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  1. A golden mystery box sounds cool. If this were implemented, i'd like to see the gold commando cap in there, too.
  2. the commando boxes were so amazing, tysm for putting them together. could we get 50 shades boxes in the same style? 50 shades of white, black, passion, gold, red, and pink for each class. if not this week, some week in the future? leca pet would also be greatly appreciated, ty
  3. Juniper

    Discord and GS

    Happy Guild discord is not the entire RG discord. We wouldn't accept any RG into our discord because it's a discord for our guild members and very specific, trusted individuals. We're not all of RG, nor are we trying to be, nor do we want to be. I agree with Sand. Distrust between certain players and unnecessary faction hatred makes it so faction specific discords are more likely to breed malice. Both sides seem to be wary of "spies", which I find weird. Not sure why you need to hide stuff or be super secretive in a game like this. I'm of the opinion that all GSs should have toons on both sides and play on both sides often. Seeing GSs play on one side gives the impression of a perceived bias towards that one side, even though there may not be any. And perception matters to players. Because of strange faction secrecy, trust is important.
  4. could we get commando boxes for every class? kinda like how the bathing suit boxes have 1 box with different versions of the same class costume? could we get that with commandos and their matching hats, please?
  5. fighting time, trying to save those curls, hair they style just in time; the powerpoof girls.
  6. i made a thread about this a while ago and nova said even "inspiration" is walking a dangerous, thin line...QQ i'd love all of these and more, more, more if nova decides to do it. bring me powerpuff girls pls
  7. kimonos, please! a couple of schoolgirl boxes would be nice, too. preferably angelic and playful
  8. mario and luigi? i know we had the whole copyright conversation...but u could just call them 'green plumber' and 'red plumber' or something and maybe you could recolor the commando hats to match the costumes, too? also potential halloween costume idea: bloody nurse costume? make the candy stripper all white and add blood splatters.
  9. unfortunately lingerie can only be seen when you strip your costume and gear. you can not use lingerie as purely a cosmetic piece without doing that. the cosmetic NPC can overlay weapon and armor looks onto another piece of armor of the same class. this requires a tool purchased with VGN, which costs real money, but you can use gold to buy it from someone. the cosmetic NPC can also put the look of one costume onto the look of another. there are unique costumes in game that give really good stats, so people might take the look of one costume and put it on top of another. i've never heard of someone doing that with lingerie. but i think you can put the look of one lingerie onto another. i'm fairly certain you can't put the look of a lingerie onto a costume. though that would be really cool and i want that to be a thing. you can only choose the gear/costumes of your own class. you can't wear the looks of another class. there exists class specific costumes, but most costumes look the same for every class. your lingerie always goes below your armor, you have to take off armor and costume to see it, unless you're in the delilah lounge.
  10. those visual guide links are super helpful but just in case you were still wondering/unaware: a lingerie unsealer is required to unseal your base lingerie and strip your arkana naked. you can buy them from gloria, the consignment sale manager. there are different types of lingerie that gives your arkana HP/SP boosts. they're equipable every 10 levels after lvl 17. the only place your lingerie is visible is in the delilah lounge, which is in mereholt. otherwise you have to strip off all your gear and your costume to see it.
  11. throwback to this topic. the drop tables of DS were changed to account for DTO, and it seems like DS has been deserted with no added EXP or gold increase. I think DTO gives you like...1% exp with a 1k booster in team mode? Half the run is killing fatass Ent. Not worth it since the drops are the same. I understand if editing drop tables is time consuming and an extreme pain in the ass, but at least some good gold and EXP could be changed to make EXP farming in a team dungeon worth it.
  12. can u repaint the karma sutra set into black and yellow stripes i wanna look like a bee
  13. ok so i know u said no cosplays... but could we pls have powerpuff girl inspired costumes? CBs can be inspired by the professor/mojo jojo