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Choose my Support & talk about Mimic


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Hi everyone,

I'm coming back in this game after a lot of years and a lot of things have change.
So I need your help for guiding me and not wasting my time.
For the moment I'm lv97 and I'm an OTP player.

Sooooo ...

I love playing the support job. Buffing, healing, debuffing. That the job I love.
I was playing Bard a lot of time in official but with the specialisation I really don't know wich classes can occupy this job.
So I have trying Mimic, that is a class I really really love. But I don't know if it's a competitive class for the endgame content.

I really need your knowledge to help me choose wich class I can main ^^
Thank you very much

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The time you can only use mimic is by running Daylight Forest, mimic is not really usable in any end game dungeons or trials as the Awaken Classes far outshine it.

Regarding on being a main healer it is a good role to choose as every party need a very good healer main who can switch between Totem Master, Adjudicator, and Paladin and sometimes change to Glacier Knight, Holy Sage and Life Worshipper (with anti sleep holy skill).

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6 hours ago, Belveline said:

So I have trying Mimic, that is a class I really really love. But I don't know if it's a competitive class for the endgame content.

As mimic lover, i feel you.
Mimic doesn`t have effective power of some healers, adjucator now days is my main Heal and i use this into 90% of dungeons.

Mimic is time controller during end game pvp, you can you it with CC, Sleep, double fear, stun, knock down, silence,and invisiblity which is hella good!
Into pve end game, majority of supports are Adjucator,Totem and Paladin, and Adjucator is holding this power now, propably will be the best pve healer for a while.

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Thank you very much for your answers.
That will help me a lot.

So sad about the Mimic 😢 That's the kind of class I love in RPG.

But I will see what my Adjudicator can do ^^

What about the Bard classes?
Any tips about Adjudicator?

EDIT: I've check a little the classes and I'm not sure I find my happiness. I had a lot of pleasure by playing Bard. Buffing during the fight, HoT, healing when necessary. I help everytime about survivability, regen, damage, debuff. With the classes that you told me about I'm not sure I can find that feelings :S

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Have you read/looked at Life Worshipper like bebe.gerl mentioned? It still has great heals, however, like infecttado mentioned, with end-game content, adjudicator, totem master, and paladin are better healers and preferred.

I primarily use Life Worshipper as a support to give the party an extra boost in stats. It still provides heals to the party (but not as much as the other main healing classes mentioned above). Soulchaser's Song with the holy skill is pretty neat as well. 

May want to check out:


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For now I play Adjudicator but it's not really what I like.
I've try Berserker, Paladin, Adjudicator, Totem Master, Life Worshipper but non of them give me the feelings of Bard and Mimic.
I'm a lover of Magical DPS but my guild leader tell me now the meta is Melee DPS.

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ye pve is highly slash meta due to how abundant - slash res is. outside a few outlier fights (late game content) slash is the preferred dmg type.as for supports which ones are you looking to play? the ones with buffs and debuffs, the ones with cc, or the high healing ones?

edit: i should also add that types of supports can also vary if you planning on just being in pve, or heading into group pvp. i don't find much use for life worshipper in pve except the move speed and hp buffs, but in huge raid parties with an elegant dancer they actually become powerful.

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