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  1. lethargy ps this means '' a state of tiredness, weariness, fatigue, or lack of energy. It can be accompanied by depression, decreased motivation, or apathy.''
  2. Doper


    Lmao and i thought i had allot of posts
  3. I wouldn't dare to troll imagine the horrors Vivi would do to us *shivers
  4. its a nice idea but the way it is and how the tracks are its kinda not usefull since just staying as close to the walls of the next turn and having the faster bike makes you an instant winner, this is not a racing game where you can speedup and slip making all the quirks of racing hard also there is no unit collision again really nice idea but wrong game, it could be that other gses willl do this event but it probaly wont be commig from me since the practical and theoretical / the game is not made for that kid of event. We/I do stand open for other mini games and events
  5. Doper

    L2 Clusters!

    oh thought youwere talking about the others ones oh yeah the4y are a pain to get derps
  6. Doper

    L2 Clusters!

    Step 1 farm archeron Step 2 salvage unis and rares step 3 profit
  7. Hey Guys I am here again bringing good news. After me trying the random number event out, it seemed to be a great succes and people liking it due to its simplicity and fun during the heavy grind we all go through. After asking arround for when and how many times and some other feedback from the players I have decided on the following format. There will be 2-5 event points(randomly decided) given out during a random number event. To make it even more random the day that it happens, the ammount of times the event happens a week and the hour is all randomised, but here is some small hints and tips (all is in server time) 1 I will try to do atleast 1/week ( i know i have promised this in the past and failed keeping it due to events that happend, thats why i have a compensation method(which is also random :O, for if i ever skip a week) 2 The Event will be at a random hour between 6 am until 1pm 3 If i do an event for Fk that doesnt mean i will directly go towards Rg or vice versa( there will be an equal ammount of events with equal rewards at the end of the week for both factions) 4 The numbers will always be arround 0-100, unless specified otherwise 5 You can only win 1 time per event Now I hope this explains the general stuff about this event, to keep to the theme of randomness there will be some(allot) of it Ps this could be interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxlCiV_axQ0 Good luck, grind well and have fun
  8. All this reminds me of scarlet blade after the shutdown of aeria good ol times :3
  9. Il be working on something over this weekend expect it next week wednesday +-
  10. Tbh even in iv with decent gear you dont need any tactics you can smash the boss if you have dps (+10 gear). same with at although its harder there but if you have +12 gear you can kill the first boss with chakra damage alone the 2nd boss is just surviving the third is a bit trickier but again if you have good enough gear you can survive the blasts and the last boss is just dpsing Also most bosses are straightforward if there are any tactics :s(hardest being asura in at, where you need to take the guardians to +-3k hp and let it appply the debuff.
  11. Mind saying with what bosses you are having issues with ?This since 90% of the bosses in Scarlet blade are mostly Dps/gear based to win. In general its +8/+10 gear(higher is better ofc) of your level and the cap of your level is the best for the dungeon you are interested in farming( cap levels are 29 39 49 59). There are no(atleast known) addons for doing dungeons.
  12. For all the european students of the world i am going to hold a weekly friday Pop quiz, The themes of the events will be different every time, but they will all be from my studies or past studies. It will be a as close as weekly(If there is none(due to university or anything else) Trivia event. It will be held on friday @ 8am SERVER TIME(could be that its 1-2 hours laters since i do oversleep allot) (which for easy conversion for you NA people, is 2am CST on friday morning). It will consist of 5 questions. Each question is worth 1 event point. You can only win ONCE per person (not toon, or account, or whatever, YOU only get 1 point). Points Will be given out by Gm Thy After the 5 questions, Answers must be in Shout only, the faction with which i start is fully random(using a toin coss to determine) Like this it will be fair. Do note that the time schedule is not a fixed time schedule but it will always be between 8 am and 11.30 am(server time gmt +1) Do you have burning questions go ask it in the forum post i made @generalDiscussions Have Fun and good luck
  13. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
  14. Hyperdimensional space station with a buttersalted potato and a dancing unicron dragon beast creature
  15. Doper

    Grand PvP Tournée

    Event has been canceled due to the lack of interest. We will try to rehost it on a later date, when there is more interest.
  16. Dear, Rg and Fk players. after a long wait We(Scorpion,extinct) have finally found the best way to host an PvP event as to it being fair and not too hard. This will be a first PvP event, in other words we wil limit it to what we can handle at this moment. If the event goes well we can host many more. The PvP event would be held starting from 19 august( after, al kasava time) until about 25 august the event can ofcourse take longer depending on schedules of players and Gamesages. The PvP event will be in a tournament format, with teams(5Rg vs 5Fk teams) competing for the headprize(25 points splitted among the team members). The rules are quite simple. Limit class of 2 No napalms, mother miracles, or cyberclusters Only lvl 59 are allowed (for this event, later events more brackets will be there) You must have a team name. Team leaders on discord/skype Players can surrender or substitute teams Minimal 6 teams, else the tournament gets canceled. The duels will be best out of the 3, the final will be best out of 5 Since this Event works with teams, we would like you too register using this link(only the teamleader has to register(the team)) Register Here (you can register until 17 august) Event will be streamed by Extinct Ps there will be a forum post at general discussion for questions. Pss you can now also join as a freewarrior, then just place in the registering your class and faction and name and then you will be placed into a team (drafted) Good luck arkana on the battleground. From your Lovely Gs'es Scorpion and Extinct.
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    So I have been following this thread for a while and I it's making me think, that I am the only sane person here....... Anyway You guys better watch some more normal stuff like the following stuff. This way you guys become sane.
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