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    You can farm EP in-game very easily via Path of Destiny so this isn't really an issue, I myself farmed my EP for 1-90 achieves on three characters. Coronas on the other hand, most people are hording and typically that's what people do when they don't need them but have no need for gold either. But there's also the fact altar is played a little less currently, ECs seem to be harder to find right now imo, but people have asked about this before and been told no, it's already easy enough to get these items, so overall the GMs will have to decide.
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    Hi Guys i have been doing the SP3 quest and the drop rate for my lvl 94 c23 archer . is low . i don't know how drop rate should be at my lvl for this quest but it is really tilting and the quest is all about gathering items and it takes forever to be hunting just for drops. Please guys help me what should i do? and please GMs Look at this matter. thank you
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    As Nanami said, Ep isnt much of an issue because Path of Destiny, people usually sells em or use your daily login coins to get the 50 pack. As for Corona's it is a slight issue for me imo due to them being decently high up in the alter and people hoarding them for future purposes as again what Nanami said.
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    It's a medic thread, we revive dead shit...except @Bikini (that can stay dead)
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    Did you expect a reply like " It will be added tomorrow, as you wished, Sir DarkAngel" ? You do realize that creating/balancing SPs does not happen in a matter of minutes. Also what happened in beginning of may slowed down the process. And obviously, that's not the only thing that is being worked on.