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  1. This is basically what I think should be handled skills wise. Cyberblade: Debuff on Major Mech skills Deus X Machina and X blade should be remove, CB can regenerate HP and already got OP debuffs on the ground. Defender: Nerf Frenzy at 65 particularly (non sense a class can just buff and 2-3 shot kill another). Remove immobilize from DE Major Mech (WH immobilize precisely because WH is the only class in the whole game without offensive buff and is mid range, unless ofc u give frenzy a real nerf at 65). Medic: Restore normal particle resist (same value with all other resist) on ME 65 suits (base stats and enhance stats) and buffs, it's unfair to make a class vulnerable over all other on a particular ch-atk under same conditions, there is whatsoever no way to justify it. Kali skill Sudden Recovery skill charge time should be removed and clear 3 debuffs with cooldown reduced to 30 sec. Many debuff have been added by Major mechs yet ME Major Mech removes 1 debuffs with 40sec cooldown... Substantially Reduce Kali skill Veil of Pain cooldown from the actual 12sec , Kali only have 3 attack skills. Can particularly help ME farm solo better. Increase ME Detection Mastery skill value so its max be on par with SE Inner Sight so that ME can see SW with max fade and no passive concealment. Replace both of ME stun skills animation with that of ME skill Advanced Atomic Launcher cause they are incredibly slow to cast. Punisher: Remove DEF -400 and DoT reduction -2000 on Penetration skill and Major Mech skill (PU build the most crit-atk from all classes - 13k from buffs only - removing people DEF is too much, DoT reduction don't make sense on a DPS class, PU even debuff -750 DoT reduction with Major Mech while even WH only debuff -1400 in all...) Substantially reduce PU DoT on skills (again it's a DPS class, DoT barely make sense on it), a lil comparison between DoT queen WH a basically tank class with no offensive buff and PU a DPS class that build the most offensive power in game (stats here are with skill maxed): WH Flaming Whip is 2800 Dot, 8 sec cooldown, skill range 7m, AoE radius 14m, AoE targets 6, duration 10 sec; PU Plsama Bullet is 3200 DoT, 10 sec cooldown, skill range 20m, AoE radius 5m, AoE targets 3, duration 10 sec. WH Immolation is 2712 Dot, 25 sec cooldown, AoE radius 16m, AoE targets 6, duration 12 sec; PU Plsama Bomb is 3200 DoT, 25 sec cooldown, skill range 20m, AoE radius 15m, AoE targets 6, duration 14 sec. WH Rising Tempest is 2500 Dot, 45 sec cooldown, AoE radius 30m, AoE targets 6, duration 14 sec; PU Ultra Plama Bullet is 3572 DoT, 35 sec cooldown, skill range 20m, AoE radius 14m, AoE targets 6, duration 14 sec. Make all PU skills on the ground 20m range max like all other classes; making slows skills, stun and even debuffs Penetration and Enfeeble) 25m range is so unbalanced since no other class can attack at that range. if a PU attack someone they should at least take some risk. PU damage is so high I don't really know why they even have DoT skills tbh... Even those DoT skill can do so high dmg without the DoT you can try it on test server. Sentinel: Nothing to say for now. Shadow Walker: Reduce crit-void debuffs (5k in total which basically is what most DPS got in all...) they already reduce DEF. It's so hard to build meaningful crit-void, anyone using crit-void knows well what I mean, then a DPS class is given -5k Crit-void, while actually already removing -320 DEF, -2600 VOID and -3800 of all resist when both debuffs maxed, and practically all SW in game are using uni collapse, I let you do the math. Remove DoT on Major Mech, really it has no place on SW Mech at all. SW have no need of extra DPS. SW Void Slash doesn't say in tooltip that it does damage while it actually does, also that skill don't take SW out of fade, this should be fixed. Whipper: Increase Rising Tempest DoT and reduce it's cooldown (30-35 secs), the skill is suposed to be WH "killer move" but it's actually the less effective DoT skill on WH... Lower DoT compared to other skills. It was originally the WH DoT skill with the highest DoT, Why it has been nerfed that much remains a mystery... Shorten animation for lightning Whip it take too much time to cast. On a general note: Lazurus Blessing (revive) should be disabled in NB, why would ME revive people in a BG???????