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  1. Now that we’ve leveled up to 60+ I’ve come to realize there are things im now unable to do because they are inaccesible to 60+ characters. Theres no way to get collection replicube feats because the collection replicubes only drop in lower level maps and we can only get them by purchasing them at exorbitant prices in the consignment sale, theres no way to get ancient jewels or spanners unless you buy them from consignment sale because they only drop in ellis pvp quests. There’s no way to get unique costumes like the bunny suit or the unique weapon skins because they only drop in lower level BG’s/dungeons. Unless they add them to 60+ content we can only get them by creating an entirely new character and leveling them/ gearing them to that particular lvl cap. Is it possible to add collection replicubes to the drop tables in DV or suer dungeon mobs? Is it possible to add the ancient jewel/spanner replicubes to the escort quests in amara to motivate PvP in the new map? Is it possible to add unique weapon/costumes to the 60+ janus BG or the DV/Amara world bosses?
  2. My IGN is Lannette dumbass, I’ve been playing since caergate patch back in aeria and I’ve PvP’ed against you countless times since then, I’ve seen how you play and I know what I’m talking about. I don’t need to prove you wrong because anyone with enough experience knows boxes don’t make pvp unfair and even add more complexity to it by making positioning more significant. Your argument is almost the same as saying that obstacles should be removed because they make you lose target and cant attack through them. When someone stands on the box you change your strategy to take that into consideration, if thats such a conundrum for you to work around it that you have to make a post about it then I genuinely feel sorry for you I’ve played every single class in the game and i’ve never seen the boxes as an issue. But clearly you cant hear anyones opinion but your own without getting triggered, which makes having any kind of conversation with you pointless.
  3. Thats actually what MMO’s are supposed to be like though, you’re not supposed to be able to level up as fast as we have, ive played MMO’s where it takes months to get even a single level. I remember playing a game called rising force where you had to have an entire party on the highest mobs in the game for hours just to get like 5% exp per hour, all whille contesting the area from 2 other factions who wanted to control the exp area as well, dying in that game was a lot more punishing than it is in SB, dying here is a joke because you revive almost instantly and the maps are easy to travel since bikes are so fast. Theres no environmental hazards here and mobs here are actually mindless zombies that will only ever kill you if you let them. This gane is super easy mode compared to the majority of MMO’s out there MMO’s are SUPPOSED to be near impossible to play alone and this idea most players in SB have that they want to be able to do everything by themselves is just straight up kirito mentality
  4. - They give up mobility as in they cant follow their allies to heal them unless they drop down, the only reason you think this is hilarious is because your idea of pvping is running in a straight line to your enemy and/or pulling them directly to you. - so? It means that theres actually no difference between standing on it and not standing on it in regards to most cc’s, and aoe attacks are actually possible in case you havent tried them, please try to think before mindlessly answering whatever pops into your head - the point of stuns if attacks arent possible is disabling the target long enough for their teammates to die so they become isolated and easier to kill which is what happens most of the time when medics do stand on them and their teammates get pulled by a whipper or cb - And turnpike is a 20+ bg that is a lot bigger than second ark which is 50+ so your last argument is clearly flawed, the reason some battlegrounds are bigger is to accomodate a larger number of players to play in them simultaneously, which we only ever got to see during the beta.
  5. I disagree, i think the boxes are fine, you can argue that a medic can stand on them to ignore some attacks but that also means they are giving up mobility to do so. Ive seen medics stand on them only to get cc’ed and be unable to reach their allies in time. You can argue that punishers can siege up and be a little safer while attacking but that just makes it even easier to avoid their damage altogether since you can just move outside their range and basically make them useless. You can still easily get pulled by a whipper from the boxes and most cc’s like SW disables and stuns are aoe’s that still hit their targets even if they are on the boxes. I consider them to be an additional gameplay mechanic that can favor you AND hinder you depending on how you use them.
  6. Actually they would because boosters only last for 1 hour and chips are permanent, its a better investment in the long run
  7. I also think arkana exp and hunting exp chips are worthless due to having such low values but i dont think it should be 200-400% increase, thats way too much for what is essentially a permanent buff. Something like 25-50% exp is doable though, so that if you have both chips lvl 2 you can get a 100% exp increase.
  8. Basically what I do is exactly what you described but I go a little further... Always smash the E key Get a fetch pet datachip so your pet will loot you an extra item And if you want to really tryhard looting hide all nearby characters with F11 and zoom in to your character (not all the way, but close enough so that the items in the ground close to you are bigger and easier to click) and spam right click on a random area nearby, has to be close enough so that if u right click something it wont make your character move towards it to pick it up. I zoom in about 10 seconds before my prediction of when the boss will die and spam right click about 5 seconds before it dies, can get you an extra 1-2 drops if you do it right because right click looting is actually faster than E key looting (again when done right). that third option is for when you are killing a boss and there are a huge number of players nearby (like AK Vanguards for instance) because the nearby players disappear from your screen theres nothing to block you from clicking the item.
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