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    PvP Time Change

    To be honest the actual tw time for the whole south america are on the limite, our work time end around 06:30PM and the tw starts 07:00PM (at least here on brazil and some around countrys like chile, argentina and uruguay).
  2. I agree with the point that the gvg crystals are a problem, Just like Jordan mentioned, the problem is that ppl are more cordinated on gvg and the crystal arent a problem anymore. Not sure what can be done to "fix" this.. Maybe a % dmg reduction, a dmg cap system or even more hp should work?
  3. Well, in the last few weeks the PvP is completely dead, we can't have a fun or disputed tw anymore, mainly because the big guilds have given up but there are still two guilds entering with a relevant number of players in the pvp (Indigo and Garden) but practically we're always on the same side of tw and that's extremely frustrating.. I already know the answer that you don't want to straighten sides and fix guilds on blue team and red team anymore, but isn't it time to repay? My guild doesn't care about losing or winning tw, we only care about not being able to play and currently we can't because we depend on luck.. The "people are never happy" argument must have been taken into the last time you changed it, but as everyone can see, the server pvp is dead and pretty much buried. Pray for the PvP, this is the only thing we have to do at the end game.
  4. Gotcha. But racials have a positive place when we're talking about pvm specially, just like Asura humans in DS for the stun passive and etc. So maybe the %malice whe got as halfkins with the victory slam SHOULD help? Its a question cause i'm not a halfkin too. But as a zumi with the % atk with sword i know what are you talking about. I'm just trying to look into a consistent way to manage the aggro (specially in Sakuya that Exe's a must) with the actual Exe without removing some gears and specific talents/builds to lose dmg~
  5. Yeah, the dmg isnt the real problem but at the same time it is (?) Does someone tried to stack Victory Slam (halfkin racial skill) to get high amount of malice and see if you can manage the aggro?
  6. Yeah the biggest problem with Exe's nerf wasnt exactly the damage but the fact that malice is a big problem rn. Honestly i dont se any reason to nerf classes that arent strong in pvm when they're not a choose for pvp reasons since it doesnt unbalance the game itself. Me and my party are trying a strike party with AoJ instead of BM to check the dmg output, we lost a little dmg but the exec can deal with the aggro at least. I had a bad impression about the BM nerf at first glance but reviewing it i noticed that the dmg is almost the same at all, it loses a little but it is still enough to take the agro grom exes (my bm ir poorly geareg, i have around 300k patk and still get aggro from any Exe ain a single combo. In my opinion, zerk's nerf should be about the % dmg bonus he gives tho the group and not his damage itself, wich in turn is already low compared to any slash/club pdps in partys. I still believe that the patch was good, the changes have been positive, but i have a dutyr to criticize, praise and mainly question about the changes (being polite) and thats whay i have been doing on the exe nerf, especially.
  7. Yeah, we're trying to deal with the malice using the certs and capping the KP, its hard to deal but we're trying at least for the momment. I didnt tried with a new setup and 115 gears yet, had no time to build my mdps the actual meta. My oppinion was basedin a 6months meta so ignore me lol I'll look for an AE with ice instance to test and then i come back and edit this post with my new oppinion.
  8. I dont really care in gearing up a class that i wont to stay in the actual meta, as a MMORPG we know that meta's the most important thing for competitive pvm/pvp no matter where. My point with the MDPS was cause we had no reason to play with a magical class before HOO/DS and now with Abyss in PvM. But i still doesnt agree with Exe nerfs (even if i understand) cus keeping the aggro are way harder today ad it's problematic in some dungeons like Sakuya as our brotha said up there. I'm still waiting for a Time Manipulator buff to make the class competitive again, i've been playing with Tm for years and theres no space for me in any pt lmao
  9. I've been GS'ing (Vendeta and Shiyatsu) for a long time and i know how you feel when ppl are complaning about you and your job so i'm sorry if i offended you, Jordan. Even here in vgn worked for a little time with you being GS, so i know you better than the ordinary players and thats why i'll never say something like "he destroys what he touchs", im really glad for all the job you did till now. Maybe my limited english's automatic changing some words that i dont know how to xpress for things like "not playable anymore" the point is that i cant express myself 100% of what im thinking cause my english's a little limited. I'll not complain about changes (specially when are you buffing mdps) all i want to know when i made the topic was your reasons for the nerfs. As i said before, i understand every single nerf, my point was thinking in a whole party nerf cause in the actual meta Exe, BM and Zerk are mandatory. Probly this nerf's changing Bm for Asuras and coming back to the strike meta, but kust like you said Exe and Zerk are still usefull even with lower damage. Try to rethink about the KP in BM, i lost too many dmg. Im not even talking about the infinite KD cause i knew that was a bug (probly the skill was overlapping because a skill causes the efect and another one was procing the status? not sure lul) i just asked cause i didnt see any mention to the fix in the patch notes. I'm always waiting for changes so i cant complain when they're coming. Didnt asked about BA cause i literally doesnt care but a friend's crying too much, so: Can you give me your vision why the BA needs a nerf? Thanks for making it clearly and i hope you didnt understand me wrong. Thanks ♥
  10. Here we go talking about nerfs again: We start with the BM and Exe nerf (which are singularly fair, but together they are immoral) - 20% dmg dealt nerf in Exec: I think it would be fair if it were just that to be nerfed, but as we take nerf also in Zerk and BM (I will talk about next)I think it is totally unnecessary .. We killed part of PT's damage in a nerf that we brought ATKSPD in return .. Well, at least we will still be able to maintain the aggro of the bosses with the class because they managed to spoil the BM, so life goes on. - Zerk nerf: I don't agree but I understand, I think it's fair. -BM: 1 °: "fix" the extended KD combo was something thought out or was it by chance? If it really was a bug, I agree to be fixed but I expected to see the correction announced in the patch notes and not leave it aside and take us by surprise. 2nd: the nerf in% of damage from KPS was too high. Decreased 20% of BM damage, which, without the extended KD combo, will be a class to be excluded from the PVM going forward (it has been excluded from the PVP for a long time) due to the fact that there is no longer any need to debuff slash for BM and Pro Exe to hit since both lost 20% of the damage done. Will we return to Asura/strike meta again. -Lastly, the stun of AE thunder instance wasn't supposed to cause immunity? It does not cause today. I think the intention to bring the MDPS classes to the PVM of the game is cool, but I don't believe that Killing the p-dps classes is the way to go, and unfortunately today the BM and the Exe died. Exe will continue to be used, but more as a dealer but as a debuffer and the BM will disappear every day more. The biggest problem with all of this is that it was right after the new sets in which many spent a lot of resources to make a heavy set of full dmg and will no longer be useful because absolutely all 3 classes of heavy damage that were used became debuffers. I would like to receive an answer to the reasons, so that, if I don't agree, at least understand everyone's point of view. This is my opinion, it does not mean that everyone thinks the same or that I am right, so I would like to receive feedback.
  11. Coming back to the server since an year and my oppinion about how abyss's going: - Im really glad to see a "full mdps" boss/dgn on it, we have no reasons to play mdps in pve anymore and this brings a new way to go for who really want to play with those mages and even get harder for who doesnt have a single mdps class geared. - Just like Infec said, i think 1 fragment per bp craft seems better since fragments arent tradeble. - ASDP Heavy set are too op About the color changes for hairs and skins in some raciais that i saw in the last patchs: AMAZING! Now i just want to see some racial passives/skills balances for those who are freaking bad u.u
  12. Thank you for the clear awsner, Jordan!
  13. Wazzap guys, did someone tested the lv 115 Pike? The 10% Phys skill dmg+ is better than the -10 phys res from Awaken one? I need suggestions cause i wont upgrade a full lv 115 pike if it's worse than the awaken one PS: Using as DE. Awaken 115
  14. No class drops? then no % at gears. the point is that we cant deal with % if we have not class drops, its booring to spam trials to get a item and then in the 35 try we drop a 102% weap
  15. Pinkey


    Well, as Jordan said before "ppl gonna get bored if we stuck in cap 65 for a long time and quit if nothing happens" Then i'll just make a point here: we gonna rush to a full cap 65 in 2 weeks with 8x rates, so prepare to make a 2 month server. 1th week: lvling rush 2th week: everyone full class gearing 4th week: most tryhard players almost full gear 6th week: ppl start to being bored 3th month: ppl start to quit due to nothing to do cause everyones full lv 65 in 2 days thats what we want? i dun think the vanilla feeling about a classic server is a freaking 8x exp rate i'm still voting for a 2~3x rate
  16. i dont think theres any reason to change this system, Taking Memory as an example: theres 100 members and a few alts, theres a rule in the guild that alts cant do fame to farm, so.. hoje meu voto é não.
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