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  1. Welcome to Vendetta and welcome to our version of Eden Eternal! I hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Yes, you have to actually hit first to get the EXP in taunt mode, not sit and afk in a safe spot like you could before while someone else did the work. Blockade Jewels is an option for someone who wants to camp their character at a certain level. I believe the most popular levels are 69 or 79 for doing PvP in arena or to re-live the nostalgia of the old level 60 or 70 cap. So I don't recommend using them if you plan to go for level 100 or further even though they're cheaper than other jewels. ?
  3. To be added is that the monster taunt bug that used to work, where the party leader receives all the EXP when someone else leaves a taunt party when killing monsters, is now removed.
  4. Welcome to VGN and our version of Eden Eternal! I hope you will enjoy it
  5. Welcome to VGN! I hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Like @DrDieLess mentioned you don't have to pay with real money to get good on this server of Eden Eternal, it's nowhere near comparable with Aeria on that front. I know a lot of people that plays the game and doesn't spend cash on it but still gets geared by doing dungeons in-game and selling the monster drops to get gold as profit (Shaxian Fae Fields in Shaxia Basin being the number one option to earn fast and easy gold in-game). However sometimes exclusive costumes, mounts and pets are released in mystery boxes on our website that requires VGN (real money) to be purchased, unless you have a lot of gold to buy it in-game from sellers.
  7. Welcome back! I hope you'll enjoy Eden ~
  8. You're welcome! And yeah as Popz said you could also farm dungeons and buy runs to gain EXP that way but on the whole DoS is where you'll have the quickest road of leveling up.
  9. You'll have to grind EXP from monsters in order to level up from there, best place to do so is in Dimension of Souls through Valley of Kings. I believe after you hit lvl 93 you'll get some new quests in Viroona Vale that'll take you to 95, then you gotta farm your way up to the cap level.
  10. Welcome to Vendetta! I hope you enjoy Eden Eternal
  11. Welcome to Vendetta! Nice to hear you chose our version of the game and that you're liking it so far. Happy gaming!
  12. Welcome back to Eden Eternal! Yes, it's called trials, haha. Prices are more balanced on this server so hopefully you find things you're looking for at a decent price. Good luck!
  13. Welcome to Vendetta and welcome back to Eden Eternal! There's a bunch of different guilds on the server you could look into. For example if you press "G" in game there's a list of open guilds that you can join straight away or look for recruiting guilds in world and so on. I hope you find a place and enjoy your stay here! ~ Moved to Introductions section.
  14. The AP (called VGN points here) is account wide so you have to use it on respective game's home website in the "Web Shop" section found here. You can either buy Mystery Boxes that has different costume or mount rewards each week that gets sent to your item mall in game once you won them, or purchase Alpaca Points that you can use in the item mall in-game to purchase stuff from there.
  15. Dyes doesn't apply on the armor itself. You can dye the "class outfit" that you choose in the Class News for each class that's the same no matter what armor pieces your character is using, and you can dye your costumes - the prime and legendary versions.
  16. Welcome back! I hope you will enjoy our Eden Eternal ~
  17. Welcome to Vendetta! I hope you enjoy your stay
  18. You just left click on the item or skill and drag-n-drop it into a different slot in the backpack/skill bar. Never heard of this not working before, might be your mouse or touch pad being glitchy if you cannot move them around. If it doesn't work on your skill bar check if you locked it which makes the slots unable to move around (it's the little lock icon on the right side of the bar).
  19. Welcome back to the game! Most if not all reflect abilities that awakened classes had such as Elegant Dancer and Blade Acrobat for example were revamped in patch v23 when the majority of the awakened classes had rework done to them, exclusively for this server.
  20. Welcome to Vendetta! I hope you enjoy your stay
  21. Before I start, I just want to say that the solutions provided in this guide may not always work for everyone and they might vary depending on what sort of PC you're using. There might also be simpler ways to counter the issue than explained below but these are the ways I'm most familiar with myself. So I’ve noticed a lot of players are still experiencing issues with the game not starting after hitting the “Play” button, and I’ve decided to make a continuing guide on some solutions that may solve this problem if the first guide was not successful for you. Part 1 of the guide can be found here: 1. Verify your files. ALWAYS try this before searching for more advanced solutions to your issue. There are many occasions where one of your files could just end up being corrupted and a simple verification can turn out to be the road to success. It does no harm to try it! Press here on your launcher: 2. Run the game as Administrator. Sometimes the game is not being ran in administrator mode by default, which basically means that you’re not approving of your PC to run the application safely. This can then cause the application to not run at all. You can simply allow the app to run with administrator privileges (your confirmation) by right clicking on the patcher/desktop shortcut and press “Run as administrator”: 3. Use the right Launcher. If you recently installed Eden Eternal Vendetta to your PC and you’re unsure how to start the game, NEVER use the file called “_Launcher” or ”launcher” to access the game. That file belongs to the official server and can mess up your game. The file you’re supposed to use is called only “patcher”. That is the only file you’re going to be using to start the game. Right launcher: Wrong launcher: 4. Make sure your Antivirus Protection Program is turned OFF when starting the game (if your PC has one). This also goes for Windows Defender. Antivirus programs are relatively easy to turn off, at least the ones I’ve stumbled upon. You should be able to find a “Disable” button somewhere in the app’s settings or simply by right clicking your Antivirus icon on the bottom of your screen if it shows one. It could look something like this: Example shown is from Avast Antivirus As for Windows Defender, the course of action may vary depending on which version of Windows your PC is running on. I’m not going to list Windows 7 because I assume most people nowadays are running Windows 8 or above and if I remember correct Windows Defender does not work in the same way for Win7 users. For Windows 8 / 8.1: Go to your Start screen and type “Windows Defender” in the search bar. Click on the app and enter the “Settings” tab. In the list on the left it should say “Administrator” at the bottom, click on it and uncheck the box that says “Turn on this app”. There should then be a window saying something like this: For Windows 10: Click on the Start menu and select the “Settings” gear in the list. In the settings window, choose the “Update & Security” option and choose “Windows Defender” in the list on your left. Once there, uncheck the box that says “Real-time Protection”. By doing this it means that you’ve successfully turned off your Windows Defender and it’s no longer blocking your PC from running certain programs seen as spyware/malware (such as Vendetta). 5. Add Vendetta Gaming Networks to your Antivirus Programs Exception List. If you have an antivirus program on your PC I’d suggest you to add your Vendetta folder to the exception list to exclude it from any safety shields. **If you do not have an antivirus program you can skip this part**. In this list you can add any files or folders you’d like to avoid in the computer's scanning for potential threats since it may detect Vendetta as one of them. It should look something like this: Example shown is from Avast Free Antivirus 6. Turn OFF your Firewall. Go to your “Control Panel” and choose “System & Security”. One of the options there should be the Windows Firewall, click on it. In the list to your left there’s an option saying “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”, click it and mark the boxes saying to turn OFF Windows Firewall and then press OK. There’s also a second option in the list saying “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall”. If you click on it and choose the Vendetta launcher, it should allow you to run the game through the firewall without having to actually fully disable it. However, I haven’t tried this option myself. 7. Make sure your hardware and graphics card(s) is up to date. Always make sure you’re sitting on the latest updates for your computer, whether it’s security updates, system updates, updates from your graphics card provider, or released updates for programs such as your C++ Library, .NET Framework, JavaScript, DirectX and so on. To access your available updates for Windows, go to your “Control Panel” and choose “System & Security”. In the list there should be an option called “Windows Update” where you can find available updates to your PC. Installing these and keeping your computer up to date is always worth it. 8. Run your game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (or Windows XP). Making the launcher run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (sometimes it tend to work with Windows XP as well) can have it bypass whatever interference that prevents the game from running properly on your current Windows program. This especially tend to work for Windows 10 users since Eden Eternal is not properly optimized to run on Win10. The compatibility mode can be changed by right clicking on the launcher and selecting “Troubleshoot compatibility”: Then press “Troubleshoot Program”: After clicking it, mark the box that says “The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now”: Press “Next” and choose “Windows 7” (If this does not work try Windows XP): Press “Next” and click on the “Test the program” button. The launcher will pop up and hopefully so will the game. If it succeeded, click “Next” again and then choose “Yes, save these settings for this program”. 9. Reinstall the game. You might wanna consider removing your EE Vendetta files completely and re-download them with all of your safety protections OFF to prevent any files from being deleted or damaged. There’s a zipped folder you can use for downloading Eden Eternal Vendetta here: 10. Install the game in Safe Mode. If the issue maintains even after reinstalling the game you could try putting your PC into “Safe Mode” before downloading. This means that your operating system will only load the minimum software required for your computer’s systems to work, which in other words means that your PC has less obstacles to get past for your downloaded applications to work correctly (such as Eden Eternal). The path to access Safe Mode looks a little different depending on which Windows package your using, and as before I’m not going to list Win7 below. For Windows 8 / 8.1: Go to your Windows Start screen and type “Advanced Startup Options” in the search bar. Click on the app with the same name in the list below. A window called “PC Settings” should pop up. Press the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” field of the window. Your PC should then restart by itself and put you in the Advanced Startup menu. In the menu, click the “Troubleshoot” button and then the “Advanced Options” button. This will take you to the Advanced Options screen. Click on the “Startup Settings” that allows you to start up your Windows with Safe Mode enabled. In the bottom right of the screen there should a restart button, press it and let your computer restart once again. Once restarted you will automatically be sent to the "Startup Settings" screen where you will have to choose which Safe Mode you want to put your PC in - “Safe Mode” , “Safe Mode with Networking” , or “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”. You will want to choose the “Enable Safe Mode With Networking” option so that you can use your internet to download the game. For Windows 10: Press the Windows Start button and click on the “Settings” gear. Then head to “Update & Security”, and choose “Recovery” in the list on the left side of the window. After entering the recovery section press the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” field. After restarting you will automatically get to the Advanced Startup menu (same as above), click the “Troubleshoot” button and then the “Advanced Options” button. After entering the Advanced Options screen, click on the “Startup Settings” that puts your computer into Safe Mode. Press the “Restart” button at the bottom of the window and let your PC restart again. After restarting, choose the “Enable Safe Mode with Networking” option so that you can use your internet while in Safe Mode to download the game. Note: There are more ways to enable Safe Mode on your PC that you personally might find easier but this is the approach I’m the most familiar with myself. 11. Format your PC. If none of the above solutions are successful for you, you might wanna look into formatting your PC. This can end up being quite advanced, but basically what you will want it to do is wipe all your downloaded files on your PC and bring it back to the state it was when you first got it. This means that any program/background program or files that may stop your game from starting correctly will (hopefully) vanish. Keep in mind: If you want to format your PC and save the stuff you have on it already you will want to use a CD, flash drive, external hard drive or similar to backup your data on. However, I will not mention how this works here. I will also not mention how formatting your PC with a Windows CD works since I assume not everyone has a Windows CD laying around at home. You can research on the internet for more info regarding this. Formatting your PC without a CD: Go to the Start menu on your computer and type “Computer Management” in the search bar. Click on the app and choose the “Disk Management” option under the “Storage” tab in the list to your left. There you can see all your hard drive partitions available on your PC. Choose the one you want to format, right click on it and choose the “Format…” option. A small window (as shown below) should pop up naming your chosen hard drive. Leave the options as “NTFS” & “Default” and check the box that says “Perform a quick format”. Then just click OK and let your computer start the formatting process. Hopefully something out of these alternative solutions is helpful for you. Good luck!
  22. Question answered, thread closed. ~
  23. The skill got changed to be like that long ago, it's nothing we did ourselves on this server. It got changed even back on Aeria's server. Must've been many years ago now.