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Anniversary Event [DONE]

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Hey guys !

Today I propose an Event,

For Eden's birthday, we'll have to write a poem while thanking the GMs and GSs.
However, it will be necessary to place 5 specific words in the poem :

Chocolate / Alpaca / Absorb / Mythical / Abstractly

Other rule, it will be 5 different Paragrpah

A title

Paragraph 1: For Bash,
Paragraph 2: For Vivi,
Paragraph 3: for Jordan,
Paragraph 4: For Thy,
Paragraph 5: The GS,

Minimum of line: 15.

Especially be Originals, and no insult or drama!

1st 5 Event point,
2nd 3 Event point,
3th 1 event point,

The event starts today and will end on October 4th, and then you will be voted until October 7th

Players will be able to vote for a few days (GM and GS can vote too).

Good Luck guys !


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21 hours ago, COmetkun99 said:

Does the specific words one per paragraph? Or random I mean you can put it anywhere in your poem? 

Good luck to this who will join

You can place them where you want them the 5 specific words

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8 minutes ago, Lynn said:

So is this two options? Either write a poem w/ the 5 words or write 5 paragraphs about the staff?

You need to write poem about staff but put thoes 5 words somewhere in there its not or or option

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Bash: I think most of the original players from PlayEden (or even Aeria) can, without a doubt, thank you for bringing back a private server for Eden that has actual updates, as well as no P2W. A lot of us thought that another private server of EE was just an abstractly idea. Well, until you decided to host one for us. I know that you're a dedicated and a hard-working GM, and you probably didn't need to be told even this. So without a doubt, thank you for these amazing years of Eden Eternal Vendetta. I wonder what else is there to expect from you and your staff!

Vivi: Always there with Bash, like a right-hand woman. Making altars, some cool-looking dye colors, and adding new colored weapons. I remembered when it was a mythical idea to even recolor some of those weapons, but you always were determined. One of the most creative people I've met, so keep at it!

Jordan: Oh yes, the 'lil Zumi guy. I'm not a fan of rats, but I'll have a pass for you. Ever since you got GM, you've introduced a lot of cool concepts and content into Eden Eternal. So for you, I will give you some chocolate, and I promise it's not secret rat poison. But for real, good job and keep it up. 

Thy: Hey Thy, long time no see. Thank you for your work as a GM! Hope to see you around more often, maybe we can take a picture together riding on alpacas. Cheers, and I hope you're doing well. 

GSs: The unsung heroes, or heroines. Thanks for keeping the peace, and even though you guys absorb the brunt of peoples' rage, there are others that appreciate the helpfulness, kindness of hosting events, and overall activeness y'all have. So thanks!

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Eden Eternal! 

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Bash - Its been 3 years for Eden Eternal and we are very thankful that you are hosting the game. I never played the game from Aeria, but all I can this is an amazing game. Kudos to you Bash. Here, eat some chocolate candy. Almost Halloween!:D

Vivi - Thank you so much for helping Jordan with the patch. You're a one cool person that doesn't take any bs from anyone. People should be aware if they get on your nerves, their dingaling will be cut off. muahhahahah. Just kidding. In all honestly, the GM team makes a perfect foursome and its all I can say:). You can ride the alpacas and see the beautiful glow from your pet. Keep going, don't stop.

Jordan - Hello mate, how've you been? Hope you feel better from your cold. When you feel better, come back with your amazing Absorb-ing ideas and give your all for the amazing patch and being a amazing GM. We hope that awakening Lvl 100 weapon, Lvl armors are for real! So right now, drink some tea or eat some comfort foods to get better from your illness and come back stronger than ever.

Thy - Hello, Thy. You've a pretty good GM too. Popping up from no where and laying a smackdown on the abstractly evildoers, lol. Thank you your hard work even though we all know that you're busy in real life. Come and check on us here and there, so we, the players, can have some fun chatting with ya.

GS - Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to to this game. Without all you all, we wont be having events like this one or other events in game. So proud of you guys. In my mind, the GS team are Mythical creatures and works hard to help the GMs when they are not around. Thanks GS team. Lets go!




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Bash- Hello, nice to meet you,
 I am pretty new here but I would like to say thank you,
Eden Eternal is quite progressive,
but seeing the Eden eternal private server is even more impressive,
Thank you so much for all your
abstract ideas,
You have dedicated a lot of time, effort, and excellent work,

 And for that you deserve a strawberry shortcake dessert!

Vivi- Hello as well, nice to meet you,
Thank you so much for your amazing designs,
and creating altars with
mythical shines,
You are an inspiration to gfxing,
You are also quite artistic with creating,
Thank you so much for all your hard work and determination,
I can't wait to see more designs of fascination!

Jordan- Hello, nice to meet you as well,
So I heard you are within the Zumi race,
I heard they give quite a chase,
You have established a lot of amazing content,
and brought a new style of advent,
You stride through the game on your glorious
I wonder if it would like some bacca,
Thank you so much for everything you've done,
I can't wait to see what will come!

Thy- Hello, nice to meet you,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work,
You help find all the problems that lurk,
I hope one day I will see you on the game like everyone else,
Also hope you like
chocolate since Halloween is coming,
Thank you again for all your helping,

GS- Hello, nice to meet you all,
Just yesterday I got help from one of you,
Thank you so much for your time and effort you put into this game,
You aim to please everyone that plays this game,
You all tend to
absorb the most problems,
but you each are fantastically awesome,
Thank you so much for all of your work,
And thanks so much for everything you do,

Happy Halloween! Boo!

~Happy 3rd Anniversary!~

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