Dimension Trials - Drop Guide

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Dimension Trial - Kahlo Tower


  • Great Elemental Guardian's Helmet
  • Grim Bahemoth's Armor
  • Chaotic Dragon's Gloves
  • Tempest Enchanter's Leather Boots
  • Yagi's Power Gear
  • Sword of the Forgotten - Warrior
  • Songs of Compassion - Bard
  • Mace of Justice - Sage
  • Blade of the Holy Chaos Knight - Luminary


  • Grim Bahemoth's Belt
  • Tempest Enchanter's Belt
  • Elemental Voodoo Master's Brigandine
  • Infernal Pyromancer's Boots
  • Seven's Armor Key
  • Demon's Club - Warrior
  • Rules of Unholy Truths - Warlock
  • Rapier of Chaos - Rapier of Chaos
  • Lion's Honor - Mimic


  • Flame Cerberus's Leather Boots
  • Swift Hound's Leather Boots
  • Frost Spellbinder's Crown
  • Forst Spellbinder's Gloves
  • Michelano's Spirit
  • Skull Smasher - Warrior
  • Annihilation Cannon - Engineer
  • Five Sided Fistagon - Martial Artist
  • Unholy Staff of the Banished Warlock - Warlock


  • Chaotic Dragon's Armor
  • Divine Prophet's Crown
  • Divine Prophet's Gloves
  • Frost Spellbinder's Robe
  • Guardian of Kahlo Towers Power's Cube
  • Broken Blade - Warrior
  • Rhythmic Dance - Blade Dancer
  • Great Blood Knight's Axe - Templar


Dimension Trial - Graylin


  • Great Elemental Guardian's Belt
  • Flame Cerberus's Bracers
  • Infernal Pyromancer's Gloves
  • Divine Prophet's Boots
  • Natalia's Secret Stash
  • Fierce Impact - Warrior
  • Queen's Protector - Knight
  • Iron Fist - Martial Artist
  • Nature Mace - Shaman


  • Flame Cerberus's Brigandine
  • Wicked Necromancer's Brigandine
  • Swift Hound's Belt
  • Frost Spellbinder's Belt
  • LAB-TR-000's Heart
  • Neck Shredder - Thief
  • Great Grimoire of Illusions - Illusionist
  • Great Blood Knight's Sword - Templar
  • Ultimate Dragon Tamer - Dragon Knight


  • Grim Bahemoth's Gauntlets
  • Tempest Enchanter's Brigandine
  • Divine Prophet's Robe
  • Frost Spellbinder's Boots
  • Forsinol's Bone
  • Hunter's Mark - Hunter
  • Sword of Elegance - Blade Dancer
  • Templar's Justice - Templar


  • Swift Hound's Brigandine
  • Tempest Enchanter's Crown
  • Infernal Pyromancer's Robe
  • Divine Prophet's Belt
  • Guardian of Graylin Power Cube
  • Holy Rules - Cleric
  • Skull Cracker - Thief
  • Queen's Savior - Knight
  • Great Blood Knight's Katana - Templar


Dimension Trial - Meteor Crater


  • Great Elemental Guardian's Boots
  • Wicked Necromancer's Leather Boots
  • Swift Hound's Brigandine
  • Frost Spellbinder's Robe
  • Luala's Lucid Jewel
  • Warrior's Blade - Warrior
  • Holy Cleric's Mace - Cleric
  • Air Cutter - Thief
  • King's Lance - Dragon Knight


  • Great Elemental Guardian's Armor
  • Grim Bahemoth's Helmet
  • Wicked Necromancer's Belt
  • Elemental Voodoo Master's Belt
  • Stonmo's Hideous Mask
  • Ranger's Pistol - Ranger
  • Spear of the Dragon Slayer - Dragon Knight
  • Sword of the Darkest Magic - Luminary
  • Face of the Demon - Mimic


  • Chaotic Dragon's Belt
  • Tempest Enchanter's Brigandine
  • Infernal Pyromancer's Robe
  • Divine Prophet's Robe
  • Taipan's Golden Jewel
  • Justice Staff - Cleric
  • Paladin's Protection - Templar
  • Shield of Valor - Mimic


  • Great Elemental Guardian's Gauntlets
  • Flame Cerberus's Hat
  • Elemental Voodoo Master's Gloves
  • Elemental Voodoo Master's Leather Boots
  • Guardian of Meteor Crater Power's Cube
  • Holy Cleric's Scepter - Cleric
  • Tsubari - Samurai
  • Spear of the Dragon Hunter - Dragon Knight


Dimension Trial - Rheutear Temple


  • Chaotic Dragon's Armor
  • Flame Cerberus's Brigandine
  • Wicked Necromancer's Gloves
  • Infernal Pyromancer's Belt
  • Lino's Tusk
  • Warrior's Soul - Warrior
  • Great Blood Knight's Spear - Templar
  • Celestial Bow - Ranger
  • Doomsday Scythe - Mimic


  • Grim Bahemoth's Armor
  • Wicked Necromancer's Leather Hat
  • Swift Hound's Leather Hat
  • Swift Hound's Gloves
  • Lendar's Special Feather
  • Holy Knight's Honor - Knight
  • Templar's Honor - Templar
  • Evalach - Mimic


  • Grim Bahemoth's Boots
  • Chaotic Dragon's Boots
  • Flame Cerberus's Belt
  • Wicked Necromancer's Brigandine
  • Wanda's Diamond
  • Magic Cannon - Engineer
  • Nature's Power - Shaman
  • Tachi - Samurai
  • Holy Hammer - Sage


  • Chaotic Dragon's Helmet
  • Tempest Enchanter's Gloves
  • Elemental Voodoo Master's Hat
  • Infernal Pyromancer's Crown
  • Guardian of Rheutear Temple's Power Cube
  • Great Magician's Staff - Magician
  • Demonic Riffs - Bard
  • Holy Knight's Blade - Knight


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Here is a more direct set guide (in case this is what you are looking for):


Great Elemental Guardian Set

Great Elemental Guardian's Helmet - Yagi (Kahlo Tower)
Great Elemental Guardian's Armor - Stonmo (Meteor Crater)
Great Elemental Guardian's Belt - Natalia (Graylin)
Great Elemental Guardian's Gauntlets - Lilli (Meteor Crater)
Great Elemental Guardian's Boots - Luala (Meteor Crater)

Grim Bahemoth Set

Grim Bahemoth's Helmet - Stonmo (Meteor Crater)
Grim Bahemoth's Armor - Yagi (Kahlo Tower), Lendar (Rheutear Temple)
Grim Bahemoth's Belt - Seven (Kahlo Tower)
Grim Bahemoth's Gauntlets - Forsinol (Graylin)
Grim Bahemoth's Boots - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)

Chaotic Dragon Set

Chaotic Dragon's Helmet - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple)
Chaotic Dragon's Armor - Bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower), Lino (Rheutear Temple)
Chaotic Dragon's Belt - Taipan (Meteor Crater)
Chaotic Dragon's Gloves - Yagi (Kahlo Tower)
Chaotic Dragon's Boots - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)



Flame Cerberus Set

Flame Cerberus's Hat - Lilli (Meteor Crater)
Flame Cerberus's Brigandine - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin), Lino (Rheutear Temple)
Flame Cerberus's Belt - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)
Flame Cerberus's Bracers - Natalia (Graylin)
Flame Cerberus's Leather Boots - Michelano (Kahlo Tower)

Wicked Necromancer Set

Wicked Necromancer's Leather Hat - Lendar (Rheutear Temple)
Wicked Necromancer's Brigandine - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin), Wanda (Rheutear Temple)
Wicked Necromancer's Belt - Stonmo (Meteor Crater)
Wicked Necromancer's Gloves - Lino (Rheutear Temple)
Wicked Necromancer's Leather Boots - Luala (Meteor Crater)

Swift Hound Set

Swift Hound's Leather Hat - Lendar (Rheutear Temple)
Swift Hound's Brigandine - Aelius (Graylin), Luala (Meteor Crater)
Swift Hound's Belt - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin)
Swift Hound's Gloves - Lendar (Rheutear Temple)
Swift Hound's Leather Boots - Michelano (Kahlo Tower)

Tempest Enchanter Set

Tempest Enchanter's Crown - Aelius (Graylin)
Tempest Enchanter's Brigandine - Forsinol (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater)
Tempest Enchanter's Belt - Seven (Kahlo Tower)
Tempest Enchanter's Gloves - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple)
Tempest Enchanter's Leather Boots - Yagi (Kahlo Tower)

Elemental Voodoo Set

Elemental Voodoo Master's Hat - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple)
Elemental Voodoo Master's Brigandine - Seven (Kahlo Tower)
Elemental Voodoo Master's Belt - Stonmo (Meteor Crater)
Elemental Voodoo Master's Gloves - Lilli (Meteor Crater)
Elemental Voodoo Master's Leather Boots - Lilli (Meteor Crater)



Infernal Pyromancer Set

Infernal Pyromancer's Crown - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple)
Infernal Pyromancer's Robe - Aelius (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater)
Infernal Pyromancer's Belt - Lino (Rheutear Temple)
Infernal Pyromancer's Gloves - Natalia (Graylin)
Infernal Pyromancer's Boots - Seven (Kahlo Tower)

Divine Prophet Set

Divine Prophet's Crown - Bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower)
Divine Prophet's Robe - Forsinol (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater)
Divine Prophet's Belt - Aelius (Graylin)
Divine Prophet's Gloves - Bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower)
Divine Prophet's Boots - Natalia (Graylin)

Frost Spellbinder Set

Frost Spellbinder's Crown - Michelano (Kahlo Tower)
Frost Spellbinder's Robe - Bel-chandra(Kahlo Tower), Luala (Meteor Crater)
Frost Spellbinder's Belt - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin)
Frost Spellbinder's Gloves - Michelano (Kahlo Tower)
Frost Spellbinder's Boots - Forsinol (Graylin)




Skull Smasher - Michelano (Kahlo Tower)
Fierce Impact - Natalia (Graylin)
Warrior's Blade - Luala (Meteor Crater)
Skull Cracker - Aelius (Graylin)
Warrior's Soul - Lino (Rheutear Temple)
Sword of the Forgotten - Yagi (Kahlo Tower)
Broken Blade - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower)
Demon's Club - Seven (Kahlo tower)


Holy Knight's Blade - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple)
Holy Knight's Honor - Lendar (Rheutear Templar)
Queen's Protector - Natalia (Graylin)
Queen's Savior - Aelius (Graylin)


Templar's Justice - Forsinol (Graylin)
Templar's Honor - Lendar (Rheutear Templar)
Great Blood Knight's Axe - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower)
Great Blood Knight's Katana - Aelius (Graylin)
Great Blood Knight's Spear - Lino (Rheutear Temple)
Great Blood Knight's Sword - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin)
Paladin's Protection - Taipan (Meteor Crater)

Dragon Knight

Ultimate Dragon Tamer - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin)
Spear of the Dragon Hunter - Lillli (Meteor Crater)
Spear of the Dragon Slayer - Stonmo (Meteor Crater)
King's Lance - Luala (Meteor Crater)




Neck Shredder - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin)
Air Cutter - Luala (Meteor Crater)

Martial Artist

Iron Fist - Natalia (Graylin)
Five Sided Fistagon - Michelano (Kahlo Tower)

Blade Dancer

Sword of Elegance - Forsinol (Graylin)
Rhythmic Dance - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower)


Tachi - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)
Tsubari - Lillli (Meteor Crater)




Hunter's Mark - Forsinol (Graylin)


Annihilation Cannon - Michelano (Kahlo Tower)
Magic Cannon - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)


Celestial Bow - Lino (Rheutear Temple)
Ranger's Pistol - Stonmo (Meteor Crater)


Doomsday Scythe - Lino (Rheutear Temple)




Great Magician's Staff - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple)


Great Grimoire of Illusions - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin)


Unholy Staff of the Banished Warlock - Michelano (Kahlo Tower)
Rules of Unholy Truths - Seven (Kahlo tower)


Blade of the Holy Chaos Knight - Yagi (Kahlo Tower)
Sword of the Darkest Magic - Stonmo (Meteor Crater)
Rapier of Chaos - Seven (Kahlo tower)




Holy Cleric's Mace - Luala (Meteor Crater)
Holy Cleric's Scepter - Lillli (Meteor Crater)
Justice Staff - Taipan (Meteor Crater)
Holy Rules - Aelius (Graylin)


Songs of Compassion - Yagi (Kahlo Tower)
Demonic Riffs - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple)


Nature Mace - Natalia (Graylin)
Nature's Power - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)


Mace of Justice - Yagi (Kahlo Tower)
Holy Hammer - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)


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