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  1. Zaktsu

    SB PVP what happened?

    need to release legendary gear/rank 3 jewels/l3 chips/the rest of the suer maps because i'm trying to enter turnpike but i get 0 rg and tuesday ak was 5 rg and 4 fk. rg are not bothering with free earrings anymore.
  2. Zaktsu

    Last Man Posting: [CLOSED Final Round]

    clean that finger extra word extra word
  3. Zaktsu

    change the BG already

    we played janus for so freaking long and people abusing the boxes by standing on them, giving them invincibility especially medics. we cant target the medics and they heal the whole freaking party with no issues as if they are in PVE.
  4. hes frustrated from the lack of content and change
  5. Zaktsu

    Patch Feedback

    my pu can get about 146% acc, my se has 12900 eva with bubble with missing L2 eva chip + 200, bunny suit + 300, perfect eva randoms +150-200, and shit stat shoe +100. 10% chance aint hitting often, not in 3-4 hits. i'm sure you know this. also lv 65 suit gives 700 or so eva just from +0 alone.
  6. Zaktsu


    people didnt quit because rg came stronger. you don't know that for a fact. people quit for other reasons too. do please show me a video of this army and add every FK total and see how pale in comparison it is to your army. and i dont go cuz last time i went i was the only one there, couldnt even get past gatekeeper
  7. Zaktsu


    level up how so? do you support abusing bug/glitches in the game by suggesting the guild hall level glitch/bug? from level 30-59 wait every 3 hours for only 15 minutes of exp at soccer pitch? shout for hours for ellis/dmhm exp at level 50+ only to get no reply?
  8. Zaktsu


    what old fks? they're all gone. how long will it take for them to come back, a few months later for each old fk? lv 65 patch brought no old fks back just look at NB only 0-1 fk and AK.
  9. Zaktsu

    Patch Feedback

    remove everything that gives you even 10 eva. see how fast SE 3-4 shots you, see how fast DE 3-4 shots you, see how fast whipper 5-6 shots you, see how fast SW 3-4 shots you, and see how fast CB 3-4 shots you.
  10. Zaktsu

    Patch Feedback

    a SE hating on CBs ability to void all your eva. without CB, your high as fuck eva makes you invincible. No pu can hit you. No class can. with pu cocoon and how all rg medics got EVA buff, even better.
  11. lol rekt dangerous with his hacks on with molly and engineero 20 fk score 7 rg score