Teh Donger has returned :D

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18 hours ago, Kamsos said:

My donger bills were wet so i had to take a 6 month break due to school. I am still in school but I am now playing again!


See you soon and YA YEET!

@Kamsos I just give you? a follow?I knew it had toCROSS you in your WILDEST? DREAMS ?nobody gives up ON their passion? "home? is where the heart♥️ IS" IT always HURTS? me so MUCH? whenever i hear about someone quitting?️ game AS much as i waited? so long? to join THIS game (on June 14th 2018) & FINALLY start using forum (on January 4th 2019) if you know POOR@Filomena she may have lost someone(Inquistor? GUILD) in Mistery L39 PU, WHOM may no ?️ longer be with us Screenshot_20190208-081312.png                                                                                      Discord?️IS Petty#8263 if you ON ? or USE?️

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