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  1. Kamsos

    Farewell VSB B|

    Rest in pepperoni, never forgoni
  2. Kamsos

    School Absense

    Good Evening Mortals, From this day till may 9th, i will not be active during this time because i am going to be a full time collage student. I will come online at times to see how its doing and when i am on a break. I Hope everyone understand this to both RGs and FKs alike. In case who am I, My main toons are Warhog and DongerLord. Hope to see you soon and wish me luck! -Coolangel
  3. Kamsos

    Quitting SB for a while

    I appreciate the respond. I have already done so
  4. Kamsos

    Quitting SB for a while

    Dont worry I am working on it! I am very sorry DrDieLess.
  5. Evening Mortals. I heard the events going on between my friend and I on SB due to these "cheaters" ruining the game (If they're any, Not calling anyone out btw). But my friend has really put his soul and heart for this game for so long. Not because of the sexy girls and stuff (but they're cute tho), but the mechanics of SB has. Me and my friend share the same account together (dont worry, we use the seal function to keep our stuff safe from stupid mistakes). If i was a Game Developer (in the process of being one), It should be my 2nd remastered game on my list (The first one I want to remaster is a secret btw so i wont go into detail :D). As you can see in the title above; Me, Coolangel, will be locking my account for the time being, in order to calm his temper. My friend is very chill every time, but I have seen him so mad at this for no reason at all cuz its just a game, its not real but just mind-seeping. As of today, I will not be playing SB as of today, but Ill be secretly logging on to check on everyone from today's event. I hope you all understand this conflict. If not, that's cool I also understand too. Btw if your interested of finding my friend's character, He is Warhog, a FK DE that you've seen most of the time and Gunslinger, a RG SE. Please don't accuse me as him because that is NOT me at all. Ill make another account just for him so you guys wont be confused and accusing the wrong person, meaning his punishment is that he wont go back to his DE anymore. I hope everything clears up right now and I hope the situation will be back to normal soon. I love you all and see you all again in a few weeks or months. Take Care -Coolangel
  6. Kamsos

    Greetings Mortals

    Thanks guys, ill do my best
  7. Hello there! Its seems i have been watching you for quite some time (which i wasnt lol). I am Coolangel AKA The worst medic of all type of SB history :P. I have returned from a long absence and exile and also guilt. I have changed alot since the beginning of the Vile Days with F4 and other old players. Anyways, lets try to make a deal or an alliance for both FK and RG factions so we can achieve balance and equality but also have some good pvp battle too. I might not like pvp but i want to learn the basic of PVP tactics. Its good to be back and help this game to live as long as possible. Have a good day, Mortals (not making fun of you just for funzies :D) -Coolangel