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  1. there is no joke to this why are you reading this when you know the answer. still don't know? ill tell you why. Lack of content, updates, people, and most of all, feedback. you get it now? good. goodbye....... forever........... ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
  2. Greetings Mar! WB to the sexiest game of all time. Glad your back
  3. I agree. I think replacing the earrings in Seona DG into uni rare costumes. Will really help with the community
  4. Hello fellow gamers! Turns out after and during the event of Halloween, I've decided to return to SB for a bit. Not because of fame but due to boredom. Heard that LordKonton left recently, which saddens me since I don't have a side donger with me. Anywho, Ill see you online soon (which you guys seen me, DongerLord, roaming.) -DongerLord/Coolangel
  5. The title (almost says it all). I might be considering returning here for a limited time just of my self made gaming tradition: Old Games Month. Its a yearly event i do every October. This is also implies to the New Games Month in November. Soooooooooo....... I am coming back fellow peeps. Getting my donger lubed up for this return. 😀 See yall soon once more! 😍😁
  6. Greeting fellow players, I am bringing bad news, (or good news to those who don't like me), to the SB community. I am quitting for good. Reason: The game felt repetitive and hasn't gone through major changes in the past 2 months (maybe even longer). Plus the game has started to lose my interest over time. I am keeping my gear and locking them away forever till the game shuts down (or if it will). Hope you guys understand my decision. I bid you guys farewell and I hope you guys do well in the future! Take care and stay strong!
  7. Don't AFK! You will not like the penalty. Who in the hell you think your life is more important than me?! I should've stayed locked. I can see the toxicity between the zeRGs and the Few Knuts right now.......
  8. Real talk; Has anyone want to make this like an official topic to where we discuss about class and balance changes to pvp grounds? We all love pvp, but both RGs and FKs are in a war when it comes to classes like WHs, MEs, PUs, SEs and SWs. My suggestion is too give a stat to all classes to make all damage and buff effects halved in pvp grounds while keep the normal damage and buff effects the same in pve grounds and dungeons. Also give all classes a stat limit to where we cant go over it. For instance, a PU having 15k CRIT-ATTK and we limit to only to 10k, even when buffed we cant go over it. SWs with crazy amounts of EVA, CH-EVA could receive a limit as well. I know we might get some augments to this but everyone has their opinion towards feedback right? I mean C'mon! Feedback keeps games alive (besides new content). Lets talk about this and have the GMs, GSs and the consumers, which is us, say in this discussion. Lets discuss away!
  9. 1. Don't be alarmbe, it's just harambe! 2. I can sense a tension between the commander and your arkana's greed towards loot... shame on you! 3. You need to rank up! I heard it's good for your "health".
  10. My donger bills were wet so i had to take a 6 month break due to school. I am still in school but I am now playing again! See you soon and YA YEET!
  11. Good Evening Mortals, From this day till may 9th, i will not be active during this time because i am going to be a full time collage student. I will come online at times to see how its doing and when i am on a break. I Hope everyone understand this to both RGs and FKs alike. In case who am I, My main toons are Warhog and DongerLord. Hope to see you soon and wish me luck! -Coolangel
  12. I appreciate the respond. I have already done so
  13. Dont worry I am working on it! I am very sorry DrDieLess.
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