometimes) to stay alive. For swords you just have to be lucky and not get hit by a meteor. When it comes to survivability - I recommend finding a proper res combination of 120~ + fire/water, because Fernon herself may be fire, but the mobs are water element and can easilly shred you without water res. Also remember to have a good timing on your full potions, you can't spam them one after another, there's a delay like 5-6 sec. Another good tip is to simply watch the boss, she has few animations after which comes certain effect, one of those is shield. When shield is activated for every hit on fernon you take 30k at your face xD, no matter how much hp you have, it's always 30k, so just don't hit it xD. Hope these few tips help you guys, it's nice to see that people want to try to complete this raid, and not just only spam about this raid being too hard. Wish you and your team best of luck ~.
  11. Hi ! You've made a good choice to try out NosTale Vendetta ~ There are a lot of differences to the official servers, I'll try to cover a few of them while answering your questions. 1. Rates are as follows: exp x20 (lowered to x5 on higher levels), gold rate x4, drop rate is custom x4 (that means there are set items that drop as 4, for example magmaros gloves when looted, you get 4 of them.) 2. My general tip would be to check the prices before selling any item. As @BluesDragon mentioned above, green, red, blue souls have their custom value at NPCs, there are more items, so be carefull. 3. You should do main storyline quests, up to ts55, it gives you around 83lvl after, later you can search for family to go land of death to exp your character faster.
  12. Process explorer. It is from microsoft, so there's no chance of scam/keylogger. Sandbox, as far as I know, allows you to run only 1 additional client if you don't have premium.
  13. There is a way to open more than 1 nostale without using any suspicious programs. I may consider making a guide about this if interest is high enough.
  14. Randall

    wings topic

    Cool idea. It could be like this costume fusion thing. Get the effect of one and look of the other. To combine you have to have both wings, so the others would not be as useless.
  15. This is caused by changes in recent big patch. Eq that was looted pre-patch has old stats, eq that you bet, or loot after the patch has increased stats.