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World Bosses; Where are they?! (and other points of interest!)


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I know there are a lot of new people that are itching for fighting something much, much larger than yourselves. So here's a post on where all the bosses are! :D

Bosses also have a max level cap, like dungeons, of 10 levels. If anyone goes to a bosses, that they are too high of a level for, you run the change of bugging the boss and no drops will happen. So if you go to Argos, please make sure that you are L43. Widow Maker is L49, and so forth.


CX-1 Destroyer, Level 18 world boss, spawns at Fuel Mine at north side of Enocia.



Devilkin Overlord, Level 28 world boss, spawns at Frozen Basin at north side of Mereholt.



Argos, Level 34 world boss, spawns at Confessional on the way to Ignis Vortex
Widowmaker, Level 40 world boss, spawns at Statue of the Forgotten God north side of Barbiron



The main bossed of Viledon are Asmodeus Level 40 Lost Temple, Helios Level 33 mid map near FK base, Behemoth Level 36 mid map near RG base, Cairn Level 39 mid center of Map



Python, Level 45 world boss, spawns at Fuel Mine at Python's Nest of Scylla



Catherine Level 49 Crashed Spaceship (mid map)
Haziel Level 45 Near Magma Tower (left mid map)
Ankelos Level 45 Near Magma Tower (left mid map)
Nephilim Angel Level 45 Occupied Fortres South East
Nephilim Stea Level 45 Occupied Fortres North West

Green circles represent all the mini-bosses of the map.



Red: World Bosses Ancient Giant (top of map) and Omega Specimen (bottom)
Green : Mini Bosses Gorilla, King Paphis, Golden Spike, The One, Srategic Commander
Purple: Faction Escort Spawn point
Blue: Faction Crates
Yellow: Portal entrance = Bunker / Al Akasava
To Switch to other Faction side of map use operational portal

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Faction escort spawnpoint in ellis ? is there something like that :o never noticed


and you don't have the scylla map it's just an ellis map :P

and  Python, Level 45 world boss, spawns at Fuel Mine at Python's Nest of Scylla  ?

i think some copy pasting went wrong there it's just at pythons nest

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Ok, this always seems to be a point of confusion about bosses, so here are some times. Please feel free to add/correct this, as I don't know all the bosses spawn times.

These times are based on server time. Please convert them to your own timezone! :)

CX-1/DVK/Titan/Argos/Widow Maker all spawn at 12:20pm and every 6hours after that. So 4 times a day in total

Catherine/Asmodeus spawn at 12:30pm and every 6hours. So 10mins after the above bosses.

Omega spawns at 11:30am and every 3hr interval (so 8:30pm, 11:30pm, etc).

Giant spawns at 10:30am and every 3hr interval.

Ankelos is 9:40pm and every 6hr interval

Haziel is 10:20pm and every 6hr interval

Stea is 8:20pm and every 6hr interval

Angel is 9:20pm and every 6hr interval.

I cannot remember the spawn times of Helios/Cairn/Behemoth. I know a combination of them spawn every 3hrs, starting at 12:30pm, but cannot remember the order of which bosses when. Please help fill in the blanks!

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