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    I fixed it, sorry, Thanks for fast answer, tho next timeyou come online, i wish to have a talk with you. If it interest you. ^^ Or add me back discord.
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    Think she means the verbal abuse type of harassment. Being it being toxic on shout or whisper.
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    Im seeing an increase number in new faces I dont know if its an alt or people from nostale, we need to do something so they will stay, I am currently helping 4 new players because they are AP buyers it might be a waste to let them go.
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    No one has ever suggested it before so it's not even something I thought of tbh.
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    There's not much I can do in terms of someone getting killed in a pvp map. It's part of the game and not against the rules. Its when that person openly harassing them about it, then we can do something for it.
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    Level 105 should have good drop rates? If you're talking about bloods apparently Crystal Utopian Realm is the best place to farm them but I cannot be sure just based of Word of Mouth. If you mean 110 then the rates are based on 75-80 content rates which are a little lower than 90-100 rates that we're used to, this was to avoid people having banks upon banks of materials and them actually being worth something in the market for people to buy/sell like they used to be before.