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  1. Welcome atm the Rg are losing but more in gearwise but fk are losing in number wise but fk has gear thats the difference
  2. ^ I wish but actually I look more like this Now i am not gona post any private pictures due to several reasons ( I don't want some random fangirl aproaching me 24/7) and i don't want to get killed next time i walk publically. But you guys should be able to imagine from the picture above (although in a 17 year old body tho)
  3. Hi Kira(hehe sound a bit like a death note character name and you no like Sw :'( and what about cb
  4. well depends if you are fk then pm me when i'm online if you are rg then you can't
  5. Welcome Tara i am nubatmyleft from the rage Guild also better know as beaterkirito from asb also we have a teamspeak channel and skype chat group so if you want ts.mindlesscraft.eu (and go to the room where ilovetom8bees is in) if you want my skype send me a message or ask me to send you a message if you don't know how xP Welcome btw feel free to hit me up or any rage member to join
  6. Hey everyone i'm wondering what everybody listens to while being afk/gaming/etc This is whati'm listening too atm
  7. Hi spherical welcome to my stalking grounds
  8. triggers most of them are every 3-4 hours or 6 hours depends on wich one
  9. So I have been wondering why that post hasn't returned of limeox his skill simulator since i found that very usefull thats why i went looking on the web to find the link to his skill simulator and here it is http://lime-sb.byethost14.com/?i=1 I do not claim ownership just wanted to post these since nobody else reposted it and I and I think other people find it very usefull
  10. Welcome maybe you can build me a pc later since i'm throwing mine away soon
  11. Faction escort spawnpoint in ellis ? is there something like that never noticed and you don't have the scylla map it's just an ellis map and Python, Level 45 world boss, spawns at Fuel Mine at Python's Nest of Scylla ? i think some copy pasting went wrong there it's just at pythons nest
  12. Welcome Triad Twin saga is super cute and super cool have fun feel free to pm Asuna for the little help i can offer xP Have a nice stay
  13. Thank you i needed this for so long
  14. Welcome Piine :3 enjoy your stay
  15. I sincerly hope to meet you -- For fast answers on Questions call Dopper
  16. Yay a new forum model to try out :P (all excited)


    QQ Time to start a new again with my 355 posts


  17. Helllooo it's me Doper aka Michaël allot of you may or may not know me I am 17 years old and i love stalking forums as many of you may know. I play Twin saga, scarlet blade. My ingame chars are Asuna on twin saga and artemis/NubAtMyLeft in Scarletblade. Feel free to pm me for any questions you have or if you want me as a friend -- For fast answers on all of your Questions call Dopper <3
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